Chapter 2

'Makoto...' a voice calls from far away

"Makoto" it's closer now, "Makoto...baka...wake up...Makoto" it calls out urgently and all the while closer. He wants it to go away, so he can go back to dreaming about playing with his mum at the playground near his old neighbourhood.

They had been having so much fun.

However, the voice is persistent and wont leave him alone.

Its shaking him now .

He shifts to his back trying to swat its annoying hands away from his shoulders and tries, in vain , to drag his bed covers over his head, although he knows it's no use. He's awake now... the dream is gone.

His eyes flutter open and immediately his disdain evaporates as the absurdly beautiful eyes of the absurdly beautiful face belonging to the voice peers down at him, mischief and eagerness glinting in their soft brown tones.

His breath catches in his throat .

It's like an angel is looking down on him, though he definitely knows the owner of the beautiful face and the beautiful eyes is anything but an angel.

He opens his eyes fully and raises his arm to stifle a yawn, only to be nearly squashed to death by the intruder, who having realised his 'victim' is awake,dives onto his bed and straddles him

"A-Ageha..."Makoto splutters and blushes, as Ageha's bottom accidentally hits a particularly sensitive spot, " what the heck... man? What are you doing jumping on me like that?"

"Oh don't be such a girl Makoto," Ageha waves his protests away and is thankfully unaware of Makoto's predicament, " can you be asleep when something exciting is happening across the hall" he adds leaning forward toward Makoto's face, his forearms crossed and braced on Makoto's chest for support, eyebrows wriggling conspiratorially.

Although the shift of Ageha's pert bottom serves to torture him, almost stealing his concentration, he, through much effort, replies steadily and as calmly as he can, "Easily Ageha, coz it's the weekend remember...the only two days in the whole week we actually get to lie in and I for one intend to do so. Now unless there is a fire or someone's died, in your case, again, please let me go to sleep."

He almost feels bad when Ageha pouts cutely at his dismissal but one has to be resolved when it comes to Ageha.

Best nip bad habits in the bud.

When he first arrived at the mansion , he fell instantly for Ageha's innocent act and had indulged him in his random and often frequent nonsensical whims of fancy.

Had it not been for Kiyoi putting his foot down and Masakazu letting him in on Ageha's tricks, he'd have been a sucker for life.

"Buuut you gotta see this Makoto" Ageha whines, wriggling his lower half in disgruntlement , unknowingly causing havoc to Makoto's self restraint.

"Fine!" retorts Makoto, twisting his body and tipping Ageha, who lands unceremoniously to the floor on his bottom, as Makoto rushes to get up, averting disaster before it happens. Had Ageha stayed longer on him, he would've felt something Makoto didn't want him to feel...EVER.

" This better be worth it Ageha" he grumbles as he wraps the morning gown he keeps at the base of his bed round his body for warmth as well as to cover himself from Ageha 'surprisingly' perceptive gaze.

The latter , who is rather dazed at being thrown to the floor, perks up and gives Makoto his most dazzling and cocky grin, making the raven haired boy's stomach flutter, as he watches Ageha's face transform from delightful to plain mesmerising.

"Oh trust me" the brunet answers with a wink , as he lifts himself off the floor, " it's gonna be."

"Ageha, why are we sneaking to Masakazu's room" the quiet , calm but puzzled voice behind him whispers close to his ear, making the hairs on his nape stand. He can barely control the pleasant shiver that runs through him, straight down to his nether regions.

Thank goodness he's not facing Makoto, or else he'd have to explain why he was blushing so furiously as he feels his face flush with heat

"Shhh" he chides Makoto, " be quiet...we don't wanna wake them."

"Them...what do you mean them? " hisses Makoto, this time intending to whisper in Ageha's ear and still managing to unknowingly elicit a spine tingling reaction in him, " I'm not going to sneak up on Masakazu when he's got a girl in there" the raven adds as he suddenly stops , straightening up and crossing his arms- looking down at a partially crouching Ageha, in defiance, , "it's perverted and immoral and I'm not doing it!"

"Oh for the love of..." Ageha doesn't know whether to laugh or cry in exasperation and amusement respectively. Makoto has to be the biggest prude he's ever come across, and that's including Kiyoi, who at least manages to get girls when it their designated hunting season, "...we are not going to sneak up on Masakazu with a girl you idiot. Now stop being such a prude and come on'" he adds reaching back to grab Makoto then taking his final steps to Masakazu's door, dragging Makoto with him.

"You promise there isn't a naked girl in there" Makoto asks again, his eyes searching Ageha's when the other boy turns to face him, full of apprehension and distrust. Ageha chuckles at that.

Makoto really does know him well.

Too bad , not well enough

"I promise , there isn't a naked girl" Ageha answers back earnestly, confident in the knowledge that he isn't lying.

However there is a predatory smile on his face that visibly makes Makoto fidget. Though Ageha hasn't lied, he hasn't told the absolute truth either.

Shame Makoto wasn't specific in his question pertaining to what he expects to see in Baka-kazu's room.

Boy was he in for a surprise.

Fortunately , Masakazu's bedroom door is slightly ajar (that's how Ageha found out in the first place- stupid Kazu), so all he has to do is push it and it silently opens . He steps aside to let Makoto see, who in turn, is straining with curiosity, against his better judgement , to see what's inside.

Ageha watches Makoto's face as he takes the whole scene in , his eyes widening and pupils dilating in shock.

He gasps and takes a minute step back , slowly turning his head to face a smug Ageha who is grinning back and wriggling his eyebrows suggestively as if asking 'so what do you think'.

"You lied to me" Makoto hisses out in accusation, trying desperately to keep his voice down so as not to wake the near naked couple lying on their fronts (thank goodness for that - he didn't know what he would have done if he'd seen boobs) on Masakazu's futon, their lower modesty barely covered by a thin almost transparent sheet .

The girl lies closer to the door, her arm thrown over Masakazu's back and her face is hidden under her mid-length brown hair that oddly looks familiar , "...t-ther's a n-naked girl in there!"

"I didn't lie" Ageha replies calmly, that smug infuriating smile still pasted on his face making Makoto want to punch him in the face,no matter how pretty he is, " look again"

Makoto doesn't want to,least Masakazu wakes up and drunken kung-fu's his ass for being a massive perv, but he is curious as to why Ageha seems smug even though he is a nasty liar. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending individual perspective, the 'girl' shifts her arm and lifts up a elegant but rather large hand and unconsciously tucks her hair behind her ear- leading to Makoto gasping for the second time and nearly shrieking his head off.

The 'girl' is none other than Konoe.

He is stunned beyond belief.

As he is rather loud in his surprise, it's no shock to him when Konoe opens a lazy eye and stares at him.


Now, not only is he a pervert...he'd been caught in the act. And Ageha, the one who started it all is safely hidden, standing against the wall in the hallway, trying futilely to stifle his giggles

However Konoe winks at him and grins leisurely but disconcertingly like a Cheshire cat

"Be a doll Makoto and shut the door after you when you leave. I believe I have someone awaiting a pleasurable wake up call, " he drawls huskily, turning to snuggle his face into Masakazu's nape.

As to how Masakazu fares, Makoto can only guess at cause Makoto is out there like a shot, a ne'er apoplectic Ageha screeching with laughter, at his tail