Chapter 1: Childhood

Hello, world! I am Sylvia Weis. I would like to perfect In Time. This fiction is about my childhood, modification of the plot of In Time and what happened to Will and I after being chased by that evil, cold-blooded timekeeper Raymond Leon! I hate him for what he did to my grandfather, Will's father, Will and me! I love my grandfather, grandmother, mother and Will! Thanks to him, we could not survive without his help.

This was my life…

At 5:00 pm, I was born in this luxurious hospital. My father, Philippe Weis, booked the whole hospital. My whole family: grandparents, parents were there. A doctor said "It's a girl!" Everyone was delighted with my birth. I had brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. My hair turned red as I grew. My father looked at the forest outside the window. Therefore, he named me Sylvia.

In this world, time is currency. When people reach 25, they are allowed to live one more year. Timeclock on your left forearm show your life. To reduce population, every woman is allowed to give birth once only. That was why many people have no siblings. No diseases... If you are amputated, the amputated limbs will become fine as usual. That sounds like heaven.

There are 12 zones. Zone 4, New Greenwich is where I lived. The richest people are living there; they have much more time than people in other zones. You could see people die in every zone, especially zone 12, Dayton. At 5, I saw people time out in my zone. My father covered my eyes with his hand and said "Sylvia, this is natural selection, the strong survive." I asked, "Daddy, why are the differences in all zones?" My father answered, "Darling, you will understand some day. Protect yourself. You are part of the great Circle of Life!"

My mother introduced The Lion King to me. It achieved immortality. I loved to sing its songs. My singing amused my family.

We loved going to cinema, Weis fast food shop. I loved French fries. I nagged my father for toys I wanted. I exclaimed and pointed my finger at the window, "Daddy. I wanted this, this, this and that!" My father signed, "Sylvia, you are killing me…" These toys cost a fortune.

I went to exclusive school at 6. Everyone had to finish 6-year compulsory education. I must study English, Mathematics in this school. Teachers in this school were very fierce. One day, my class teacher, Zdubid chose people to perform The Lion King drama. I was chosen to play Shenzi. It saddened me, I wanted to play Simba. I could sing and act. My grandmother said I could be a singer or an actress! My father gave me everything. The teacher surely treated me like shit! I couldn't help my tears falling down on my cheek. Mrs Zdubid scolded me. My father was angry at that rubbish teacher. Then, I dropped out and my father hired a teacher to home. Therefore, I finished my compulsory education.

My home was big and gorgeous enough. My bedroom had a television and computer. I loved watching animations. Sometimes, I made fandubs and uploaded to WeisTube. Almost all the people complimented my singing. I loved to surf the Weisbook. These websites were built by my ancestor whose surname is Weis!

My father was a wealthy timelender. He invited our friends, business partners to our home for my birthday parties. At one of the birthday parties, my grandmother gave me a necklace, my mother gave me new boots and my father gave me a costume of Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh. He knew I loved cosplay. My hair was as long as my mother's and the hat suited me. I enthralled the guests by wearing it. I sang in the hall too.

My life was not that ordinary. There were kidnappers who kidnapped me. One day, we walked back to our home. My bodyguards dragged me to the forest; I recognized they were not my real bodyguards. I bit his hand and managed to escape to the museum. As I was running, I heard the museum door shut. I must win; I could not afford to lose! The museum was dark. Some green lights flashed on the wall. The museum was like a maze. I was so afraid. My grandmother and mother heard I was kidnapped. My grandmother dressed up as Magician of Black Chaos while my mother dressed up as Total Defense Shogun. My father approached them. My mother said, "We are going to save our daughter."

I ran and ran to the deep of the museum. A knight statue was surrounded by a green light. I took its ax just in case the kidnapper hurt me again. Someone leaped at me: the kidnapper! I wielded the ax across his waist. That was the end. The other kidnapper saw it and escaped. My heart was thumping so hard. I staggered a moment and stepped toward the entrance of the museum. I saw my grandmother, mother and my father. I cried and hugged my mother. I resembled her but you could tell the difference by our height. I told them I killed the kidnapper. I took them to the location I killed him. Nothing there. No corpse. No ax. This shocked everyone. My father did not call the timekeepers since I killed a kidnapper. He told me to treat this accident as nightmare.

When I was 18, I had the same hairstyle as my grandmother's. I had to have two guards around me. My childhood ended here. Although the life was hard afterward, I loved it.