DragonShifter: Awwwww, I was hoping when I last updated that I would be able to update as soon as possible, but it has been somewhat difficult getting to a computer. But alas, it is just not meant to be easy for one to get to a computer. Last time I updated, I was approaching the end of the school semester.


Jareth: Oh, don't tell them that. As far as Missy DragonShifter is concerned is that she is in my dungeon scrubbing the floor for not updating at all.

DragonShifter: You know I couldn't update Mr. Prissy. I was busy. You know that, although... Your dungeon is qute lovely. Really it is folks. Jareth was the one...

Jareth: Don't you dare say another word.

DragonShifter: I will. Folks, Jareth was the one who was scrubbing the dungeon. Sarah punished him for taking away her sweets and for ruining the castle in his anger at me for not writing.

Jareth: Why do you insist on tormenting me?

DragonShifter: I don't. You do it to yourself.

Jareth: Rrrriiiiggghhhttttt. If you know whats good for...

******Jareth gets punched in the arm, then chased around his throne room******

A week later the monarchs were in their library when their parents and grandparents were shown in. Sarah and Jareth got up quickly and rushed over to them. "Grandma, Grandpa are you guys alright?" They asked at the same time. The older Fae smiled. They still got uncomfortable at times when Sarah and her father called them parents and grandparents. By all means they should the ones calling Robert and Sarah grandparents. Sarah and Robert knew that they were uncomfortable with it and did not blame them. "Sorry" Sarah said "I know you are uncomfortable with my calling you my grandparents. It's just Jareth is your grandson, and I am by all rights your great grandparent by a few generations. You will forgive my father and I, for making you uncomfortable." The retired monarchs relaxed slightly then looked at each other. They looked back at her smiled slightly.

"It is okay we are fine, just a bit shaken. Please don't worry." Sarah and Jareth relaxed and sat down. They talked in great length about the attacks that had been happening around the underground. Shaun had attacked the retired queen and king, Dwarf kingdom, several of the small forest kingdoms, the dragon kingdom, and the kingdom of the water nymphs along with some minor nations that were on outlying islands. The small forest kingdoms provided some of the best game, the dwarves' stone, and graphite, the dragons took care of the magic, and made sure all things were in balance, and the retired monarchs were personally connected to Shaun's enemies. The attacks were concerning, considering that if Shaun attacked them again, they would be out of some of their supplies, and then they would be in trouble, because Shaun would go for the other kingdoms and cut off other supplies.

The six monarchs discussed plans, some were good, some bad. They discussed in great length the pros and cons of each plan late into the night. They did not go to bed until early the next morning. Once they woke up, they went back to work on plans, writing to allies, accessing damages, and various other things. This went on for two weeks until finally Sarah collapsed from worry and exhaustion. She was rushed to the small medical wing that was attached to the castle. The royal healer checked her over and ordered her to relax for a week then to come and see her again. When Sarah tried to protest, she got smacked across the shins with the knobby stick the healer carried around. Sarah went quiet and nodded her compliance. A few days later saw Samuel and Elanior taking a break from the stress of the past two week and half weeks.