Chapter 5: The Flower Lady, Sillyvia

One the sixth day night, I was playing strip poker with Will at a hotel. These days were so peaceful; I didn't feel nervous at all. My hair grew a bit longer and my stem on my head grew into a bud. I still wore Will's mother's dress! Will hadn't forgotten how to play cards, so I took off my dress. I lay down on the bed. Will hold me and kissed my neck. His breath was so warm. Will said, "Put your dress on." My heart started thumping. Will looked through the window, "Timekeepers!" We ran out to the corridor, those timekeepers spotted us. Then we ran into another room, a woman screamed when she saw us. Will broke the window by throwing a chair. He encouraged me to jump. I remembered the video player that showed Henry Hamilton's suicide and we being robbed by Minutemen. I knew those timekeepers would notice the video player, so I put it on the bed.

We both jumped on a car. We ran past some chain-link fence. We stopped and looked at the window we jumped off from. Will said, "See? They won't jump." And Timekeeper Raymond Leon jumped. I said, "So much for you theory." Will looked at those timekeepers and whispered, "Shit!" As we were running on the street, some people stared at my bud on my head. I ignored them. We ran into an alley. That Timekeeper Raymond Leon kept chasing us. Shit! Why the heck they didn't chase those Minutemen? Instead they chase us, who wanted to help other people. Will gave him some time before! Will let me ascend the ladder first. That Raymond shouted "stop" and shot us. He missed us. Hurray! Then we ran along a rooftop, Raymond shot again. I hated him. Will shot him in return. Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Will urged me to descend the pipe. We ran onto a bus. I couldn't help panting. The bus driver said, "Hold. You two look familiar." We looked at the board on the wall outside the car. We were wanted. Of course, we were not call boy or call girl. Will replied, "How about now?" He gave the driver some time to bribe him. All right! The bus left before that Raymond caught up. We panted a bit.

The next day, we walked into a hotel. Will put his hand around my shoulder. The receptionist smiled, "Welcome to the Century." Will said, "Hi! We're looking for a quiet place to stay." The receptionist asked, "How many rooms?" I replied, "All of them for one day." Will added, "Can we rely on the discretion of your staff?" He pulled up his sleeve. The receptionist replied, "I'm sure you can." We went to the most gorgeous room to rest. I was supposed to reach my grandfather today. But I didn't know how. Anyway, I needed to take a rest.

The sky was dark and it looked like it was going to rain. I saw Naruto in grassland. He transformed into me and used Shadow Clone Technique. There were two me! I wore Will's mother's dress and my black boots. One of me started molting chakra and then disappeared when the Rasengan was already. The only me jumped forwarded and shouted, "Rasengan!" The scene changed to me using the rasengan to kill Timekeeper Raymond Leon. I woke up before he got hit.

I walked to the bathroom, I found out the bud growing from my head grew into a large beautiful purple flower. I still wore Will's mother's dress and my black boots. Will and I decided to go out for a walk. We brought our guns with us. Luckily no crime happened in front of us, but we needed to be careful of timekeepers.

What a shiny day! Looking around us, I hoped I spread our message while giving time away. We saw some people dancing at the end of the street. The music was played, "Baby I'm your slave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehave…" Will said, "Singing contest in this zone is held once every year. The prize for the winner is 1 year, but the winner needs to be careful of robbery and murder." We vanished into the crowd. We greeted some people; they stared at my flower on my head. However, they didn't ask me anything about it; maybe they thought I was just wearing a strange decoration. Some people recognized us and said thank you for giving them time. They didn't come surrounding us in case we would be discovered by timekeepers or Minutemen.

Will danced with me. He sang the song, "Baby I'm your slave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehave…" I sang, "Yeah." When we stopped singing, I said, "You sang very well." Will replied, "Thanks! You know the winner recorded his songs into an album…" Bang! The people scattered when the Minutemen appeared. We took out our guns and pointed them toward them. I recognized Minutemen Fortis. Would he do a striptease? Fortis smirked, "Long time no see." He was toying with his gun. He smirked again, "We are taking a walk. See what we have found? 10-year award!" I was angry that he robbed me and shocked at the award. I shouted, "F69k you!" Fortis said, "Calm down, Flower lady. Your flower makes you look f69king stupid. Ha! Will musical notes appear from the flower when her singer boy sings?" He infuriated me. I knew I was not the only one robbed by him. I shouted, "Shut the f69k up!"

