Chapter 1: Heaven, Hell and In-between

As the end times approach the battle for souls on earth begins, so many people have yet to choose


Heaven and Hell have opened the gates and let loose the best they have to offer, the gates closed and

nothing may re-enter until the battle is won, unless, that is, you perish.

Demons returned to earth in the form, and with the talents they had when they were human, no

memory of who they once were; now they are filled with battle strategies and the desire to cause chaos

wherever they go.

Angels returned to earth in the form and with the talents they had when they were human, no memory

of who they once were, but now filled with battle strategies and the desire to protect the innocents.

They walk amongst the humans, their identities a secret.


The Players:

Edward Cullen- Works in advertising, friend of Jasper and Emmett

Jasper Whitlock- bartender in local bar/nightclub, 'Heaven and Hell,' friend to Edward and employee of Rosalie

Emmett McCarty- Swimming instructor, friend of Edward and Alice

Bella Swan- Primary school teacher, friend to Alice and Rosalie

Alice Brandon- Sales assistant in, 'Hades,' sex shop, friend of Bella and Emmett

Rosalie Hale- Manager of 'Heaven and Hell,' friend to Bella and employer of Jasper


The Place;

Heaven and Hell: Local bar by day, small trendy night spot by evening.

First floor: Heaven- decor neutral colours, oversized sofas and comfy chairs, small coffee tables in dark wood, dark wood floors, best coffee in town, light snacks and licensed bar.

Basement: Hell- decor flame red walls and black floor, two dance floors varying levels, black and chrome bar across one wall, small sofas and tables placed around outskirts of room.



'Bored', the text read, I checked my mobile as I did every lunch break; Alice had more time on her hands

than I did, but I wouldn't say that to her face.

'Hell, later?' I texted back, it was Friday, time to let off steam, have a few drinks, maybe a dance or two,

could be my lucky night, heaven knows I was due one, I hadn't gotten lucky in...such a long time.

My cell vibrated and the tiny screen lit up with a smiley, which was Alice's way of saying yes, I

smiled back. For the last year, Alice and I had shared a house together, I moved cities for work and the

only way I could afford to live, was share a place with someone, it was a miracle when I saw her ad in

the paper; we hit it off straight away, she didn't bother interviewing anyone else and I moved in the

following day. She often told people she placed a 'best friend wanted' ad and that's how she got me,

but she was right, it was like we were meant to be together, an answer to my prayer, because she

appeared in my life when I needed her the most, like a guardian angel.

I sighed as the bell, signalling the end of lunchtime, sounded; I put on my happy face and returned to the

class of thirty, 5 year olds.

I couldn't contain myself as the end of school, bell rang and I screamed out a hearty, 'yeah,' much to the

amusement of the children, "Shhh," I giggled, putting my index finger to my lips and looking furtively

around for signs of the Head teacher, that would be just what I didn't need to finish off the week.

After several hugs around my thighs and saying "Have a good weekend" at least twenty times, I fastened

the door and closed my eyes, leaning heavily against the wall, the weekend starts now! Yeah. Then I

saw the mess in the classroom, "Shit, got to tidy up first", my teaching assistant had disappeared early

today; ok, the weekend can wait a little longer.

Alice was already in the shower, singing her head off when I arrived home; totally oblivious that I had

even entered the house, I would have to have a word with her, she left the door unlocked; anyone

could come in.

I slipped the left over lasagna into the oven to reheat whilst I sat down to catch the news, it was all

doom and gloom, crime was up from this time last year, I yawned and closed my eyes, just for two


"Hey old lady," Alice's shrill voice woke me abruptly from my little doze, I quickly checked for signs of

drool; she wouldn't let me live that down.

We ate our reheated meal, making small talk about our day, before I went to get ready.

"Have you rung your friend to tell her we're coming?" Alice looked pleadingly at me.

I shook my head, "No Alice, we're going to have to pay to get in." She pouted.

