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Sherlock's released after the worst of the detoxing is over and he's back to healthier weight. It was a long and tedious time, the boredom driving him just as crazy as the annoying bloke he had to share a room with. The doctors wrongly thinking that another person would help distract him. Lestrade popped in a couple times, making sure he was still in the hospital and bringing him some case files; but Mycroft remained absent. Sherlock wasn't really surprised, Mycroft made it perfectly clear that he was no longer dealing with this. There wasn't enough data currently to figure out if he'd still be keeping an eye on things.

It was sort of a relief to finally be back at his small flat, which was in a way an extension of his brain and provided more stimulation then the hospital ever could. It would be a full month later before he was invited to crimes scenes again; the whole drug screening was ridiculous at first. Sherlock worked it out with Lestrade that it would be a better system to do them at random every couple weeks, sometimes more sometimes less; to prevent a discernable pattern.

Sherlock wasn't too surprised to find that the work really was the best deterrent for keeping him from going back to the solution. He only had to prevent the abhorrent ennui from setting in, taking private cases as well as helping the yard. Most of his clients came to him from word of mouth, but it was better than nothing. That is until he set up his website, a place to post about his methods and report interesting data from his ongoing experiments.

December was well under way, Sherlock smoking as he strides down the street coming from the lab at Bart's. A black towne car pulls up in front of him before he turns the street, a young woman stepping out.

"Get in, Mr. Holmes," She instructs casually, "I've been instructed to collect you, don't make this difficult."

Sherlock rolls his eyes, flicking the cigarette onto the street before ducking into the vehicle. "What's the fat git want?" He questions the new assistant, the woman just giving him a knowingly look as she fiddles with her phone.

They ride in silence, Sherlock being brought to the Diogenes club and lead through the dark halls to the only room where speaking was allowed. Mycroft was sitting there, as if he was the queen herself, with tea and various treats waiting on the table.

"So glad you could join me, brother," he offers.

"As I had a choice," Sherlock huffs, plopping into the chair across from him.

"You're looking better," Mycroft continue undeterred.

"What's this about, I have places to be."

"Laying about your flat while monitoring mold spores is hardy of importance," he pours the tea, handing his brother his cup.

"I thought you were done with me," Sherlock accuses mildly, inspecting the tea.

"Mummy wants to see you," Mycroft cuts to the chase, "She wants to spend Christmas at Vie's, and is hoping for our attendance." They're quiet for a beat as the younger man takes in the information, "Normally I would suggest against it, but it is the first Christmas sinceā€¦ Well you know."

"How is Mummy?" he inquires softly, the question surprising himself and his brother.

"Well," he answers, distracting himself with sipping his tea, "I believe her time with tata has been quite beneficial, she plans to return in the New Year."

Sherlock nods quietly, "When are we to go?" he concedes, knowing fighting it would be pointless and probably land him kidnapped to France by his brother's people.

"You may leave at your earliest convenienceā€¦ I have a lot of things to attend to; it'll be a tight fit for my schedule."

Sherlock nods curtly, making sure he didn't have anything important on.

"Find a real job yet brother?" Mycroft asks smugly.

"My job is real, the fact that I invented it doesn't alter its reality," he snaps, rising from his seat. "I'll leave Friday; I'm assured you can arrange that." Sherlock moves to the exit.

"Of course, see you soon Sherlock."

The younger man grunts indistinguishably as he takes his leave, from the odd little club his brother is so fond of.

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