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Anakin's Creed
Ripples in Destiny


Anakin uses a rare day-off from Watto's shop to finish his podracer and takes part in a race. After a long and dangerous race, Anakin emerges victorious and catches the eye of a crime lord. The lord traces Anakin back to his home/owner and buys him from Watto. The lord takes Anakin and his podracer and leaves Tatooine. Anakin vows to return one day to free and save his mother.

Before he was taken from his mother, Shmi made Anakin memorize an ancient creed that her family had lived by for countless generations. It was a creed that Anakin swore to himself that he would come to understand and live his life by since it was his mother's last 'gift' to him.

'There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.

I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.
―The Je'daii Code

Anakin races on several planets, earning credits and learning the basics of many important things (piloting starships and fighters, reading and languages, close and long-range combat). But when he realizes that he can use the Force, he begins to practice by himself and quickly learns a variety of basic Force skills (which he keeps a secret from his owner). Once he begins to truly understand his connection to the Force, Anakin realizes his creed was in fact an ancient Force Philosophy meant to help a person find and stay in balance with themselves and the surrounding Force.

One day, Anakin finally decides to run away. He tears his tracer out of his body, steals a small fortune from the crime lord, and stows aboard a freighter bound for the Inner Rim.

(The Phantom Menace)

Anakin manages to get a job as an assistant upon a mid-bulk, cargo freighter where he helps pilot, navigate, be a gunner, and the primary mechanic. With an increasing influx in Force power around him, Anakin begins unknowingly attracting the attentions of both the Jedi Council and Darth Sidious, especially since his power was both of the Darkness and not. The Council sends out a Jedi team to find the source of the mysterious disturbances that are taking place in the Force while at the same time the Naboo Crisis begins.

Upon learning of the blockade, Anakin and his team realize that there's a profit to be made smuggling supplies to the starving Naboo people. Thanks to Anakin's incredible piloting skills, the freighter is able to make it past the blockade intact and arrive at the capital of the planet to distribute the supplies. However, because of the freighter's actions, Darth Sidious decides to accelerate his plans prematurely by having the Trade Federation launch its invasion army early. Upon learning of the approaching invasion force, Queen Padmé Amidala approaches the freighter that had landed earlier. She is incredulous when she realizes that the pilot of the freighter was just a mere child. She decides to make a gamble on the boy's skill and pays for passage to Coruscant. Though the Captain was wary of bringing the Queen aboard and going all the way to Coruscant, Anakin was quite happily able to talk the captain into accepting the request.

As they're leaving the planet, the Republic cruiser with Obi-wan and Qui-gon arrives. They both sense Anakin's presence in the Force because he was subconsciously using it to pilot through the blockade and make the escape to hyperspace. Even though the Federation allows them to land aboard their ship, Obi-wan and Qui-gon are both extremely wary and inform the cruiser to keep its shields up while they're docked. Sure enough, after Sidious orders the execution of the ship and Jedi, Obi-wan and Qui-gon rush back to the ship to escape. While they're fleeing, they realize that the Federation was sending in battle droids to take over the planet for some strange reason.

When they return to Coruscant, they learn that Queen Amidala had landed before them thanks to the freighter that had run the blockade. After her arrival, Amidala had paid a hefty reward to the freighter for their services. But, upon learning of Anakin's desire to get his own starship and free his mother from enslavement, Padmé decided to reward him with a special gift: a sum of ten thousand credits for his unique role in the blockade run. Anakin was overjoyed to receive this gift from the Queen, elevating her status in his mind even higher than it had been. Later, Amidala was addressing the Senate but when they failed to act to stop the invasion, she moved for a vote of new leadership in the Republic. It was a vote that was enthusiastically embraced by the other Senators.

Meanwhile, Anakin was busy getting into trouble with the local police because he was part of an illegal swoop race through the streets. Because he was using the Force to guide him through the race, all the Jedi on Coruscant could sense his presence among them. They could feel his high emotions of exhilaration, fear, and pride. Though they tried to find him, Anakin's presence quickly disappeared once he'd finished the race. It was becoming a very frustrating endeavor among the Jedi and Sidious because of their inability to locate him.

Once Padmé decided to return to Naboo, she learned that the Jedi would be sending representatives to aid and protect her. She welcomed their aid as she once again enlisted the aid of the freighter and Anakin to get her back to Naboo, this time carrying numerous weapons that the Captain had planned to sell to Naboo resistance forces. Obi-wan and Qui-gon were extremely surprised to learn that Anakin was the pilot and he seemed to already have rudimentary control of his Force powers. Though Qui-gon had quickly offered to train Anakin in how to be a Jedi, Anakin politely declined because he still had a lot of things that needed to be done (namely saving his mother). Though Obi-wan was a little alarmed and wary of Anakin's creed, Qui-gon was intrigued at the concept.

On Naboo, Anakin joined the fighter squadron attacking the control ship. Meanwhile, Padmé and her teams were mounting direct attacks on the Viceroy in the capital, Maul had appeared and was fighting the Jedi, and the freighter had decided to fly air support for the Gungan army that was coincidentally mounting its own attack from the swamps. Anakin was able to destroy the control ship, Padmé captured the Viceroy, and Maul was killed by Obi-wan after killing Qui-gon. But the freighter had gotten shot down and destroyed before the control ship was blown.

In the aftermath of the battle, Padmé decided to once again reward Anakin for his courage and help in the battle by giving him his own light-bulk freighter and astromech droid to help with its maintenance, R2-D2. Before leaving, Anakin gives Padmé a good luck charm so that she'll hopefully remember him in the future, by this point he had found a special place in Padmé's heart due to his unrivaled courage and phenomenal skills. Shortly afterwards, Anakin decides to leave the planet for Tatooine, before the Jedi Council members and Palpatine arrived, also missing the victory ceremony.