"What's the point in having a friend who owns a club if you're not going to..."

"Alice, I'm not ringing Rosalie every time I want to get into the club, that's just wrong." I butted in, even

though I knew she play hell when she saw us and say that I should have rung in advance, but truth be

told, it made me feel guilty, ringing to get in for free.


In Hell- the club

"Bella Swan, what have I told you about calling first? I would have left you tickets on the door," Alice

glared at me. Rosalie stood there in all her golden glory; it hurt my eyes to look at her. Her perfect

blonde hair fell in immaculate waves down her back, she dazzled me with her million dollar smile, her

crystal blue eyes shone with mischief; she was breath-taking to look at. Her daring white dress clung to

every contour of her curvaceous figure, the v neck plunged towards her belly button, showing off an

impressive cleavage, which was absolutely all hers, believe me, she made me have a feel once. Every

man and a few of the women, in the room watched with their tongues lolling out as she'd strolled over

to us.

"Rosalie, this is my friend, Alice."

Alice smiled at Rosalie's chest before her eyes darted quickly to her face, "H-hello." Alice's cheeks

pinked up, she'd been caught staring.

"They're real you know," Rosalie looked down, "Touch if you don't believe me."

Several people stopped what they were doing and waited with baited breath.

"Please Rosalie, she never said they weren't," I grabbed Alice and pulled her towards the bar, "We need

a drink."

"I wanted to have a feel," hissed a grumpy Alice.

"Jasper, darling," Rosalie cooed over my shoulder, "These ladies are not to pay for a single drink."

I turned and opened my mouth, "It's my pleasure," she said quickly, pulling me into her embrace and as

she was so much taller than me and with three inch heels, I found myself squashed into her very real


"Err, ok, thanks Rosalie," she left promptly, whilst I burned with embarrassment, Alice and Jasper

sniggered like a couple of hyenas.

"Right, ladies, what can I get you tonight," Jasper's tone was more than a little suggestive, he waggled

his eyebrows.

Alice ordered two 'Kissed by an angel' cocktails and began drooling over the bartender.

"Put your tongue away," I gave my friend a soft jab to the ribs.

"Are you not human?" Alice sighed dreamily, "Have you seen him?"

True, he was something to look at, with shaggy, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a film star smile with all

the white teeth, 'I must remember to visit my dentist.' He was tall, muscular and a nice perky little ass.

Fancy-able? Definitely, but for me there was something missing, that ovary popping moment, perhaps I

was being too choosey.

"I don't mind sharing him," Alice offered.


Alice's brown eyes were round and sincere, "Well you know," she shrugged at me, "If you fancy...err,


I blushed again; I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Jasper kept his back to us attending drinks, but by

his angled posture and the way he had his head cocked, I could tell, he was listening. My stomach

started flip flops; I'd never been propositioned like this before and although my head was shouting, 'fuck

no,' there was another neglected part of my body flushing with excitement and shouting, 'fuck yes,


"Emmett McCarty," Alice jumped from her stool by the bar, startling me, "It's been, like forever." She

ran to a huge hulk of a man and jumped into his arms.

"W-what do you mean, you texted me to c..."

I frowned at his words as Alice hushed him; she wasn't the most discreet person I'd ever met.

"Oh," his dark blue eyes met mine as he realised the set up too, and grinned, showing off his cute


Emmett and I were introduced, along with our list of things in common, which was short. Alice seemed

to think that I, teaching five year olds and he being a swim teacher was enough to build a relationship

on, who am I kidding, I've tried with guys on a lot less.

"I'm feeling soooo tired," She gave a fake yawn and waved us away, "Go; take her to dance." I even

caught Jasper rolling his eyes at Alice's' awful acting skills, subtlety wasn't high on Alice's qualities, but

she did mean well.

Emmett face broke into a huge cheeky grin, 'those cute dimples again,' he pulled me gently, gesturing to

the dance floor; his hand was soft, warm and enveloped mine like a glove.