I wanted to shoot something. Now I had the chance. I hit the targets. I ended their lives. I turned around and looked at Will and asked, "Did I do something wrong?" Will put a hand on my shoulder and replied, "No. They are villains who robbed people…" Some people came across to thank me. Some of them were robbed before and some people's parents were killed by those Minutemen.

At night, we were on the rooftop. We saw the loan rate was raised. Will looked disappointed and said all they had to do is keeping raising the cost of living and 1000 thousand years did nothing. I wouldn't give up. He asked if I got a million years on me. Green mist appeared in front of us and turned into my grandfather. He asked, "Do you have any problems?" I said we wanted a million years. I looked at his left arm which was covered by his sleeve, I wondered if he had a timeclock.

My grandfather transferred us to New Greenwich. We felt dizzy because of my grandfather's power. About one week ago, I collapsed and fell to the ground. We took a rest. When I opened my eyes, a wreath appeared around my neck. My grandfather said he would tell me later. I told Will my father's bodyguards waited for him in the morning. Will bought a pair of black glasses. My grandfather floated behind him. My grandfather made me transparent for a while. Some bodyguards were standing near the curb. My grandfather used his power again. He made those bodyguards believe that Will was one of them.

A car stopped and my father got out of it. After the bodyguards and my father entered the Weis' private headquarters, I followed them holding a gun. When I entered the building, I became opaque. One bodyguard turned around and pointed his gun to me and shouted, "Stop!" All of them pointed their guns at me. I said, "I am Sylvia Weis. I want to surrender, but only to my father." My father pushed his bodyguards gently. He inspected me with a confused look. Big purple flower grew from my head, wreath, Will's mother's dress, black boots… I put down my gun and said, "Hello, daddy." One of the guard commanded, "Stay where you are!" I smiled, "You've hired more guards since I last saw you." My father replied sarcastically, "Thanks to you. I need them." "One too many." Will pointed his gun at my father. The guards pointed their guns at Will. Will commanded, "Guns down. Now!" My father said, "Do it." I took back my gun. Will held my father as hostage. We got in an elevator and reached the office.

We walked along my father's office. Will stood in front of a safe and asked, "What's the combination?" I looked at my father and replied sarcastically, "Well it's not my Birthday. You started to regret that day, I imagine, father. Try twelve, two, eighteen-o-nine. Darwin's Birthday." Will said, "Survival of the fittest!" My father said, "You know I love you very much, my girl. You have broken my heart for what you have done, Sillyvia" What a liar! He loved Darwin more than me! I said without slipping our plan and grandfather, "You have broken everyone's heart. You should know what you are doing." After the safe was opened, Will picked up that time capsule and said, "Quality time. There really is a man with a million years." My father stated, "That's my first million. It won't be my last." Selfish father! He said we were just prolonging people's agony if we gave a year to a million people. I hated his tone. We walked back to the door. My father said, "Flooding the wrong zone with a million years, it could cripple the system." That was what we wanted. I almost shouted, "Keep dreaming in your fantasyland. I don't dream of being immortal!" My grandfather was preventing bodyguards to come here. I closed the door.

All the bodyguards stood still. My grandfather appeared in front of us. He transferred us to Dayton. We took my grandfather's advice, we took 1000 years respectively. After that, I gave the time capsule to Maya. She left and distributed time. We felt dizzy again because of my grandfather's power so we slept at the nearest hotel. I thought Timekeepers couldn't track us. The next day's morning, we watched news, "These are live pictures from Dayton. Citizens have taken to the streets. There's so much stolen time in circulation. Factories in Dayton lie idle. And now, citizens are crossing zones, seen here entering New Greenwich. While authorities claim they have the situation under control, others fear the system may be headed for collapse. We will continue to update you on this developing story" We won. Our message had spread and smokescreen had been created successfully. I asked my grandfather, "What did you do in past one week? My grandfather answered and asked, "Persuading your mother and grandmother. Are you ready?" "Yes!" We disappeared.