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Jesse sat at the foot of his younger sisters hospital bed, a place he thought no older brother should have to sit. He smiled carefully at her and relaxed a little when she gave him a weak smile back. Scooting up the bed a little, he grabbed hold of her hand and squeezed it tight.

"It will be okay Kate, I promise. Anna will see sense, she has too" he told his sister, determination making his voice strong.

"But I don't want her to see sense Jesse, I don't want her to have to have the transplant. After all, I am dying anyway" replied his sister weakly. It broke Jesse's heart to see his beloved younger sister so weak and pale, lying in a hospital bed. Yes, when he was younger he had hated her and Anna for taking up so much of their parent's attention, but when it came to it, he loved them and their parents.

"But you're not dead yet Kate, you need to believe Anna will see sense and donate her kidney, you need to, you need to stay alive" Jesse told her desperately, trying to make Kate see the truth.

"Yes Jesse, but theres also a distinct possibility I might die on that operating table and then where would Anna be? Unable to lead a normal life because she donated a kidney, that's where" Kate replied bitterly.

"Kate please" Jesse pleaded with her, unable to stop a few tears falling down his cheeks. "If Anna does offer her kidney, even though she's won medical emancipation, you have to take it. I don't think I could bear it if you died, I couldn't bear it if either of you died. Look at it from my perspective Kate. I'm your older brother, I'm meant to be there to protect you from the world, to scare away boyfriends, to help you, to protect you, to make sure you're safe. And now, I can't do that for either of you and it scares me Kate. It scares me more than anything I've ever seen or done. Please Kate, if only for my sake, if and when Anna offers you that kidney, you take it and you grow up and live the life you were meant to. Please Kate" Jesse finished his little speech, tears now streaming down his face. Kate gazed up at him, her heart breaking to see her brother in this state.

She slowly nodded.

"For you Jesse, I will. But Anna might not even offer, it's a decision she now has to make on her own and she's only 13 Jesse. Please, if I take the kidney, you help her make her decision and support her as much as you're supporting me." Jesse nodded.

"It's a deal then Kate" he proclaimed and smiled at his sister. The two siblings lapsed into a comfortable silence, holding hands and just enjoying being in each other's company. After a while, Jesse shook his head and stretched.

"Suppose I'd better go and find out where Anna is, see if I can talk some sense into her" Jesse said and Kate mumbled a reply, starting to fall asleep. Jesse leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead, before pulling up the blankets and walking out the room.

Striding through the corridors of the hospital, Jesse quickly ended up at the waiting room where his mother was sitting, staring into space.

"Mom, is Anna still at the court room?" his mother simply nodded. Jesse understood. She still wasn't quite sure how her baby, who she had created for the express reason of being a donor for Kate, had refused to donate her kidney. Jesse kissed his mothers cheek and walked away again with the idea of going outside the hospital to phone his youngest sister.

He walked through the corridors, not really paying attention to where he was going and ended up taking a wrong turn through the emergency room, where there seemed to be a big fuss. Jesse absently wondered who it was who was hurt enough to throw the emergency room into such a turmoil when he spotted his father. He quickly remembered his dad was the on-call firefighter that day and the fact that he was there probably meant he'd been called out and would know who it was. Jesse hastened over to his father.

"Dad, dad" he called. Brian turned around, his face white and taut with worry. Jesse stopped. Why was he looking that worried for some stranger? It must have been a really bad accident.

"Yes Jesse?" his dad asked, his voice shaky.

"Dad, who is it in there? I haven't seen you look that worried since Kate's last relapse" Jesse asked, worry starting to show on his own face.

"Jesse, oh Jesse. It's Anna"