Hello, Lovelies!


Anyway, im going to ask a question right quick and i really need you guys to help out

IF i did another Robin/Maria FanFic. would you guys be up for it?

If so, i will be taking a poll on my profile page OR you can just post a review telling why or why not you want(or dont want) more!

lots of love!

RANT: This needs to be addressed

yes i do love harry potter and yes i did slip a couple hp references in there. stop complaining about it ok?

please guys, all i hear about this story most of the time is "that was a line in Harry Potter" or "you stole that from HP"

i didnt steal it, it was never mine and i acknowledge that.

its here and its staying so please omg im tired of hearing all of this.

If you honestly find it offensive then PM me but other than that please stop, i get it.

*if i offended any of you, i'm sorry. but its very irritating when you see a new review and get excited about someone's thoughts on your story and the first words you see are "Harry Potter"*