The Balance
Assassin's Creed x Harry Potter
Secrets Hidden in Hogwarts

First Year, shortly after arrival

In their first few days at Hogwarts while exploring the castle, Harry bumps in Draco, who immediately tries to pick a fight. But they are forced to stop and hide in a hidden room that they found 'by accident' from Filch to avoid getting into trouble.

As they're exploring the new room, they meet the Renaissance wizard Reginald Scot's (1) portrait. Reginald had joined Parliament to help direct them away from witch-hunting and published a book to help protect the quickly-hiding Magical World. Reginald revealed that he'd charmed the secret room so that only direct members of his bloodline could enter, much to Harry and Draco's disgust of being related to each other. The reason they were able to enter and not any of their ancestors was because they were still 'clean slates', free of any type of corruption.

He tells them that he's not pleased with how the Magical World has turned out, being overrun by the magical sect of the Templar Order, much to the boys' confusion. He then explains the history of the Templar Order and how the Assassins were the only ones to fight for peace and freedom against them. As living members of his legacy, he implores them to take what they find in this room and use it to become Assassins and protect their homes, families, and friends from being controlled like puppets. With his message given, the portrait crumbles as the sustaining magic finally expired.

Inside several chests, they discover several ancient coded journals (training manuals, weapon designs, potion/poison recipes, history, user manuals for the known Pieces of Eden, and anatomy), several Hidden Blades, a pair of Shards, and they found clues to where some other places in Hogwarts that other Pieces of Eden were hidden (one Apple, three more Shards, one Sword, and a Crystal Ball). Harry takes the journals to Padma Patil to get them decoded after he and Draco realize that they cannot read or understand them. Experimenting with the Shards of Eden, they are both elated and horrified by realizing that Reginald had been correct in just how dangerous they could potentially be (Harry has mental immunity to the Apple thanks to his mother's ancestry). The Shards are very effective shields at deflecting most types of foreign magic, including mind magic, and both boys take a Shard for themselves.

Though initially very hesitant about working together, they each set out to find the truth of Reginald's claim to Templar influence in their own way. The influence was as blatant as the house system of Hogwarts, which created and institutionalized conflict between people. There was also the history of the magical world; history that (once Padma decoded that journal) ran contradictory to what actually happened. They are greatly distressed to realize that many of their classmates and close friends hold views that are reminiscent of the Templar philosophy. That only through order and control, not freedom, could people live peacefully. With mounting evidence, the boys finally agreed to work with each other, as per their ancestor's final request.

They eventually brought in several other like-minded students that they felt were trustworthy and skilled (2): Fred and George (potions, enchanting), Parvati (Hogwarts and Wizarding World intelligence), Hannah Abbott (Herbology, Charms), Susan Bones (Ministry connections, magic law), Ernie Macmillan (Transfiguration, combat), Michael Corner and Terry Boot (magical combat), Padma (research), Flora and Hestia Carrow (transfiguration, charms). Once they'd assembled this core group, explained and demonstrated what they'd found, they officially named themselves the Pondera (the Balance). Draco, Harry, Michael, Terry, Ernie, Flora, and any future volunteers secretly became the Lamnia (the Blades, aka the Assassins). The Lamnia's first task is to train themselves into being Assassins, without a Mentor this is an extremely difficult process. The Pondera as a whole try to determine who the likely candidates of the Templar Order are, who're controlling the Magical World, and later eliminate them.

The Pondera eventually find themselves under the unlikely mentorship of Trelawney, who was in possession of her own Piece of Eden, the hidden Crystal Ball that she'd discovered. Under the commands of the 'goddess' Minerva, she shares with them predictions of the future. They learn that they're utterly alone in their cause since the last magical Assassins were wiped out almost 200 years ago (War of 1812). And through Trelawney's predictions, the Pondera were able to guess that Peter Pettigrew (triple spy for Voldemort, Phoenix Order, and Templar Order), Scrimgeour (Head Auror), Lucius Malfoy (political influence), Dolores Umbridge (Fudge's right hand), and Broderick Bode (Unspeakable) were all Templars under the guidance of their Grand Master, who remained a mystery thus far.

The Pondera get started on rigorous training as quickly as possible while trying to make plans to bring down the Magical Templars. Aside from the Philosopher's Stone incident, which Dumbledore had compelled Harry into doing, none of them tried to stand out much. Harry and Draco kept up their rivalry in classes, but it was now more based on actual competition than spiteful dislike. Their little group became something truly unique that hasn't been seen in generations at Hogwarts, something that many of their year-mates caught onto but just couldn't understand. After all, how could members of all the Hogwarts Houses possibly form a little group of friends, not be destroyed shortly afterwards by the Houses' traditional rivalries and hatred of each other? Still, this image was exactly what the group was hoping for: a harmless grouping of friends who'd decided to come together under the name 'Pondera' and return 'balance' to the Hogwarts house system.

