Chapter 10

The lost boys, Jane, Daniel, Peter and I were sitting around the Indian's campfire the next morning eating breakfast. I sat next to Curly and Nibbs as we ate and talked. Out of all the lost boys they were my favorite and the ones that didn't change their attitude towards me after finding out about my real gender. The others were talking loudly as they ate. Some had thrown food at each other until one of the elders yelled at them. Tiger Lily and Jane sat with the squas chatting in English so Jane could join. Across from me was Tootles, Daniel and Slightly with Peter sitting on a rock slightly was leaning against. Peter was extremely lively today which was refreshing for the group.

I have to turn your attention to the food that I was eating at the time because it came to my attention rather quickly. I think it was a type of large native bird but I found no feathers or a beak. It was the ugliest looking thing I had ever seen when I watched it cook. However the thing tasted good though it didn't taste like any bird I had ever eaten. The bird tasted like steak of some sorts. I was lucky enough to get one of the mangled fowl's legs. Not everyone had as much luck. Poor Jane was given it but she quickly declined it, giving it to the twins to 'eat'.

I saw instead that they were playing with it like a sock puppet or a weapon, whichever way you looked at it. Then Nibbs stole it and gave them one of the claws. While Nibbs now played with the head I noticed small serrated teeth. Staring down at my section I began to really wonder what animal it was.

Tink, what am I eating?

Tink at the time was sitting on Peter's shoulder right where her old place was. She was eating a big berry that was half the size of her. In the next three gulps it had vanished. She was quiet for a moment then smiled. It is like a pterodactyl.

I stopped eating almost choking on a bit of the meat. Everyone looked at me. I just nodded showing that I was alright. When everyone continued eating I looked at Tink. What?!

Pterodactyl… you know the dinosaur.

But Dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct.

Jaime, really? Tink gave a small sigh. There are Mermaids, Fairies and a twenty foot ticking crocodile in Neverland and you are surprised that there is a dinosaur.

Where are the dinosaurs? I've never seen them. I demanded.

Dinosaur. Not plural. One type and you're eating it. I said it is like a pterodactyl. These are smaller and migrate in flocks once a year. To kill and eat one of them is rare and an honor.


A strand of hair blew into my face. I hadn't worn my cap this morning so my hair was all over my head matted and tangled. Tucking the strand behind my ear I continued to eat. But I couldn't eat in comfort. I felt Slightly's stare bore into my forehead as I ate. Ignore it. Just ignore it. I thought to myself. I stopped eating and looked up to glare at him. Ignoring him didn't work too well.

"What do you want?!"

"Nothing." Slightly murmured.

"Fine be that way."

"Don't worry, Slightly's in a mood because he's just missing his mermaid." Nibbs whispered softly to our small group. I laughed unable to contain myself. Curly chuckled a little. Nibbs smirked at slightly, sticking his tongue out.

Slightly demanded angrily. "What did you say Nibbs?!"

"Nothing." Nibbs mocked. We all laughed including Peter, the twins, tootles and Daniel. Then we all continued to eat our dinosaur happily until we heard a slam. Slightly had stood up and walked towards us to grab Nibbs by the collar.

"Say it again."

"Nothing." Nibbs tried to squirm free from Slightly's grasp but it was useless.

"I said say it you little weasel!"

"Knock it off Slightly. Let Nibbs down." I insisted annoyed at his anger. I stood up and tried to

"Go? Why would I let him go? He said something so I wanna hear it."

"Say it!" Slightly demanded. This sparked Peter's attention. Tink stood up off of his shoulders.


"Come off it Slights. He was only trying to be funny. Lighten up." Curly told him as he stood up. He seized Slightly's tense arm but Slightly only brushed it off.

"Fine be that way." Slightly grimaced and looked at me mockingly. I glared at him furiously at his attempt to be funny. No one laughed at his mockery. Slightly started to shake Nibbs. "I want to know what he said! He keeps bugging me about last night. I want to know what he said!"

" 'Don't worry, Slightly's in a mood because he's just missing his mermaid' is what I said you blundering idiot. Are you deaf and dumb? I was only trying to make a joke you idiot." Nibbs voice came from Peter's way. Slightly turned around and glared at Peter. He gave his cocky grin. "Quit it. Stop trying to be the tough guy and bully others.

Slightly raced to the rock to climb up and catch Peter. But when Slightly reached the top of the peter was already seven feet in the air looking down at him. Peter dove down and hit Slightly in the back of the head. Slightly yelped. He swung at Peter furiously only to fall off the rock and on to his back. Peter flew around in a circle, spinning victorious. We cheered and crowed loudly. Peter let out a loud crow. All of the lost boys joined except Slightly who was red in the face.

"Come down here you coward!"

Peter stopped mid flight. He glowered at him. Peter flew down and drew his dagger pointing it at Slightly. A small gasp came from everyone. All was silent throughout the camp. No one was talking anymore. The whole village's eyes were on Peter and Slightly. Peter's aura became dark and menacing "Say that again."

Slightly grabbed his weapon, ready to fight. "You are a Coward. You think you are so great with your pixie dust but you are only afraid. You just fly away when it looks like there is a fight."

Peter was the one who first attacked. He lunged at Slightly only to be blocked. Both of them were surprised at Slightly's quick reaction. Next Slightly tried to slash Peter's arm. Slightly was just too slow. Peter quickly read it and redirected it away from harming him. Slightly tried to stab at Peter's chest but he was too slow again. The other boy had already jumped to the top of the rock to wait for him to climb up. When Slightly reached the top he regain his attack. The swords hit each other again and again. They were not aware of anything else. Their only focus was each other. When one was attacking the other was ready. When was running to better ground the other chased after the other.

