Okay here's the jist of why I'm doing this one.

I've been reading a lot of Time-travel Fanfictions regarding Time-travel lately, but they all start off with the character almost dying or dead, or the end of something. The only exception I found was the following:

It's For a Good Cause I Swear!

By: Sarah1281

It started off with nothing going on but a Time-travel Jutsu being used as a payment for a mission, which never did get explained. In a nutshell, it allowed Team 7 to go back in time to any one point in their life and start over from that point. Once they chose, they wouldn't be allowed to come back to that point, but all memories were kept, and, from what I could gather, abilities were kept to a point.

Anyway, I figure that this is the first time in this category this kind of idea is implemented. None of the ones I read placed them in a fight where their own lives could be at risk, since they were a target.

It is that very idea that I have come up with, and I already know what's going to happen, and where they will land. Or more specifically:

When they land.

But don't let me spoil the surprise! Read to find out exactly where I placed them, and how it happened!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, so don't say I do.


Sasuke and Naruto were eying each other. Sakura was mortally wounded. Tsunade was dead. Kirabi was mortally wounded. Everyone else was dead. Akatsuki was defeated by the alliance, though with heavy casualties. In fact, most of the survivors were already dead. Only Mei Terumi, Godaime Mizukage, A, the Godaime Raikage, and Gaara, Ex-Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi no Shukaku and Godaime Kazekage, were still alive, but they were ragged, and had to leave this to Naruto.

Naruto glared at Sasuke, in the Nine-tails state. Sasuke Glared back, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan active. "Sasuke... Your family was murdered. You got your revenge. Now you make others suffer because you couldn't bear it. You killed the families of everyone I hold dear. I was willing to forgive you before, but now you give me no choice."

"And what was the choice before, Dobe?" Sasuke asked.

"Before I could let you live. After today, there is no saving you. I was naive. I was a fool. There is no saving someone who doesn't want to be saved. However, there is more than that." Naruto said, charging up a Wind Element Rasengan.


"They say even the Buddha loses his patience." Naruto said in monotone. "You have finally crossed the line. No one, not even Madara, can save you now."

"Then prove me wrong." Sasuke stated. "Prove to me you're not the idiot I thought you were."

"You should know something. Back then... All those years ago in that valley... I was holding back so I could save you, and bring you back. Had I not done so, you would've died then." Naruto stated. "This ends now..."

"Come again?"

"THIS ENDS TODAY! YOU, SASUKE FUCKING UCHIHA, ARE DEAD FUCKING MEAT!" Naruto shouted. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, showing he was completely surprised at the declaration, before Naruto sped towards him at speeds he couldn't see, and that surprised him even more. "ROT IN HELL YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" He laid a direct hit to Sasuke's heart, prompting him to release all of his Chakra to try an counter it.

'There's no way I can lose here!' Sasuke thought.

"Kit, you do realize that what you're doing is going to kill you both, right?"

'If it kills him, then so be it! Unless you have some kind of plan to send us back to before this all started, then there's nothing else to do!" Naruto shouted at the Kyuubi inside of him. 'I know we didn't get along until recently, and that's probably your fault mainly, but I was partially at fault. You caused all the pain in my life, and yet you're the only reason I'm alive now. I'm sorry for letting you down like this, but...'

"If you want to go back, then I can do it." Kyuubi offered. "However, the power could merge all of the Bijuu into one, and if that's the case I would be replaced by the Juubi."

'If we can stop all of this from happening, then let's do it.' Naruto replied.

"I must warn you, though. If you do this, you could very well be unable to prevent anything. You could even send him back with you, and he'll know everything. There are too many variables to take note of. I can't even pinpoint a good place right now to put you guys. I'll admit that I only used it once, and it will take a lot of my Youki for this."

'Do it. If I can save Sasuke, even if I have to go back in time to do so, and save him before he has to, then I might as well.'

"I understand. Just don't go acting the fool again, and try not to make yourself too noticeable like you did back then."

'If I do, it's to keep up with appearances. Nothing more, nothing less. And odds are likely I'd curse myself out mentally for having to do that.'

