Disclamer: The characters for Kung Fu: TLC are not mine everything else is.

Summary: ABC story.

Between Father and Son

"Ack!" Peter yelled in surprise.

Behind him his father materialized out of nowhere once again.

"Count on you to scare me like that," Peter accused his father.

"Do not go in there," Cain warned.

Even though his father was here for him Peter always felt as if they were on separate planets most of the time.

"Father, I have to go," Peter stated.

"Going in there will lead to disaster," Cain stated.

"How can it be disastrous for me to go into a building?"

"I do not know, but it will."

"Just let me go, Pop!"

Knowing this was not the time for this conversation, Cain had to do something and fast! Looking around to see if there was anything to keep his son out of harm's way, but he found nothing. Moving in front of Peter was a dark shadow. No, they will not take his son away!

"Pop, what's wrong?" Peter asked sensing his father stiffing up.

Quietly Cain took a step forward to see if he can see what lies within the shadow. Right foot forward he listened.

"Stay here," Cain stated as he walked towards the door.

"Tough luck, Pop, I'm coming," Peter stated.

"Uh uh."

"Very articulate, Pop…uh uh?"

"What else can I say?"

"Xandorf, come here will ya?" Peter called to his new partner and turned back to his father.

"You stay," Cain stated.

"Zany fathers…alright I'll say."

The End