Henry slammed his finger against the button. Still nothing. He sighed. His locker was jammed-again. Great, now he probably seemed like one of those dumb freshmen who ran to every class. Which he was, but he didn't want to seem like it.

It was a few weeks into his freshman year in high school, and Henry was extremely stressed. Sure, his eighth grade teachers had told him high school was hard, but still, he hadn't expected it to be this hard. They kept piling on the homework. Didn't they understand that he just had three months of doing absolutely nothing?

Henry carefully turned the dial and tried again. It didn't move. Now the older kids would laugh at him. They'd call him a "stupid freshman", again, and probably steal his backpack or do some other mean thing. He got to deal with that, on top of the homework, and he had to go home and take care of his baby sister, and he hardly had any time to play video games!

Like, he knew it was going to be hard, but this was really hard. Henry had never been the smartest kid in class-that was Natalie Goodman-but at least he was average. Now, not only were his classes hard, they were also really boring. He didn't mean to stop paying attention and start daydreaming in class, the teachers just didn't make learning very exciting! And it wasn't his fault that Natalie Goodman was in all of his classes! It wasn't Henry's fault that she was so pretty, and so smart, and she just looked so interested, so eager to learn, that he just couldn't stop staring at her in class!

Henry slowly tried one more time. Success! The locker swung open, and he began to put his books away and grab the one's he needed for homework.

"Hey, Henry," a voice came from beside him. Henry flinched, preparing to get beaten up by the older kids. When nothing happened, he turned around. It was his next door neighbor, who was the same age as him. They were sort of friends, considering they had lived next to each other for their whole lives. He was the closest thing Henry had to a best friend.

"Uh, hey, Adam," Henry replied, closing his locker. Adam smiled at him.

"Listen, can you come over today? I've...I've got something I need to show you," his voice dropped to a whisper. He sounded slightly nervous, but also very excited at the same time.

"Sure, I have to check in with my mom first, but yeah," Henry replied.

"Cool. See ya!" And with that, Adam walked away. Henry scrambled out to his bus to avoid being made fun of more.


Henry stood on Adam's front porch, excited and scared to see what Adam had planned. Sometimes Adam and Henry got along, they would hang out. But other times...Henry didn't like to talk about it.

Adam opened the door and quickly ushered Henry up to his bedroom, where he locked the door. Henry was afraid of what would happen next.

With a grin, Adam quickly pulled out a plastic bag of...something. A bright blue thing was laying on Adam's bed. Adam took a puff of it.

"What is that?" Henry asked nervously, because it looked sort of illegal. Adam smirked.

"Pot. My older brother hooked me up with some. It's way calming, and it, like, takes the edge off of life. Everything's less stressful. Try it," he held it out to Henry, who took it.

Soon, Henry felt happier than he had felt so far in the school year. Everything was so much nicer. He understood what Adam had said. An hour passed, and Henry had to go home for dinner.

"This is for you," Adam said, handing Henry a bag for him with a bright green bong in it and some pot. He showed him how to use it, and Henry left.

The minute he got home, he quickly stashed it under his bed and prayed his mom would never find it. Henry knew he would use it a lot. Maybe now he would be able to pass school. And maybe now he would have the confidence to talk to Natalie Goodman.

Yeah, right. There wasn't enough pot in the world to give him that much confidence.

A/N: ...I had to. I was unbelievably excited to write this. It's all I could think of at school today. Like, my teacher looked at my paper, and said "Good job, Veronica," and all I could think was "Heh, he has no idea that I'm going home and writing a story about how a teenage boy gets addicted to drugs!" Ha! Anyway PLEASE give me more ideas because I literally only have two left. Seriously. Bye!