Ivanova and Garibaldi were in the Zocalo, staring at a big blue box.

"Why did no one notice this?" Ivanova asked Garibaldi. Garibaldi shrugged his shoulders.
"Why didn't you notice this?" Garibaldi shrugged his shoulders again.

"There is a big blue...antique...box from earth's history, just sitting in the Zocalo, and no one noticed?" Ivanova asked. It was one of the less mysterious parts of her day, but it still needled her. It just confused Garibaldi.

Their conundrum was interrupted by the sound of singing. It seemed that The Doctor had found one more adventure at Babylon 5, as he stepped into view, next to Londo Mollari, both of them singing a pop song from Earth's history that they seemed to love, although the humans didn't know what it was.
"Doctor...is this yours" Ivanova said, pointing to the big blue box.

"Ah yes, that would be my TARDIS. Thank you for keeping it safe."

"You just parked it here...and no one else noticed?" Ivanova asked. "How could that be."

The Doctor looked at Ivanova. "I think you can come to a good conclusion about that. So that type of thing is still a secret here, is it?"

Ivanova looked at him for a second and nodded.

"And you've found...Londo..." Ivanova said.

"Oh yes, glad someone on this station appreciates things other than war and intrigue."

From behind them, a voice boomed out.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE COMPANY OF THAT MAN?" G'Kar, the leader of the Narn on Babylon 5, stepped forward. "I was told there was a great visitor here... and he chooses to spend his time with...this...this..."

"Well, hello" The Doctor said, not showing any fear in the face of G'Kar's rage. "I am The Doctor. You have some exceptions to my singing partner."

"This man...if you knew the genocides he was responsible for."

The Doctor turned to look at Londo, a man he had met and befriended in the past half hour. Beneath the merriness, beneath even the swagger, he could see flashes of remorse and guilt.

"Is this true?" The Doctor asked him.

"If you know knew, Doctor, if you only knew... my people were attacked by his, we had to defend ourselves..."

The Doctor only turned a fraction of an inch towards Mollari, but all present could feel the seriousness of his menace.

"When you commit genocide, Ambassador Mollari, you will probably hear any number of denunciations. But I can give you one you have never heard before."

Londo asked: "What?"


If Londo absorbed what that meant, he showed no signs as he continued to protest. "If you knew what had happened to my home world...if you knew what I had to do to protect our honor..."

And once again a look from The Doctor silenced him. "Ambassador Mollari...whatever you think you might have to do to protect your world...and its honor...you...have no idea." his voice trailed away as he said this, and before they could catch him, he was inside the box, which faded away with a sound both strange and wistful.