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Lost in Bronte

Chapter 3:

The offer still stands for someone to take over this story.

Leanne's POV

I had to change clothes as Nelly instructed and I had to follow if I had to keep up with this story where Cathy left me.

It may not be a bad idea to stay for a while in Wuthering Heights. I can experience the moors and the hills as free as the wind.

However, I was worried about Heathcliff, I don't even know what to say to him. It was around this time when he and Cathy started having a physical relation.

I asked Nelly, "Nelly do you think Edgar will come today?"

"Edgar Linton the one living across from here." She questioned me as if she never met him and just heard of him.

Wait a second if she sound like she doesn't know him…yet then that means Cathy hasn't injured her foot yet. It was after the when Hindley arrives.

As I am dressed I heard a carriage coming. It must be Hindley and his wife. Today the days when Hindley will have Heathcliff be a servant and treat him like dirt.

I came by the front of the house to greet Hindley and his wife. Things didn't get any better as the funeral proceeded; Hindley was giving death glares at Heathcliff.

This is how everything started…with hatred and it will be a never ending cycle.

I really hated how this novel ended and I feel obligated to change some events but I can't because it will ruin the whole purpose of this story.

Evening came quickly and began the Hindley's demand for Heathcliff to become a servant and will be sleeping in the barn with the horses.

I stood up and face Hindley and angrily yelled, "You can't do that brother, and he is still part of the family!"

Hindley was about to interrupt until I beat him and bitterly said, "What is it the Heathcliff done to you? Why are so full of hate!"

"Cathy! I will not hear this from you and you should learn to follow, you're acting out and I will not tolerate! He angrily told me as Nelly and other staffs where there listening.

"You will just try!" I said back to him and then out of the blue


A hand from Hindley came across my face.

How dare he just hit me? All I done is interrogate him on the reason towards his hatred to Heathcliff. I already know the answer but I wanted him to admit to this entire people in this room.

I couldn't stand this. Just one day here in Wuthering Heights and I blew the timeline all because I stood up to Hindley, but it was better than being a coward.

Hindley then drag him to the barn and as I was about to follow, Nelly stopped me.

"Cathy stop don't get you hurt anymore."

I can't just stay here and wait. Hindley possibly is doing something to hurt Heathcliff. And it's my entire fault.

I hate this… Nobody is standing up to Hindley and there are just stood there helpless afraid of their master, even his own wife can't stand up to him. Cathy may not be able to stand up to her brother or Edgar but I am not her and I stand for what is right.

But is this right getting Heathcliff into more trouble.

I couldn't sleep any matter how exhausted and lack of sleep, a lot happened in one day.

I heard the screams of Heathcliff and it brought up my guilt for I am responsible for his punishment. I wanted to go and see if he is alright but Hindley was still there.

No wonder Cathy wanted to marry Edgar she was so desperate to protect Heathcliff but wants to use Edgar's money.

The screams had stop and I know this was my way of finding him on the stables.

I quickly and quietly went to the barn to see Heathcliff and saw him lying down the ground.

I quickly went to him, "Heathcliff are you alright?"

I saw some bruises and slashes in his back.

I remember this were punishment for servants in this time.

"One day, I will have my revenge on him and I will show him." Heathcliff told me bitterly and I knew where this was going.'

I grab his face near to mine and told him, "Heathcliff getting revenge can destroy a person and will make them be the same or worse them their enemy."

He ignore my words and said to me, "The only reason I am here staying is because of you Cathy."

No wonder he doesn't change he is filled with anger and hate.

I told him tomorrow will be back to normal and I went back to Cathy's room.

I hope so too.

The next day we went to the moors and chase each other. We were free and there was no disturbance until Heathcliff' face went near to mine and near my lips. He was about to kiss me until I turned the other side.

I walked away seeing it was getting dark. It made me realize what I did was right because I am not even in love with Heathcliff and I don't want him to have hope after all I am not Cathy.

I suddenly remembered my home in the 21st century and how I miss many things like electricity, freedom of speech, bathroom and my parents. They must be worried about me.

My thoughts were interrupted when Heathcliff is in front of me and asked, "What's wrong Cathy?"

I don't even know what to reply to him. I want to tell him I am not in love with him and that we are moving too fast.

"Heathcliff, we should just take this slow, we are still young we don't even know if what we feel is love. This may just be an infatuation." I told him boldly, I told him part of the truth.

"Just a few days ago Cathy we kissed more than once and now you had to bring this up! You feel the same way I know you love me!" He angrily yelled.

I saw his face with bitterness and his eyes show hate. I was still facing him to see more of his expression but he grabs the back of my head and suddenly kissed me.

I wanted to back away from him but there was no opening as he uses his hand to block me to back out.

There was something about this kiss; I felt his desperation as he asked for an entrance.

I didn't want to but I relax my body and just let him.

He finally let go and I was just shock.

I let him kiss me and it was my first kiss. My first kiss is a fictional character!

Heathcliff was about to say something until I cowardly didn't want to face him and just ran down from the moors.

I saw Heathcliff followed me as I ran to direction where the elegant house. Curiosity got the best of me and manages to go see through the window.

I saw a teenage girl and young man. They were discussing how the piano should be played. Until I realize I was in the Lintion's house hold.

In the book Cathy got injured on her leg because of the dogs.

Heathcliff was beside me all of a sudden and we were both watching Edgar and Isabella argue, which was funny.

Our laughter was overheard and then dogs where about to come near. Heathcliff had a head start since he was faster but I was behind and then one of the dogs bit my foot and it pained.

I scream so hard that I wanted to go back home and be taken to a hospital. My eyes then felt heavy and blackness has taken over me.