Chapter 10

Eleven years have passed since I gave birth to my beautiful children. And now here I stand watching as my husband's help our children load their luggage onto the Hogwarts express.

"Harry," I turn around at the sound of my name being called and smile when I see Remus waving at me. "I see you were able to convince your mate's to allow Sebastian and Grace to attend Hogwarts?"

"Yes," I said my smile dropping some as I remember the arguments that happened. "It took a lot of arguing before they finally said ok. Both of them had been so set on not letting them go because of what had happen to me. However I argued my case quiet well with them I thought, now that Dumbledore is no longer at Hogwarts, there is no longer a threat of what happened to me happening to them, upon me saying this repeatedly to them time and time again they soon realized I wasn't going to stop my children from attending even if they didn't like it."

"I see. Well at least you three where able to work it out." Remus said and I nodded.

"Where are Tom and Fenrir?" I asked.

"They are helping our pup just as your mates are helping yours." Remus said and I grinned at my papa.

It had been a shock to everyone when we found out that Remus was pregnant but when the faze had passed Tom and Fenrir where kissing Remus like their life depended on it. Harry had very happy tears running down his cheeks, because he was happy at the thought of having a brother or sister. Remus had, had a son who they named Simon.

Harry blinked away the memory to focus on Remus again smiling. "I am happy for you papa." Remus grinned and nodded before looking over at the train to see the rest of their family walking over to where they stood.

Harry smiled at his mates before taking his children into his arms and giving them a quick hug. When he pulled away Harry looked down at his little ones. "Now I want you to have fun while you're at school but don't forget to do any work that your professors set out for you, and remember that no matter what house either of you get into; your fathers and I will still love you all the same."

Severus laid a hand on his son's shoulder as he said. "Come it is time for you all to board the train." Sebastian nodded before he took hold of his sister's hand and Simons' and followed after his father.

Once they were on the train Sebastian took one of the apartments that looked out at the platform, so that they could all wave goodbye to their families. He opened the window and the three of them leaned out just as the train started to pull away.

Harry waved as the train pulled away and tears ran down his face. He hadn't realized just how hard it would be to let his little ones go. They were waving at him as the train continued to pull them out of the station. Severus and Lucius each placed a hand on their mates shoulder to comfort the young man.

Once the train was out of sight Harry turned to his mate with a small smile. "Let's go home." Severus smiled and together with Lucius they vanished into the shadows.

The End

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