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Carlisle POV

I sat in the living room thinking about what just happened as I waited for my family to assemble. We had waited for over an hour for Jacob to calm down enough to phase back to human, to no avail. We finally had to have Jasper force him to calm down.

Today did not go the way I had planned. I had hoped to have a nice calm day with the family. So much for that idea.

I knew something was going to happen when Sam and Jake ran up to the house saying they smelled Volturi in the area. The news really didn't surprise me. I had figured that Aro would eventually send someone over to collect Ally. She was far too valuable to him to have her stay with us for long.

What did surprise me was that the Volturi guard rolled up in a SUV, and Marcus was with them. This was not their style. What also surprised me was how Marcus was dressed. He was dressed down to the point that he looked like a normal human in his early thirties. I had never seen any of the brothers dress in this fashion. Something was going on, and I had a sneaky suspicion as to what it was.

From the very beginning Ally had spoken highly of Marcus. He was the first person to call to check in on her. Keeping track of a member of the guard, no matter how favored, was not usually the responsibility of one of the brothers. Jasper also told us she had very strong feelings for someone and she was hiding it from Edward with her Russian novel recitations. If her affections were for a member of the guard, she wouldn't be trying so hard to hide his identity.

It all made sense now in hindsight, but it wasn't until Marcus told me in person of his intentions that I put the puzzle together.

I gave him my blessing for the match. What else could I do? He spoke to me not as one of the most powerful vampires in the world, but as a young man, looking to marry into my coven. It was a very odd feeling, knowing the Volturi brothers as I do.

I pulled myself from my musing once the entire family was present, including Sam. This was not going to go well.

"I don't see what we need to discuss." Jasper started as he leaned against the far wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "She loves him and he loves her even more. More importantly, Marcus makes Ally happy. Besides, it's not up to us to decide for her."

Jake scoffed. "She's not happy! She's confused! She doesn't understand what she's getting into. She's too young to understand."

"She's almost 21, Jake, she's not a child. Mentally, she hasn't been a child for a very long time. She understands perfectly what she's doing." Bella replied.

"Not you too! I can't believe you're taking their side! For god sakes, your granddaughter is going to marry a man who tried to have you killed on multiple occasions and you're alright with that?" Jake was standing in Bella's face. I could tell the only reason he was still human was because Jasper was forcing it.

Nessie spoke up before Bella could reply.

"She's not siding with them, Jake. She's being realistic. Ally will do what she wants, regardless of what we think or feel. We lost the right to make decisions for her a long time ago. There is nothing we can do."

Jake was pacing up and down the living room. "Oh, no, no, no, there is something we can do. We can kill the leech. She can't marry him if he's dead."

I sighed. "Jacob, you can't kill Marcus. Even if you got him alone, I doubt even the entire pack could kill him. Vampires gain power with age and I'm not talking about a vampire's gifts. Vampires like Aro, Marcus and Caius don't have the guard around them to protect themselves. They have the guard to use as a weapon and source of amusement. They are literally above fighting their own battles."

"You and the pack would be slaughtered. They might even take out La Push, just to be sure the shapeshifter bloodline is wiped out completely. Attacking Marcus would only cause bloodshed." Edward added, sadly.

Jacob threw his arms up in frustration. "Fine, there is nothing we can do. I can't stay here and watch this. I refuse to!" He walked up to Jasper. "Turn your mojo off."

Jasper held onto his control. Jake grabbed him by the shirt.

" I'll make you turn it off!" He yelled, still holding onto Jasper. For his part, Jasper remained cool and collected. Good thing for Jake, since Jasper could have taken Jake down if he really wanted to. Jasper was, by far, the most dangerous person in the room.

Jasper looked over to me. I nodded and I could feel Jasper's calming influence leave the room. Jake released his shirt then sprinted out of the room, shifting only moments after leaving the house.

With a sigh, Sam walked up to Nessie and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry." He then released her and turned to me. "I'll go with him. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Thank you Sam."

He nodded and followed his packmate out the door.

"So, there really is nothing we can do." Emmett stated, holding Rosalie close.

I looked up at my son. "All we can do is support her decisions. They aren't truly engaged yet, but the more time they spend together, the closer they'll get. Marcus saw a bond between them. It's what led him to her in the first place. He told me it was a bond like nothing he's ever seen."

"The closer they get, the harder she's gonna fall for him." Alice added. "And the harder he'll fall for her, I guess."

"I bet they'll be engaged officially in a year, probably less." Rose said, clinging to Emmett's arm.

"I don't think there is anything else to say." Esme finally spoke up, getting up from her seat next to me. She had remained oddly quiet during the whole scene. "She is family and we will support her as we would anyone in this family."

With that said, she moved out of the room. It was unusual for my wife to be the last voice in a debate, but obviously she had had enough of the present conversation. The family broke up, going about their own ways. No doubt they would all return in the morning when Ally returned.

All except for Jacob, of course. I honestly didn't know when we'd see him again.

To Be Continued...