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A week after the wedding and the reception, Sarah and Jareth got word of an attack on their western border. They rushed as fast as they could to the border to see what they could do. When they got to the border, they found that everything destroyed. The goblins that protected that part of the border were badly wounded. Sarah knelt next to a goblin and put her hand on his head. He was hot to the touch. "Jareth, this one has a fever. We need to get him and the others to the castle." Jareth nodded and created a crystal. He threw it down and they were transported to the castle infirmary. The medics rushed over to them and got the wounded goblins into cots and started to heal them. Jareth and Sarah left the infirmary and went to their office. When they arrived at their office, they found one of their scouts at the door. He straightened and saluted.

"Your majesties, there have been more attacks. We have sent out all the men we can spare to the attack sites." Husband and Wife looked at each other with concern then looked at the scout. "Thank you Oryn" Sarah said and the scout left. Sarah went into the office followed by her husband. "I think this is something we need to talk to mother and father about, and grandmother and grandfather." She said. Jareth nodded. He grasped her hand and squeezed. She squeezed back and held out her free hand. A striking emerald orb appeared in it. Jareth put his hand over the orb adding his magic to it. The orb became almost translucent then grew to the size of a basketball. The faces of Robert and Karen then appeared. They looked worried and Karen asked "Have you been attacked too?" Jareth and Sarah looked at each other once again then back at their parents. "We have, but how do you know or ask?"

"Because your grandparents have been attacked too."