The whip rips through my flesh again.

A sadastic laugh comes from my abuser.

But nothing hurts anymore.

Not the continous strike of the whip, not the nails sticking through my skin, not even the

metal cuffs locked around my wrists.

All pain was blocked out.

I heard footstep and the eerie creak of the door.

My abuser had left me to die.

As I lay there torn and broken beyond repair I think of every precious moment I kept close to

my heart.

The laughter, the tears, the smiles and the hugs. The kisses, the punches and the friend i've


A tear rolls down my cheek as picture's of my slowly tourted friends flash before my eyes.

But there in a better place now.

I place where I will join them shortly.

And they will be there waiting and smiling.

And just like that I knew I was going to a better place.

And I died with a smile.