"Alright, as long as you don't do so willingly, and like it, I'm fine with it."

Naruto then started to glow a dark purple, which also engulfed Sasuke. The Purple ball that formed turned a black color, which sent a beam to the injured, but still alive, Sakura, and pulled her into it as well.

Then, when she was already in the orb, it began to shrink. Kirabi, A, Gaara, and Mei were surprised at this.

They were all next to each other. "Do you think he's dying and trying to take Sasuke with him?" Mei asked.

"No. Though, with his declaration beforehand, I wouldn't doubt it, he wouldn't have pulled in Sakura, and it seems to have wanted to do just that." Gaara told her. "I am not fond of many things, and him sacrificing himself is one of them. Yet that's the only way he'd want to go out."

A raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"He'd want to go out noble... and with a bang." Gaara stated.

"I agree." B said, weakly.

"Bro!" A rushed to him. Gaara and Mei were right there as fast.

"A... I won't live. Not anymore. I served my purpose well." B said, still weak. "That one... that wasn't Naruto... it was... Kurama... Kyuubi. He's alive..."

"If Kyuubi did this... he probably sent him through time." Mei stated. "But that means..."

"Sasuke and Sakura got caught into it as well. Now, the only question is when will they appear." Gaara stated. "We should live on."

"Wait, Gaara." A voice stated.


"No, it's the Easter raccoon."

"What do you want?"

"Kurama did a forbidden Demonic Art. I will put it to you bluntly. I know where the 3 of them landed. I can place you in the same time, but wherever your body is at that point is where you will end up. Hey, if he's going to do it, why not me?"

"You did just say it was forbidden." Gaara retorted.

"There's nothing really to gain from anything else here. The other 8 Bijuu are still around and there's nothing we can do with a lifeless wasteland. I'll make a deal with you. You do this, I'll let you sleep without you having to worry about me taking over. My mentality now is what I'll have. Not the one I had then."

"And how is that any better?"

"Then, I had to worry about that damn monk. Now, I don't. I managed to beat him out of my consciousness while I was being removed from you. Doing so left me exhausted, and thus the extraction came easier than it should have. This time, I'll get rid of the monk, since I already know how to. After that, you should be able to sleep, and I'll retain my reason and sanity. I'm beginning to see why Naruto was so close to you. He could befriend anyone, even a Bijuu. And that takes a lot of skill, and convincing."

"And you think I'd actually go through with it?"

"Honestly? No." Gaara was surprised at the revelation. "But I'm going to take a page out of his book with this. I want to at least try to get along with you, if not be friends. Here there would be no purpose. Then, there would be. And you could easily start over, and get rid of anyone that hinders his path."

"You're kidding me."

"Look. I'm trying to do something nice for once. And this time, unlike all others, there is a mutual benefit, not just for me."

"Count me in." Gaara stated.

"Look, I know you don... What?"

"I said I'm in. Do it." Mei and A looked at him. "On one condition."

"Great... What is it?"

"They come back as well." Gaara replied smoothly. "If not, forget it."

"Alright, but I won't have enough for all 3 of you." Shukaku stated.

"I'll do it. I owe Naruto a favor, and this is how I can repay him." Yonbi, Son Goku, stated. "Leave them to me. I'll send them back, but I won't be going back myself. I'll leave any planning to you guys."

Mei and A nodded. "What about my brother?"

"Only the Hachibi can do anything with him. We other Bijuu have no say over him until he's dead, and then there's nothing we can do." Son stated.

A looked down. "But he will likely be alive since we are sending all 3 of you to the same time, since we can send you down the same path they went. Act as if things never changed from the original timeline, and that you didn't know what happened up to this point. It's best if no one knows you are from the future."

They all nodded. They were engulfed in purple orb themselves, and they disappeared.

Kirabi sighed in contentment. 'Eight-o, I'm glad things happened this way. At least my brother will do some good in the past.'

"Give it a rest Bee. I can't send you back. I'm too low on Youki for that. This is the end for us."

'But the beginning for them.'



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