Dragonshifter: I Thought I might explain why Sarah is somewhat captivated by the Goblin King.

He tilted his head as he looked at the little girl. He knew she saw him, and yet, she didn't go running to her parents to tell them about him. She must've been eight or nine. He got the feeling that she could see past his animal form and see his Fae self. "I know you aren't a bird. I also know that I don't have to tell my mommy and daddy that I see you. It's alright if you show yourself to me in whatever form you are naturally." Jareth looked at the girl oddly and hopped of the branch. He fluttered down to the ground and transformed into a loose black t-shirt with a picture of his labyrinth on it and semi-loose jeans. "Why wouldn't tell your parents about me?"

"Because they wouldn't listen, all they would do is go telling me to go play outside or to go to my room. They argue all the time with each other and they don't know I can hear them at night." Jareth recoiled slightly and asked her a risky question "Are they living separately?"

"Yes and No, They still live in the same house, but momma sleeps in the guest room. I know they want to get a divorce. I know what that is. I don't want them to, but I know that when parents don't get along, Divorce is an option." Jareth could see the sadness on the girls face as she told him about her parents. He hated it when parents had problems. It always turned out bad and their kids suffered. But he could tell this girl was special, and he hadn't felt an imagination like hers in a very long time. "What's your name?" He asked her. "Sarah, what is yours?"

"Jareth, Sarah, have you heard of imaginary friends?"

"Yes, my friends have imaginary friends, or at least they did before they became popular. I used to see them. But I haven't seen them since we started third grade." Jareth was shocked. This girl, she had such a powerful imagination, it surprised him that she could see him and other folk from the fantastical realm. "Sarah, I can see that you are lonely, why not find an imaginary friend?"

"I have tried. But they never want to be my friend. They say that my imagination is too powerful for them to feel comfortable around. I don't blame them." Jareth tried to hide a smile, He knew the people Sarah was talking about. Every single one of them had come back from this world after being summoned to tell a tale of a small girl that was raw with imaginary power. He didn't know that they had been summoned by this girl. But he could see why they were skittish around her; after all they were lesser creatures that were already cast off by their creators. Just like Jareth had been. The only difference between them and Jareth was that Jareth's creator had no choice. Jareth and his creator had been close and they had many adventures together in Jareth's world, The Underground. Unfortunately, The Aboveground had a very strong pull on Jareth's creator, and eventually Jareth's creator got very sick and died. But before she died, she put down a story of a girl traveling a labyrinth to get her baby brother back on paper in hopes that the story would find its way into the hands of her imaginary heir to be Jareth's companion. "You know, I wouldn't mind being your friend Sarah."

"Oh, would you be?" Sarah said with such hope in her eyes. "Oh, I wouldn't mind" Jareth said " But first, you must tell me what you are reading?" Jareth asked. Sarah looked down at the book in her hand and looked up at Jareth. "Oh, nothing, it's of no consequence."

"Now why would you say that, you seemed to be into reading it when I came to this park a few minutes ago."

"Well, it's about a girl running a labyrinth." Jareth froze for a moment, then asked "What is it called?"

"Labyrinth" Jareth walked over to an obelisk and sat at its base. Sarah followed and sat next to him. "What's the matter?" she asked. "Oh, well, how far have you gotten?" Sarah looked a little confused at the question, but she answered it. "Not very far, my grandma took me to the bookstore yesterday and I found it. But there is a character that sort of reminds me of you, only, well, you came just as I was reading about him." Jareth looked at her and sighed a little. "Sarah, are you aware that for every imaginary character there is, there is a creator for that character. However, when a creator gets tired of that character, they tend to cast off that character. But my creator never cast me off. She loved me very much and well, she died. But before she died, she wrote that book in your hands and since she could do magic, she imbued it with a spell that would allow that book to find a person that was just as imaginative as she was and just as well suited to know and befriend me. It was a very powerful spell, and I suppose that it was very old magic she used. Not just anyone could hold that book Sarah. As you can tell, that is a very old book, and so am I." Sarah looked down at the book then looked at Jareth. "I like the book so far, and I like you. I wouldn't mind if you choose to be my friend, for I would like to be yours. But beware, My parents might argue a lot. It's getting to a point where divorce is a definite possibility."

"Look Sarah, I can make it so you don't hear them argue. I do have magic after all." Jareth said with a smirk as he said the last sentence. Sarah smiled and started to ask Jareth about himself as they sat in the park.