Mister Morden walked through the halls of Babylon 5 with the easy, self-assured walk of a man who had little to fear, and who had conquered what little fear did bother him. His mind was calm and meditative as he fixed upon the mission and the philosophy that guided his life. Apart from his mental strength, he knew that he had much physical power to back up his personality. A quarter of a mile away, in conference deep in a hidden chamber of the immense space station, his two associates were waiting. There abilities and physical power were enough to overwhelm almost anyone on the station, if they even knew where to begin the fight.

Mister Morden had come to the station this time for a certain reason: to try to ferret out the shifting allegiances of various members of the Centauri nobility. Ambassador Londo Molarri had become difficult for his associates to deal with, and they wished to deal with the situation in a way that saved their resources. They had recourse to other methods, but they preferred the subtle approach. Mister Morden entered the Zocalo, Babylon 5's market square, scanning the crowds for either Molari, or his assistant, Vir Cotto. He couldn't find them, so found a table to sit down at, and ordered some tea. It might seem unusual for a man on such a mission to bother with tea, but he had to have something while he waited. He slowly stirred and sipped his tea.

"Oh tea! I am so glad that they do have tea in this place, because I have come such a long way, and a could cup of tea would be just brilliant!" Morden looked up to see a beaming man, looking down at him. The man looked to be a typical human, possibly around the age of 30, and dressed in a manner that was atypical on the spaceship. He was wearing clothing that would have been called earth classic, if somewhat frumpy. He had a pair of slacks, a white shirt, a tweed jacket, and a bright red bowtie. The result was somewhat professorial, and although it was out of place, Babylon 5 was a home for travelers of all sorts. There was nothing unusual about this man. Morden politely answered the man's question about where he had acquired the tea, and in a minute the man was happily swinging back towards the table, holding a cup of tea. He sat down across from Morden, eagerly sipped his tea, and then swallowed it with a grimace.

"Well! Not the best tea I have had, but I can't really expect them to get everything right, this far from earth. And I have just been catching up: seems like imports from earth are cut off right now?"

"You must have traveled from far if you don't know the situation between earth and the station." Morden commented calmly, fishing for information.

"Oh you could say that, very far indeed. I am looking for a few things."

"Oh?" this was a natural lead in to the question that Morden used, as both a weapon and a mantra. Although this eccentric stranger was most undoubtedly beneath the notice of Morden's associates, he still followed the habit of trying to find out the most vital piece of information about a person. "Perhaps me and my associates can help you find what you are looking for." he leaned across the table, his voice gaining some urgency. "Tell me, what do you want?"

The man looked happy to be asked the question. "Well, I have tea, passable tea. I don't suppose I could find some jammy dodgers and... oh, a miner's hat! With a big spotlight right in the middle of it! I suppose I would have to remember to turn it off, don't want to go around blinding people!"

Mister Morden blinked at the man's rambling monologue. The man must be just one of the many drifters who came to Babylon 5. And he didn't get a chance to finish that thought, because in his head, his associates begin to scream as loud as they could, with a note of fear and panic he had never heard from them.

"RETURN TO US! YOU AND WE ARE IN GREAT DANGER!" the yelling was enough to distract Morden, and he quickly begin to stumble up from his seat. "IT IS HIM. IT IS THE WALKER IN SHADOW!"

While backing away from the table, where the bemused figure still sat, looking up at the retreating Morden, Morden tried to question his associates, asking them with his mind:

"Shadow... but isn't that just a name that the superstitious give you? This is just a normal human... without any powers that I can see."


And as Mister Morden left the Zocalo as fast as he could, he heard the man, still seated at the table, call after him.

"Sorry that you had to go so soon! Mind if I finish your tea?"