Close Your Eyes

Angel was so young back then, so naïve. When the beautiful, mysterious woman asked him to close his eyes, promising him the world, he did as she asked. She stole his soul, then, so he didn't regret it for a long time after.

But, when he did regain who he was, he swore he'd never trust anyone like that again. And he didn't … until he met her, his muse, his star.

He kneels before his fierce goddess now, and his eyes open like the petals of a night blooming flower unfurling under the moonrise. Salty nectar rolls down his face, as his upturned gaze hungrily devours the sight of his love.

She bids him to rise and he does, he stands before her, awaiting her judgment and call because he trusts her with more than his life – Angel trusts her with his heart and everything else he has to offer, with the world, the universe, with all of reality itself. Her shell-pink lips press against his and he is complete; the sight of his star shining golden in the light of the rising sun is more glorious than anything he had ever laid eyes on.

"Close your eyes," she whispers, and he does so immediately, a smile upon his lips, for he is home in her arms and he is warm and safe –

The iron blade is so cold as it slides through his stomach.