A/N: I don't own anything except my OC. This was inspired by "Lost in Austen" and simply because I don't like Catherine. Circumstance never played so much a part as it does now. OOC simply because my sanity begs it of me. I don't quite know if this will have a happy ending or not so there you have it. Fair warning. If you still feel the need (bored or otherwise) then continue on, but I have done my part I did warn you.

Lost in Brontë

Chapter 1: Obsessed

Leanne's POV

I am obsessed period. It's an excessive in degree or nature. That's what I was. I knew it. My friends knew it. My family knew it. Even my teachers knew it. I would have been embarrassed if I could have cared about anything but the world I'd discovered quite by accident.

I sometimes feel like Heathcliff, who's obsessed with Catherine on winning her love.

I was never into the Heathcliff and Catherine romance but I was almost every night re reading or watching my favorite classic story about Heathcliff and Catherine.

One reasons I love the book is about showing the destruction of one's heart and how love can be dangerous especially falling in love with the wrong person.

I never thought how people can think this is a love story. It more like two people filled with passion then leading to revenge.

So I guess it wasn't a surprise that late one afternoon as I was walking home from school, I had just began Wuthering Heights again for the hundredth time. It feels as I am there feeling the location feeling the angst and destruction.

In my world is less interesting than in Wuthering Heights. I just live a normal trying to survive college and get a license to get a job as any person in this world.

In my respect this book became my savior since I feel alone and friendless I escape to the world. My choice of book may not be the best idea of escape since it ends in tragedy but sometimes I can't help but dream if I was in the position of Cathy.

It's hard to explain but this is more than a book to me. It helps me cope with my life and understand the real world that there are no fairy tales.

So maybe it wasn't surprising what happened. Surely there's a point when you begin to confuse real life and fantasy even if the emotions are real. I knew they are not real but there are times I wish I was in their world just to make some changes.

Later at night, I first discovered the marvelous world of Wuthering Heights. I was hooked on the book, unlike any other book before. I didn't close it until my eyes started to droop on their own accord. Every minute of spare time I was stuck in my new found escape. And the funny part was, when I had finished the book once again.