Hi, I'm Phineas Flynn, just your average 11-year-old boy doing the impossible with my stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher. At least I used to. I guess it all started yesterday morning on my birthday...

It was Phineas' 11th birthday. And so far, things were going well for him. He even got a left-handed flanch tuner from Candace.

"Hey, check this out!" Phineas said as he picked up a small square-shaped box. "This one's from Grandma and Grandpa!"

"You already got a gift from them," Candace pointed out, referring to a customized camping set with his name printed on the tent.

"He means my grandparents from England," Ferb corrected.

Phineas opened the box, only to see...a plain wooden mask. "Okay..." he said, confused. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

That was the stupidest thing I said that day. How was I supposed to know my grandparents gave me an actual prop from a movie? Or better yet, that the prop really was magical. This got even weirder that night.

Phineas had trouble sleeping. He couldn't stop thinking about Isabella. He secretly admired her for her courage and ability to be a great leader. He knew she also admired him. There was just one small problem: how was he going to make that first move?

That was when my life changed forever.

The wooden mask started to glow bright green. Phineas became somewhat hypnotized by the glow. He got up, walked over to it, and picked it up. Out of subconsciousness, he put it on.

Suddenly, the mask melted into his face, fusing into his skin. Phineas screamed in pain as he felt his whole head morphing while green flashes of light came from the mask.

The flashes of light and somewhat muffled screams made Ferb wake up. He watched in surprised as his stepbrother's appearance changed.

I didn't know what was going on with me. All I remember is this burning feeling in my skull. And when it was over, I didn't even recognize myself.

Eventually, the transformation process stopped. Ferb turned on a light. "Phineas?" he asked. "Are you okay?"

Phineas groaned. "Not really..." he admitted. Then he covered his mouth in shock. His voice became deeper, making him sound exactly like teen actor Vincent Martella.

"Whoa," Ferb said.

"What?" Phineas asked. "Is there something wrong with my face?"

"You might was to take a look at yourself," Ferb replied.

Phineas frantically ran over to the bedroom mirror. He gasped in shock at what he saw. His whole face was bright green, his head was more circular (although his nose still stuck out), his eyes were large and oval-shaped, and his hair (which was normally six locks on top of his head) was actually normal for once, with long bangs hanging in front of his now blue-green eyes. (A/N: Look up Cece-luvfop's pictures of Phineas to see his new look.)

"No way..." Phineas muttered to himself.