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Her scent is intoxicating...

He speaks shyly,

"I'm s-so s-sorry... this is all new for me"

"Is it?"

Body shifts closer...red dress hikes up...creamy thighs...


Her voice is so exciting

"Uh uh, I-I- er f-find it ...um hard t-to speak to women"

He blushes...eyes downcast, showing long long lashes...lean pale hands twiddling nervously,

...she moves in even close...a glimpse of an ample bosom in that low cut neckline... her soft luscious locks brushes his neck, ever so gently, silky and soft.


"But why..." she says huskily, "...you're so cute" one small, elegant hand threads into his long-ish darkish locks, whilst the other tilts his chin up , so he can look her in the eye, " ...very c-u-t-e" she whispers with emphasis,her sweet breath ghosting over his lips.

"Am I?" a dangerous glint, almost predatory, flickers momentarily in his eyes.

She shivers but cant draw her gaze away from him.



It's her turn to stutter

She is mesmerised.

He dips his head...

...she slowly closes her eyes, tilting her head up- neck exposed in surrender

He's nearly there... he can almost taste it

He opens his mouth, ready to receive and...

"Ah Tamura-kun...is that you?"

Oh no!

Lord No!

The voice...!

His date squeals and leaps out of his hands.

The moment is totally lost.

He squeezes his eyes shut in frustration, clenching his previously happily occupied hand to his sides

Damn that voice!

He should have seen it coming .

"Ah I thought it was you " says the annoyingly deep and silky voice again, "fancy seeing you here huh?"

"Hn" he grunts back, silently willing the voice to go away, but luck is not with him as he hears the sound of the owner of the voice, seating themselves down in the seat opposite.

What the hell is he doing here, he wants to ask .

But he is too pissed off to.

And he knows the intruder's response would only serve to infuriate him more.

Better to just ignore him

He opens his eyes to only be met with a smug gaze and an unashamed dazzling smile

Translation: I know you're trying to ignore me but it wont work. I'm not going anywhere

The damn annoying bastard!

"Ano...Tamura-kun" the voice speaks gently (go figure) oozing with fake sincerity, the owner's demeanour undaunted by Masakazu's less than friendly welcome (if one could call it such)," aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely companion here?".

The female beside him perks up, obviously charmed by the newcomer.

He sighs dejectedly.

Here it comes, no point in avoiding the inevitable.

With a voice laced with ill concealed bitterness and venom, he begins the introductions

"Aihara-san this is my fr- I mean acquaintance Haruka Konoe," he spits out, " Konoe this is Aihara Maki a friend of mine, from my course"

"N-nice to meet you Haruka-san " Maki smiles cutely, her eyes lowering bashfully; a blush steadily growing on her face as she extends her small hand towards Konoe whilstMasakazu stares on, utterly dumbfounded by the turn of events.

Wasn't it only moments ago that Maki was literally all over him...?

Now she was practically drooling over Haruka, like he was a plate of gourmet steak


Haruka takes her hand and gives her his trademark killer smile , guaranteed to turn women into dribbling piles of mush, and unfortunately, Maki is no exception. She literally is, putty in his hands now.

Haruka's gaze shifts to his glaring one (for reasons unknown to him but he doesn't like it anyhow), and without breaking eye contact raises Maki's hand to his lips.

"No the pleasure is all mine Maki-chan" he says huskily, his gaze never wavering from Masakazu's,"It's really nice to meet Tamura-kun's friends. Although he says we're just acquaintances , I can I definitely assure I regard him as a ...close friend." he adds winking at him, further infuriating Tamura Masakazu

Friends!, Masakazu nearly chokes

The hell you are, thought Masakazu, his hands shaking with rage.

The dude was practically rubbing his triumph in his face.

The damn bastard comes out of no where and not only does he interrupts what he was deeming a very successful night, but also has the audacity to try and steal his date right before his eyes; though with it being Haruka, he doesn't need to try seeing that Maki seems all ready to lie down and open her legs for him right there and then.

"Oh is that so? Pity Tamura-kun has never mentioned you before" Maki giggles, not even glancing towards him, totally enraptured by his so called 'friend'

"Is that so?" Konoe replies with a deep sexy chuckle, his gaze shifting from Masakazu to focus on the woman opposite him, killer smile in place, "What a pity indeed."


Haruka Konoe 1

Tamura Masakazu 0

"Okay dude , what was the big idea?" Masakazu corners Konoe the moment he steps out of the love hotel where just an hour earlier, the latter had taken Maki after dining and ditching, leavingthe former to pay the bill, " It's not enough that you interrupt my date , and steal my girl " he shouts , pushing and pressing the taller boy into a wall in a darkened alley he's managed to drag both of them into," but you had the bloody nerve, the sheer audacity to leave me with the fucking bill as well" Masakazu snarls and bares his fangs; the hands scrunching up Konoe's collar shaking with barely contained fury

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're angry" drawls Konoe in his deep velvety voice, a lazy sated smile pasted on his incredibly handsome face, completely unfazed and seemingly bored by what he would term Tamura 'overreacting' again.

This only serves to anger Masakazu more .

"Why you son of a-" bellows utterly enraged, thrusting his face threateningly into Konoe's, ready to whip a little bit of kung -fu on his smug ass.

First the prat muscles in on his goukun turf and now openly steals his his women right under his nose.

He wasn't having any of it!

But what happens next takes him by complete surprise

" My word.. would you just shut up" Konoe interrupts as proceeds to do the weirdest thing ever. Konoe grabs the front of Masakazu's shirt, yanks him forward towards his own strong and solid form and forcefully crushes his lips down the startled boy's.

Masakazu is stupefied.

He is totally and utterly gob-smacked (figuratively and metaphorically) he drops his hands down from Konoe's collar unwittingly and his whole body is paralysed.

Konoe is kissing him.

Konoe is actually snogging his face off, right there and right now

... in a darkened alley.

He must be dreaming

However, he is snapped out of his stupor when he suddenly feels Konoe's wet tongue pressing between his lips, demanding entrance and without knowing why, he complies. He opens his mouth and the most amazing sensations burst through his whole body, as if he has just been electrified. Every nerve in his his body is heightened and sensitive , and though both their bodies are cold ,where their skin connects, Masakazu actually feels like he is on fire.

He is utterly and completely invaded, as Konoe ravishes his mouth; sweeping over his teeth, dominating his tongue , in a manner so erotic his knees buckle and he has to hold on Konoe's brown leather jacket to steady himself.

As Goukun Prince, he has kissed many times before; however none of the kisses have ever made him feel the way he is feeling . It's feels like he's being truly kissed for the first time in his life.

What makes it even better is the slight, sweet taste of blood that he detects on Konoe's tongue.

It's Maki's.

He suddenly remembers Konoe has just fed and he can taste Maki on him.

The thought should anger him, after all he was the one who was supposed to be fed .

Maki was his

But he is not angry...

...he should be...

….but he is not.

Instead he is excited

He is exhilarated...

He is hard

And as he opens his mouth more for Konoe, all his previous thoughts of vengeance, all but a whisper in the wind, as he he kisses Konoe back as aggressively as he is him, and as he presses himself, body flush against the taller boy;- he more than pleased to find he is not the only one excited

Konoe is hard too.