Interview with a Demon for Planet Earth Magazine

Question: Please explain to us how you got the women to hand over their souls to you.

"Ok," he smiles, rubbing his long fingers through his tousled bronze hair; there is still a wicked glint in his

green eyes, although he is supposed to be a reformed character now. "Let's pretend," he says smoothly,

"That it's between me and you."

"Oh, ok," I gulp nervously and I'm a little...erm, excited.

"We'll cut to the chase; I've already wined and dined you, perhaps taken you dancing; now I'm going to

drive you home. As you already know, I don't drink to excess; I like to be in control, ALL the time,

especially when I'm with you."

"Hmmm," I nod dumbly, his voice has some sort of hypnotic quality and I find myself watching his

mouth, watching his lips move, waiting for his tongue to come out and...

"Once inside your apartment, I help you remove your coat, taking it slowly down your shoulders, I kiss

you once on the side of your neck, I inhale your delicious essence, and then I watch as you quiver in

delight. I know exactly, what I can do to your body."

I am conscious that my underwear is soaked with my arousal and I'm beginning to squirm in my seat.

"I turn you, tilting your chin to face me; we keep eye contact as I lower my lips to yours. The kiss is soft,

gentle and sweet to begin with but as our desire increases it deepens, our tongues swirl around

erotically tasting each other, we groan into each other's mouths, as our bodies begin grinding

rhythmically together."

"Hmmm," words defy me now.

"I'm sure your panties are wet by now."

'What! How?' I blush; he moves his body so it's angled towards me, our knees touch.

"I lead you by the hand to the bedroom, I won't let you turn the light off, I want to see all of you; I want

to see your face as you cum.

Our lips smash together again, there is urgency and heat; we begin to claw at one another's clothes,

desperate to be naked, to feel flesh on flesh. Soon we are both naked facing each other, I tell you how

breathtakingly exquisite you are as I move slowly around you trailing one finger across your skin, which

immediately erupts in goose bumps."

I have to make the effort to relax my body; my muscles are so tense they are beginning to ache, my

thighs in particular.

"I stand behind you, pressing myself close, you are aware how excited I am to be in this position with

you; you can feel me, my arousal resting firmly at the base of your spine. My hands snake around your

waist and a moan of desire falls from your lips as my hands caress your skin working upwards to

massage your full, round breasts, I tweak both aching nipples between my thumb and forefinger, your

head lolls back to rest on my shoulder, I lower my mouth to kiss and lick the crook of your neck, my

stubble gently brushes you, sending prickly, tingly sensations over your skin, making you groan a little

louder, your eyes roll back as your lids close."

His hand gently brushes my knee as he becomes more animated; I stifle the moan and try to remain

composed, I wonder if he know how he's making me feel?

He lifts his drink, I can't take my eyes off the glass as it rests on his bottom lip, I watch his Adam's

apple bob up and down as he swallows, never in my life had I considered this erotic, until now.

I try to swallow, but my mouth is dry, then my eyes widen as his tongue pokes out and swipes the

remaining drops of water from his kissable mouth.

"I'm still in charge, so I turn you around and press gently on your shoulders until you're on your knees in

front of my hard, dripping cock. I take my shaft in my hand and guide it to your lips that part willingly; I

tease you, rubbing my swollen cockhead across your bottom lip, before sliding inside your hot, wet

mouth. I tell you how I like it, lick the end with your tongue, now suck, take my full length into your

mouth, that's it, I withdraw before sliding back in, until I feel the end hit the back of your throat, I pause

whilst I feel you swallow, your muscles constricting on my sensitive end; it makes me hiss in pleasure, I

tell you're very good at sucking cock. I thread my fingers through your beautiful hair, finding purchase

while I fuck your mouth, that's so good, baby. You hum, the vibrations sending pleasure through me,

you reach up and massage my balls; the other hand now joins your mouth, working in unison, pumping

me into your mouth. I feel my orgasm stirring in the pit of my stomach, my balls tingle and tighten, I'm

cumming baby; I need you to take it all. You gulp and swallow not spilling a drop that makes me very

happy, I pull you to your knees and kiss you deeply."

I'm feeling faint now; I think I have forgotten how to breathe.

"It's your turn baby, lay on the bed and open your legs for me, I bend and pepper your upper body with

kisses, working my way south, I can feel the heat radiating from your sex as I get closer, the soft moans

that fall from your lips go straight to my cock, which is waking again."

Breathe, breathe, in, out, in, out.

"I blow gently onto your clit, making you jump slightly, you can feel as I get closer to your heated centre,

a throaty groan escapes your lips as I swipe the flat of my tongue through your hot flesh until I reach

your throbbing bundle of nerves; I hold your hips to prevent you from bucking. The tip of my tongue

gently circles your pleasure button, my fingers join the party, first one, then two, I plunge them deep

and slow, you are rocking wantonly onto my hand. I increase the pressure with my tongue and hook my

fingers. You begin to spasm; I can feel you around my fingers, you grasp and pull at the sheets around

you, your breaths come out frantic, your body arches off the bed, I like to hear you moaning my name as

you orgasm."

I'm dizzy, I' drooling, and my panties are ruined.

"I'm so hard again baby, I can't wait to enter your beautiful hot pussy, open wide, I'm poised at your

entrance, I hope you have protection, I want to feel all of you. I slide until my tip rests just inside, I feel

your heat, you are so wet for me baby, I thrust my hips forward until I am total encased in your silken

pussy. Oh so wet, so hot. I begin to move slowly backwards and forwards, drawing out the pleasure, you

feel so good I'm not going to last, but you will cum again before I do, I lift your legs and put them over

my shoulders, I can get deeper inside of you like this. I begin to work your clit again, soon you're

moaning, I slow down until the pleasure subsides, not yet; I start again, soon you are begging for your

release, your head is moving side to side. I hold you on the brink of an immense orgasm, a thin sheen of

sweat visible on both our bodies.

'Please, please,' you beg.

'What will you give me in return,' I ask; you're too delirious to care.

'Anything, anything,' you chant.

'Even your soul?'I ask.

'Yes, yes, please let me cum.' I pound you hard, allowing you your release."

My skin feels clammy, my muscles ache, my panties are soaked, I think I need a post coital cigarette,

and I don't even smoke!

His cell rings, "Please excuse, me" he says politely, "Yes," he says into the phone, "I'm done here; I'll be

home in twenty, love you too." He puts his phone away. "That was Bella," he smiles widely at me, "We

were done, right?"

I nod, I do feel drained and I'm desperately in need of a shower. He takes my hand and kisses it gently,

"It's been an absolutely pleasure," he winks and leaves.


Just a little bit extra for fun...hope you enjoyed.

Thanks to my girls js18 & princess07890- who make my work understandable