Because Anakin had unknowingly once again dodged Sidious and the Jedi Order, they were back to square one with very few clues to who the kid was, excluding what Obi-wan and the various other people knew about the boy. The Jedi Order grows even more concerned with finding the kid and training him (even though he was too old) not only because the suspected Sith Master was still out there. But they felt that the 'creed' he was using was too lenient on the usage of the Force and could easily justify him falling to the Dark Side.

Anakin arrived on Tatooine and was able to track his mother to where Watto had been forced to sell her. He found that she had already been freed and happily married to a man named Lars. Though he hadn't saved her, Anakin left her most of the money that the Queen had given him with the request that she leave the planet for someplace better, like Naboo. Anakin realized he couldn't stay with her because he could sense a looming danger on the horizon that was looking for him and he didn't want his mother to get caught in the middle of it. He left the planet several weeks later to find people who'd teach him a variety of ways to fight so that he could face this 'danger' head on.

(Attack of the Clones)

Padmé arrives at Coruscant to stop the Military Creation Act because she fears that such an army would provoke the Separatists into attacking. But an assassin attacks, destroying her shuttle and killing her decoy. Alarmed, the Senate requests that the Jedi protect Padmé and to find the assassins. Though weary, the Jedi Council does approve of the mission and sends Obi-wan and his apprentice to protect Padmé. Though delighted to see a familiar face, Padmé still dislikes the company.

After ten years, Anakin had grown into a very well-known (among crime lords) smuggler and bounty hunter. He has even received some high-class training from the exiled Mandolarians after he saved them from an ambush by the Duchess Satine's armed forces. His self-taught skills with the Force have grown tremendously and he's even built himself his own lightsaber from plans he'd stole from a Jedi temple that he'd snuck into once. He had even managed to convince his mother to move off of Tatooine when he started getting visions of her in danger. She and her husband relocated to Naboo on recommendations by Anakin.

When he hears rumors of the failed assassination of Senator Amidala, Anakin immediately takes his ship to personally hunt down the assassins himself. He arrives on Coruscant and finds Padmé's quarters shortly before the second attempt on her life. He and Obi-wan get into a slight argument over whether Anakin should interfere with political and Jedi business when he's clearly neither. However, when the attack comes, they work together to stop it and pursue the assassin. When Jango kills the assassin, Anakin immediately recognizes Jango and realizes that the man's out of his league.

While Obi-wan goes in pursuit of Jango and the clue he got with the Kamino saber dart, Padmé purchases Anakin's assistance to get her back to Naboo without being noticed. However, much to Anakin's annoyance, Obi-wan's apprentice was still assigned to protect and escort Padmé so she accompanied them. The apprentice was both fascinated and horrified to learn that Anakin was a self-taught Force-sensitive outside the Jedi Order's control. She realized that although Anakin more often than not relied on his emotions to fuel his power, he was still able to control them enough to prevent falling to the dark side, that he had discovered a perfect balance between the Force and its dark side.

After his discovery of the Republic Clone Army and confrontation with Jango on Kamino, Obi-wan tracked Jango to Geonosis, where he discovered the Separatists planning to attack the Republic. He was able to get one final message out before getting captured. Even though he ordered his apprentice to keep out of trouble, Anakin and Padmé took her along to go storming into Geonosis to save him. But they were ultimately captured as well and sentenced to death in the arena. However, before he was brought to the arena, Dooku attempted to gain Anakin's trust and interest in learning the Dark side of the Force. But because Anakin now had a very good idea of what was causing that 'hunted' feeling for the past decade, Anakin acutely declined the request. But Dooku wasn't concerned with the immediate denial, given time and experience he was sure Anakin would fall.

When the Jedi with clone troopers arrived, Anakin eagerly joined the battle. He had managed to destroy several droid warships before they launched, and bombarded the droid forces on the ground with his greatly-renovated starship. But when he detected Dooku attempting to flee the planet, he tried to pursue him. Sadly, he was unable to catch the Sith before he leapt to hyperspace.

On Coruscant, Dooku passed the Death Star plans to Sidious and informed him of Anakin's refusal to join their cause. Annoyed but undeterred, Palpatine decided to wait and watch as the mysterious Anakin Skywalker continued to make his way. Meanwhile on Naboo, Anakin wed Padmé in a small ceremony with their parents and family present. Soon after, Anakin returned to his job of bounty hunting and smuggling.

(Revenge of the Sith)

Anakin and R2 take regular jobs for the Republic by running munitions, food, and certain equipment to the frontlines for the clones and Jedi. With the steady amount of income they were earning, Anakin was able to purchase a mid-bulk transport (keeping their smaller ship as an emergency getaway ship) and to hire a few skilled helpers (medic-droid, a mechanic, and an assassin droid programmed for protecting the crew and ships).

One of his crew members is a Togruta youngling, Ahsoka Tano, a Force-sensitive girl he'd found and took pity on. He took her as his apprentice. On the ship, she's his mechanic assistant and one of the gunners. Her skills in the Force are considerable, as are her budding lightsaber abilities, but as a young child she has a hard time finding her balance in the Force.

After three years of war, things are finally starting to wind down as the Separatists are being pushed back. But the Separatists had one last card to play, a daring surprise attack on Coruscant to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor.

That's as far as I've been able to get for the general storyline. I just couldn't figure out where to take the story from here.

In case anyone's wondering, I got the idea of Anakin's 'creed' from the comic 'Dawn of the Jedi'. I figured that, as the Chosen One, if Anakin followed this philosophy instead of being torn between the Jedi and Sith, he'd make for a much more appropriate and interesting Chosen One.