Second Year

That's as far as I've gotten for a storyline. I do have a few other ideas like:

1) Pondera having to search all over Hogwarts in order to find the Pieces of Eden that Reginald had hidden centuries earlier

2) Umbridge gets her hands on the Apple before Pondera can find it during Fifth Year and, after learning what it does and how to use it, tries to subjugate the school to her will and to cleanse it of all filthy blood (Mudbloods and nonhumans). This could be the scene where Harry learns that he can resist the Apple somewhat. In the end, Pondera are the ones able to fight off the Apple and recover it before anyone else can get their hands on it. Dumbledore and the other teachers are not happy with the Pondera hoarding an obviously dangerous and Dark magical artifact, but the Pondera don't know whether to trust any of the teachers allegiances since there's the chance of any of them being Templars (excluding Trelawney).

3) Voldemort was a former member of the magical Templars but struck out on his own when he grew too power-hungry. He used an as-yet-unknown Piece of Eden to create his Horcruxes.

4) The reason why Minerva of the First Civilization is trying to help Pondera is because she sees them as an ace-in-the-hole to counter Juno, should she be released in the future by Desmond. If Desmond Miles was the prophetic Messiah and Savior of the World, then Draco, Harry, and their Pondera Assassins would become the Protectors of Humanity to guard against Juno. That was the mission Minerva was training them for.

Reginald Scot (or Scott) (c. 1538 – 9 October 1599) was an English country gentleman and Member of Parliament, now remembered as the author of The Discoverie of Witchcraft, which was published in 1584. It was written against the belief in witches, to show that witchcraft did not exist. Part of its content exposes how (apparently miraculous) feats of magic were done, and the book is often deemed the first textbook on conjuring. (I couldn't think of a better person to use as wizard and ancestor ;) )

Pondera Assassins

The list of potential Assassin recruits consists of these people because I wanted to try and bring in some 'fresh meat' rather than using the older cliques. Plus, I wanted to use some members from every Hogwarts house to show that Harry and Draco aren't being 'racist' in their selection of associates. Anyway, here's a list of reasons for the people I chose.

Fred and George: These guys are potioneer extraordinaire, there's no way to deny that given that most of their pranks come in the forms of liquids and candies. Plus they are very good at enchanting artifacts. Not only that, but because of their prank career and the Map, their knowledge of the castle is second only to the Professors/Headmaster. That knowledge would be invaluable to Harry, even after/if they give him the Map.
Parvati Patil: She is one of the Gossip Queens of Hogwarts. She could (even unintentionally) be Harry's primary source of the latest news that's happening in the castle and around the wizarding world in general. Information is the lifeline of any organization; especially a military (which the Assassins most assuredly are) and they cannot act promptly and/or correctly without the latest news. Granted, Parvati wouldn't be all that skilled at creating an information network, but it'd be a start.
Michael Corner and Terry Boot: Based on what I researched of these guys, they are good friends. I had originally just wanted to bring Michael in, but then I figured if he went somewhere, he'd bring his best friend with him. Plus, given that both of them joined the DA, I figured they'd be a bit more 'action-oriented' than the others. They could be Harry's helpers in battle, especially when they start really start growing in skill, power, and experience. They'd be the heavy-hitters of the team.
Susan Bones: Her I mostly included because of her connections with Amelia Bones and the DMLE. I really couldn't find any other outstanding characteristics for her, so I figure she'd be a pretty easy character to use and mold into whatever you/I wanted her to be.
Padma Patil: Hermione is WAY to common of a choice for the role of researcher and jack-of-all-trades. Plus, as a rule-abiding student who idolizes authority figures, she is HARDLY what I'd call the 'open-minded' individual who's got what it takes to become an Assassin, or an Assassin associate. But I still needed Harry to have a researcher. Someone who could poke through the library to find some vital clues about whatever in some dusty of tome that would've otherwise lie forgotten in some distant corner. So, going along with the same reason as her twin, Padma is another link in the information/intelligence network needed to properly run an organization.
Hannah Abbott: Hannah I confess to having included for much the same reasons as Susan, more out of obligation than any outstanding skills. But I figured that, as a Hufflepuff, she'd have some noteworthy skill with magical plants. Plus, given the mess she'd made during her OWLs, it seems fairly obvious that she's an accomplished Charms mistress and she could help the Pondera learn some useful/obscure Charms that could help him out later on.
Ernie Macmillan: Ernie has been noted to be an overall well-rounded wizard with skills in all his classes. The fact that he joined the DA tells me that he, like Michael and Terry, is a very proactive person. If nothing else, he could be a useful jack-of-all-trades and combat support for Harry. Maybe even one of their first classmates to actually volunteer to join the Brotherhood of Assassins fulltime?
Flora and Hestia Carrow: These two are practically ghosts. I kid you not when I say that they are just faces in the crowd in all the movies and have done nothing of note in any of the books, excluding attending the Slug Club. That means that they are blank slates that can be shaped and molded to fit whatever needs you might come up with. Plus, because of this abundant lack of character traits, they also seemed like the most 'malleable' of the Slytherin House and could be crucial spies for Pondera in the snakes' den, in case Draco missed something subtle.