This future take came to me today and I had to post it. As usual, all things Twilight belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 72

Three years later

A walk in the park never seemed like heaven before. But walking hand and hand with you as Ethan runs around? It is now.

I smile up at you. I'm so happy now. Have I told you that? How much I love you? How excited I am and scared to be pregnant with our third child?

Elizabeth will always be first, even if she isn't with us physically. She's always in our hearts.

You've changed so much since college. You show me so much love and affection. How could I not love you even with everything we've been through?

In a way, you've almost become suffocating, but I accept it because you need it. Always needing me to know where you are.

I trust you now, don't you see? I appreciate how hard you still try. I know your loyalty, love, and cock all belong to me.

I rub my hand over my swollen belly. Ethan is excited to have a little sister. He's already so protective of her. He's going to be such a great big brother.

He's our sunshine, the golden flame that shines so brightly in our life. Emma will be too.