The team was just getting back from a long case on hate crimes against gays. On the plane home, Morgan noticed something was bothering Reid. He knew better than to address the fact in front of the others, so he waited until he was able to get reid alone in the elevator back at the office.

"Reid, something is obviously bothering you. You know you can talk to me about anything, right?" Morgan asked. He didn't want to pressure Reid into talking about anything he didn't want to.

Reid sighed just before he started talking.

"It's just… they didn't…" he tried to think of how to put it, "Sometimes after cases like that, I wonder if it could have been me."

"I know how you feel, pretty boy," Morgan completely understood that Reid just admitted to being gay, it was a bit of a shock, but he would deal with that later. "I worry for my own safety on these cases, but it helps me understand the victims and talk to the families as well."

Reid looked at Morgan and blinked. He never thought Morgan to be bi-sexual and definitely not gay.

"Morgan, you're not… you're not gay, are you?"

Morgan nodded, "I'm bi, however I only ever had my eye on one man."

Reid gulped. The only person he had ever truly wanted was bisexual, but there was no way that the only guy Morgan ever had an eye on was him.

Or was there?

"And who is that?" was the only words Reid could say without sounding upset. But when Morgan hesitated to answer his question, knots started to form inside of him and he was getting upset, not that he let it show.

"You," Morgan whispered so softly that Reid could barely hear it.

"Really, Morgan? Because I kind of had my eye on you too."