Although I hated being set up, he was lovely, funny and great to look at, with his cheeky smile and the

dimples, dark curly hair cut really short and his body, he was built! Bodybuilder style, huge; he moved

with grace; not bulky like muscle men usually do. I waited for that ovary popping moment to,

it wasn't going to happen, sadly. But whoa, could he dance! I found myself caught up in his moves,

being twirled and whirled around in time to the music, giggling; it had been such a long time since I had

this much fun with a man, in or out of bed. Soon the music slowed and Emmett held out his huge arms,

without hesitation, I stepped forward and allowed him to hold me close to his chest, it felt nice, safe;

'could I be happy with this?' I wondered.

I smiled and nodded towards Rosalie who watched from the bar, Emmett turned to see who had my

attention and that's when I heard him gasp, 'of course he would gasp,' Rosalie had that affect on

everybody, even I gasp when I see her. I wanted someone to gasp like that when they saw me.

I saw how he looked at her, "Want an introduction?" I asked.

"Err, yeh." He practically dragged me from the dance floor towards Rosalie.

'Of course he would want an introduction, idiot,' I chided myself.

His eyes never left her beautiful face, not once did they wander down to her splendid cleavage, Rosalie

blushed like a virgin, it seems there was something about Mr McCarty she found attractive. I watched

fascinated, as I slowly became squeezed from the conversation, Emmett's whole body faced hers, his

hands were open as he spoke and she never took her eyes from his. She laughed in all the right places

and her eyes widened to the size of saucers, by then, of course, she had Emmett in the palm of her


"Oh Bella, he is so lovely," Rosalie purred, when we were left alone, "Do you want him?" 'Hurray, she

remembered me,' she looked guilty, I felt bad.

"It's ok," I nodded, "we're just friends."

"Oh, he is big and strong, did you see those arms?" Her gaze drifted off somewhere else, I'd never seen

her lose it over a man before.

Emmett and Rosalie made a beautiful couple, swaying gently together on the dance floor, he managed

to make her, five foot seven frame look dainty in his huge arms, they looked right, made for each other,

I felt the twinge, not for him, but to have what they obviously had, the chemistry, I bet her ovaries were

exploding like ripe berries.

I sat by the bar defeated and ready to go home; Alice seemed to have gone AWOL.

"She's in the bathroom," his voice was soft and gentle, I looked up to see Jasper, he was smiling.

"That was a very kind thing you just did," he nodded towards the dance floor to Rosalie and Emmett, I

blushed at the thought someone had noticed what I'd done, then he placed a drink in front of me.

I smiled and shrugged as I put the much needed drink, to my lips.

"You're a good person," He raised his own drink to mine; I let out a humourless laugh, which was more

of an undignified snort.

I turned a little too quickly, aware that someone was standing behind me, the cold liquid complete with

crushed ice, shot from the glass and down a pair of extremely smart, probably expensive, black trousers;

the wearer of the trousers, gasped and swore as the icy drink penetrated his clothes. That's when I saw

him, gorgeous chiselled jaw darkened by stubble, 'I wanted to rub my face against his,' green eyes and

messy bronze hair, 'I wanted to run barefoot through his hair,' then I saw the whole picture, the really

pissed look, that I put there.

"Sorry, sorry," I mumbled, grabbing the napkins from the bar, and began frantically patting his alcohol

soaked crotch. 'Hello sailor.'

He raised his eyebrows and smirked a little, but made no attempt to stop me, "Since we're being so

intimate, my name's Edward, I work in advertising and my favourite colour is blue. If you don't stop

what you're doing, soon, I will have no choice..." He moved closer and whispered, sending shivers all

over my body, "But to throw you to the floor and do really dirty things with you."

That's when I felt my ovaries go pop, pop, pop.


The Thanks

My wonderful beta's js18 and princess07890 (also princess for 'Americanising the story')

xx And of course you lovely readers xx