TEXTS: In Italics.


THOUGHT(S): 'Hi. How's it going?'

TALKING: "Hi. How's it going?"

Bored to bits and pieces, Rin sunk in her seat and flipped open her phone. Her brother, Len, looked up at her and raised his eyebrows, also opening his phone.

Len: Hi...

Rin: Hi~ I'm really bored...

Len: Tell me 'bout it.

Rin: I just did.

"Eh-hem. Kagamine Rin-san, what's the answer?" Rin looked up. She looked around the room for the answer, then at Shion-sensei.

"Um, two?"

The class giggled. Len hid a smile behind his hand.

"Yes, Kagamine. The main import of France was two." He glared at her and turned. "Pay more attention in class!"

Len: Ha...

Rin: :P

Len: So...I bet I can entertain you only through texts :)

Rin: You can't. I'm too bored.

Len: I can...

Rin: You wanna bet?

Len: Sure. I can entertain you till the end of class starting...Now.

Rin looked at him, confused. He blew her a kiss and winked.

Len: So...Imagine we're in a broom closet.

Rin: Huh-?

Len: Just imagine! Kay?

Rin: Kay, kay.

Rin: Just get on with it.

Len: So we're in a broom closet.

Rin. . . .

Len: And we're hiding from Shion sensei.

Rin: :)

Len: :) And... You don't want to be caught so you're in my lap, snuggling against me. And you're scared.

Rin: WTH? Why?


Rin glared at her brother, whose fingers were flying furiously over the keys.

Len: You're in my lap, except I can't help but kiss you on your neck, because you're so pretty and well, I love you.

Rin felt a heated blush creep up to her cheeks and she looked down, blue eyes focused on her Converses.

"Kagamine Len-san, what's the answer?" Shion-sensei barked at him.

Len looked up.

"Persians" He said smoothly like he'd been paying attention the whole time.

"Correct." Sensei moved on and began yelling at the poor girl in the front row.

Rin made a face at both of them, Len and Sensei.

Rin: You...

Len: Shush. Okay. You smile at me as I hug you to me. I'm still kissing you, and you're clearly enjoying it.

Rin: . . .

Len: I can't help but cuddle you like you're a teddy bear...Comfy cozy as you are...

Rin: ...I'm a teddy bear now? Gee, thanks.

Len: I'm nibbling at your ear as I slowly unbutton your plaid red-and-white blouse...

Rin looked down. Yup, that's what she was wearing. She fidgeted, peeking down at her phone.

Rin: Isn't this illegal?

Len: ?

Rin: Sexting or whatever?

Len: Like I give a damn. Anyways... Your blouse slips to your shoulders as your peaches-and-cream skin turns pink. You turn to look at me, confused. In answer, I kiss you on the lips... Our tongues fight territorially as you allow mine into yours...

Rin: Leeeen...

Rin felt herself grow warm. Slightly shaking, she looked to see if anyone was noticing her getting hotter and hotter by the second. Oh god, why now?

Len smirked at her, making Rin want to fly over to him right there. She mentally glued herself to her seat and willed class to end.

Len: I've got you backed against the wall now, and you're not fighting. Slowly, I drag my finger down your skin. You're blushing again, getting hotter by the second. I cup my hands over your chest, my fingers playing with you...

Rin could practically feel his hands on her, the fluttering kisses on her neck. Sure enough, he was entertaining her. She covered her mouth with one hand and glared angrily at the clock.

Rin: Len...

Len: Shh...

Rin: . . .

Len: You moan quietly, not wanting anyone to hear you because you're so shy. Embarrassed, you look away, still blushing. But I don't care... Because you're still beautiful. My fingers skitter up and down your thighs. You let out a mewl of ecstasy...

Rin: How do you know what my reactions are?

Len: Duh. Because you fantasize in your sleep.

Rin flamed red and whipped to glare at him. He grinned right back. How the hell did he know?

Rin: I DO NOT!

"Kagamine!" Sensei glared at her. "If you don't answer my question right now, you're not participating in this class for the rest of the hour." Rin glanced down.

Len: The Africans.

"The Africans," Rin stammered frantically.

Sensei glared at her, then turned back. "As Kagamine said..."

Len: Phew, that was close. Anyways, my fingers undo the belt around your waist. At first, you're reluctant. But then you give in and let me get to your womanhood... I'm elated, because finally, I get to have you...And finally, you lose it to me.

Rin was totally aroused. Breathing slowly, she looked at him. She was going to die!

Len: And then... I'm in, dipping my finger into you as you pant against me, wanting more. I quickly increase my speed. You're getting more and more wet, and I can feel your heart pound against us sing my name as the white spills from you...You shake, pressing against me...

Rin: Oh...Len...Oh, God...

Rin felt the smallest noise escape her lips as she mentally scolded herself.

Smugly, Len grinned at her.

'I'm winning,' he mouthed.

Rin wanted to scowl, but she was afraid if she opened her mouth, she would moan or make another pathetic noise.

She had to settle with glaring at him angrily.

Len: Then...It's my turn...I tear off my pants impatiently. You aren't ready when I plunge into you, and you scream. I pull you closer, whispering comforting words in your ear. You've just lost your virginity... I push myself deep into you, thrusting in and out slowly. After all, I don't want to hurt my angel... You sing again, our voices chorusing and loud and beautiful together.

Rin: Hmmn...

Len: And then we're gone together, floating and drifting and glimpsing heaven for about five minutes...

Rin almost died in her seat. Panting against her hand, Rin watched Sensei walk over to her. She had no warning before he snatched her phone into his hand. Seconds later, Len's was gone too.

"Texting in class? Detention! Tsk, Len-san...I never expected this from you...Rin-san...Detention, both of you!"

"What's our punishment?" Len asked slowly.

Rin glanced up. Her heart pounded and she felt a ticklish sensation, along with a very pleasing one, rise throughout her. Her eyes were clouded with lust and passion and she clenched her teeth. Len, oh God, he had such a way with words...

Meanwhile, Sensei glared at her with anger.

"Still not listening!"

He slammed his hand down in her desk.

She jumped and Len glared at him.

"Your punishment?"

They waited.

"Cleaning out the broom closet. Class dismissed."

And that's when Rin officially signed out of her life.


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