Simplified 15

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When the two returned to the Gallen, they were greatest with a quite adorable sight. Having still been five when they'd sacked out, they were all curled up with each other in the most adorable fasion you ever did see. Joe's head was resting on Ahim's, and she was curled up against him, their hands both in his lap. His bangs shadowed his eyes, but they could see a smile on his face. Luka was curled up beside her sister figure, her head on her dress-covered lap, and even Don had been allowed to sleep with them. He was curled up against Luka's back, face buried between her shoulders...

It didn't look like she minded, either.

"They're still cute...even if they're not five," the redhead cooed softly, but Marvelous rolled his eyes, walking over to the group and whistling loudly.

They all bolted to sit up, and Ahim and Joe bumped heads lightly, Both blushing like insantiy, they looked up to him with looks of confusion and irratation. Luka gave a little whine in her throat, stretching and looking to Doc.

"Hey..." she commented, "you're not five anymore!"

"Neither are you..." he broke into a wide grin, "thank goodness."

" remember?" Gai couldn't believe his ears. He'd figured they would have forgetten everything, kind of like when you got amenisia.

"Hai," Joe slowly rose with Luka, "and, ah...time for some payback."

The redhead yelped as he was lifted off his feet by both shoulders by the first mate, Luka right by his side as they hauled him to the crow's nest. Ahim stood worridley, but a gesture from Marvelous stopped her.

"I'll go help him," she was pretty sure by him he meant them.

To celabrate them being old enough to operate the ship, Doc prepared a HUGE feast. Of course, that wasn't a problem with the captain.

"You guys are sooooo mean..." Gai's teeth were still chattering from getting thrown into the ocean and forced to do quite a number of drills that included sit-ups, running around the ship, and jumping jacks about a thousand times each.

"Gai-san..." the small princess just shook her head to her friends, wrapping a blanket around his freezing body, "disabo?"

"H-ha-hai..." he nodded weakly, and she sat beside him with her food as she others scarved it down, unfazed by his being very cold.

"I think I'll keep this..." Luka smirked at her jewelry, ignoring Don's lively protests against it.

"Ahim," she'd been expected her captain to show up, honestly. She just acted like she hadn't.

"Hello," she greeted, sitting up from reading in bed, "are you doing well?"

"Hai," he strolled over to sit on the bed edge, "you were really cute when you were five."

"Things seemed so simple..." she recalled how confused she'd been...and how much she'd loved Captain Marvelous.

"Too bad it all had to end...a second time," he joked lightly, "how was you're childhood?"

"I was so attached to my parents and family..." she recalled, "I do sometimes miss those days."

"Yeah, mine kind of bite..." she could only wonder what he was recalling when he scowled and punched the wall.

"You," Don about had a heart attack when Luka came down to his workspace, "are an amazing artist."

She was holding up the drawing of her, and he blushed like mad. Why was she...? Actually, nevermind. He'd given up on trying to understand Gokai Yellow a loooong time ago.

"Thanks..." his eyes flickered to her picture in his pocket, and she shrugged with a smirk.

"I know my drawings look horrible," she slid across from him, "draw me another picture." She shoved a sketch book into his hands with a pencil, and he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"Demo...I'm busy..." he bit his lower lip, and she scowled a bit.

"Not anymore you're not," that tone of voice made him get started sketching real quick.

Joe didn't have any qualms about what he was doing...almost.

He landed perfectly onto the blacktop, releashing the rope and striding towards the grocery store. Cindy would have a bit of a surprise waiting for her when she got to work that next morning.

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