All the Indian women ran into the houses with the children. Tiger Lily and Jane Came running to the lost boys, Daniel and I. We all were stun at the unexpected duel that was taking place in front of us.

"I bet the skull that Peter will win unscaved." Nibbs offered to Daniel and Tootles.

Tootles looked at Daniel and nodded. "We'll take that bet." Daniel agreed. The three boys shook hands and began to watch the fight again.

Tiger Lily looked at them in disgust and shook her head and whispered something in her ear and mimicked her reaction. The corners of my mouth turn slightly up at the mixture of the boys' bet and the girls' disgust. However my focus shifted when I heard Jane's shriek.

Peter nicked him only slightly across his left cheek. Blood started to slowly trickle down his cheek and chin. Slightly touched the blood and looked at it. His face became deformed in anger. He started to come at Peter with more anger instead of technique.

However Peter seemed to be smart about when to attack, only when he saw Slightly's defense down. Slightly would just try to attack whenever. They clashed swords sending the sound of metal hitting metal through the forest. Animals fled the trees at the sound of the fight. The two different styles were fascinating to watch even it scared me that one or both could get mortally injured. My hand reached down to grab my sword.

Don't! Tink instructed grabbing onto a strand of my hair. I yelped in pain.

I turned away from the fight and glared at her as she hovered in front of me. What was that for!?

This is between Peter and Slightly not you.

So I am supposed to just sit back and watch them fight to the death? No way!

"Stay out of it! You don't think I want to stop them from hurting each other!? But this is not your fight or mine; it is theirs! Let them fight it out!" Tink roared when she got closer to me, pointing her dainty finger at me. I flinched at her sudden anger. She had turned to the color of amber. Her wings started to flap furiously. She started to turn back into her normal forest green color. "Alright? Please don't get in the middle of it."

I nodded understandingly. Turning my attention back on the two boys struggling. They were talking to each other but they were too far away to hear, to understand. Instead of I paid more attention to Peter who was becoming more aggressive as more time passed. His attacks became more frequent, faster and with more force. He also had something Slightly could not match with; Peter's endurance. Peter was not only quick but also he could fight fast and a long period of time. He could beat you in a race and continue on for another day at that speed. No one stood a chance in a race or a fight in that matter. Slightly didn't stand a chance as soon as he challenged the flying boy.

Tiredness was already taking a toll on Slightly. Everyone could see that this fight was not going to last much longer He started to lose his footing. He would scramble just to stay on his feet. Sweat rolled down his forehead. But Peter saw this and started to take advantage of his opponent's weakness with his own strength. His attacks flashed to fast to even see. He advanced forward more and more making Slightly unable to counter.

Then we heard the sound of a sword clatter down onto the rock below. Not a word was spoken amongst the audience watching the fight. Slightly had the look of pure stun on his face when Peter held his sword to his neck. Unable to escape. In a desperate attempt he lunged at Peter trying to hit peter straight in the heart. Before Jane or I could even scream Peter had dodged the blade by turning so his side faced Slightly. Before anyone could react Peter grabbed to hilt of Slightly's sword and wrenched it out of his hand. The blade made a clanging sound as it hit the rock.

Peter held his sword to Slightly's neck as if he was going to slice his throat. Slightly trembled underneath Peter's blade. Peter shouted at Slightly so loud that ever so loud that everyone could hear "Shut up! You do not know anything about what it feels like to have this life you idiot!"

After a moment had past Peter slowly took his sword away from Slightly's neck and proceeded to walk away. It looked as if the fight was over. However I saw something out of the corner of my eye that no one else had noticed.

"Peter look out!" I warned as I saw Slightly attacked Peter from behind.

Suddenly Slightly had swiftly snatched his sword from off the ground. He was running straight at Peter with his sword ready to give a lethal blow. Hearing my warning Peter turned in time to avoid from getting killed but was too late from missing the blade completely. Instead of hitting Peter's heart in which Slightly had aimed for he sliced Peters left arm. Blood ran down his arm and down to his hands. Slightly stood there blankly watching as Peter dropped to the ground clutching the gash on his arm. Slightly raised his sword and brought it down to decapitate Peter. Jane screamed and the wind whipped through the trees.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Tink roared. A beam of light came from her hands and hit Slightly sending him flying back into the rock behind him. "Jamie, Lost boys, Tiger Lily help Peter. Jane help Slightly, Now!"

I translated the message to everyone else then continued to obey what Tink ordered me to do.

I rushed climbing up the rock to help out the two boys slipping once or twice to reach them. Jane, Tiger Lily, and the lost boys trailed along after me. When we got to where Peter and Slightly were I knelt beside Peter and examined his arm. The cut was deep with blood covering his whole arm. I looked up into his eyes and he gave me his usual overly confident smirk then he winced at the pain. Tiger Lily and the lost boys helped me guided Peter down the rock. I looked to over to find where Jane had run off to.

She sat down next to Slightly and was trying to stop the cut on his cheek from bleeding. Slightly face was the shade of a bright red tomato when Jane started to freak out over his small injury by asking a ton of questions. A memory then flashed before my eyes. I saw a man and a woman sitting next to each other. The man looked like the soldier that I had seen the night before but he was less dirty, less sad. The man's kind smile when he looked at the woman made me feel comfortable. The woman however seemed familiar with her flame colored hair and her sweet emerald eyes. They talked to each other as the woman brushed the man's hair out of his eyes. I smiled at the two of them.

James? Jaime? Tink asked. Is everything alright?

It's nothing. I was just thinking about something; just about something from my past.

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