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(A/N: This happens during WWII. Ludwig is the Auschwitz commander. Feliciano and Lovino are two Italian Jews brothers sent together to the most cruel camp.)

(Pairings: GerIta, one sided PruGer, Spamano…)

Ludwig's chest was filled with proud. He heard his leader's speech, with a smirk on his face. He stretched his arm, the way they had taught him. His uniform was burning with his skin; his heart pounded fast at the time to salute.

"Heil Hitler!" Hundreds of voices resonated along with his.

He sat on the chair, putting his hat on the desk. He looked at the symbol on it: The swastika symbol, the Nazi symbol, his symbol. He felt proud. He felt proud to belong to a superior race. He felt proud to be perfect.

Someone knocked the door.

"West?" Gilbert entered, smiling.

"What is it?" Ludwig asked, looking at his brother.

"Nothing, I was just bored and I thought of visiting my little bro and showing him my awesomeness before going to sleep." Ludwig smiled, and Gilbert blushed, as usual. He shook his head and the redness passed was a moment of silence before Gilbert added "Oh and they told me to say to you that they brought a new bunch of rats to be exterminated."

Ludwig smirked "They never stop coming, aren't they? Well, the final solution has to be done by someone anyways."

Gilbert smiled too. "Yeah…but that's your part of the job. I'll go to sleep. Good night…" he was about to go when he remembered something. Something important.

"Heil Hitler!" And he excused himself.

'Okay, let's go and see the rats.' Ludwig thought, putting on his hat and coat.

"Are this all?" Ludwig asked with repulsion. He looked at each one of the men in there. They were dirty, bloody, broken… Ludwig wanted to puke.

"Yes sir." The young soldier answered. "We brought them all the way from Italy."

"We've got other camps out there, you know…"

"Yes, sir, but we received specific orders to bring them here."The soldier promptly answered. His hair was golden and his eyes the color of the sky.

"I see…"

They were all scared, their eyes red from crying. Ludwig always had mixed feelings when it comes to personally watching them march. He felt proud, relief and sometimes a hint of laughter will come out from within. Yet a tiny drop of guilt and sadness would come and assault him at night. He knew at the bottom of his heart everything was a big lie…


Ludwig was not allowed to think like that. He was not allowed to feel compassion. He was superior. He should be happy that he was cleaning Europe. He shouldn't feel mercy. Ludwig rejected the feeling, as always, lying to himself.

One of them fell, just in front of Ludwig. His head hit his shoes. Ludwig felt his head burning with rage. It was a petit, young, Italian boy with an untamed curl sticking out of his hair. The kid lifted up his head and looked at Ludwig right into his eyes. Ludwig's heart started skipping a beat when his gaze met those chocolate orbs.

"Steh auf! (Step up!)" The soldier yelled, pulling out his gun and pointing it to the Italian which was still on the floor, but Ludwig shut him with a hand movement. The rat looked at him, with fear.

"Ve, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" The man said, pulling out a white flag from his pocket and moving it frenetically, but Ludwig didn't do anything but speaking.

"Stand up. Name." He ordered, looking at him.

"F-Feliciano Vargas!" Feliciano stood up, shivering. "And yours?" He asked. He shouldn't have. A rat should never say or ask anything. The soldier walked closer and slapped Feliciano so hard he fell again.

"Stop!" Another man yelled at the soldier, and ran towards Feliciano. He looked very much like him, just a little smaller and with somewhat darker hair, and his curl was sticking out at the other side of his head. "Don't touch him or I'll kill you asshole!"

"…how you dare to speak to me, rat?" The soldier kicked him in his head. "Great, now my boots are dirty with your blood." He was about to kick him again, but a hand stopped him.

"Stop." Ludwig said, and the soldier controlled himself. "Who's this, Feliciano?" He asked. It wasn't a kind voice, yet it wasn't harsh enough like the other soldiers. Feliciano liked it; it was very low and soft compared to his.

"I-It is my brother Lovino. P-Please don't do anything to him, he's just a little bit hot headed, but I'm sure he didn't-"

"Silence." Ludwig said, turning around. "Go back to the line…and watch your step." Ludwig turned around, ready to go. "And it's Beilschmidt, Ludwig Beilschmidt."

"N-Nice to meet you, Ludwig." Feliciano smiled at him.

"…Yeah." Ludwig walked away.

"Bro?" Feliciano whispered. They have given them both a striped pajama, and sent them to sleep. "Are you asleep?"

"No." Lovino answered. They were in a room with probably another thirty men.

"W-What do you think they're going to do to us?"

"What do you think they're going to do?" Lovino sighed, with sarcasm. There was a few moments before Feli could talk again.

"D-Do you miss him?" Feliciano asked. "I mean, Antonio…"

"Feli, go to sleep." Lovino answered, trying to not to think about it. He would die if he started thinking about Antonio... "We need all our strength. Don't worry, I'll keep you safe. I'm sure Brother France with get us out of here." Lovino said, trying to convince himself of his words.

"Buonanotte. (Gnight)" Feliciano said. He rolled in the tiny bed, closing his eyes. But as soon as he fell asleep, all he could see were a pair of the bluest eyes he have ever seen and a name: Ludwig.

That night, Ludwig felt uneasy. He rolled in his bed, trying to take Feliciano's face off his head. He felt guilty; his heart was aching so much. He remembered the look on Feliciano's eyes. That fearful look.

He used to love that look he gave. That murderous look that made his men obey in a second, that insensible to death look, that look that made his brother crazy for him…But Feliciano's fearful gaze had make his heart crumble. He regretted it; he regretted to scare him. He now wanted to hold the powerless creature in his arms and assure him everything was going to be alright.

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