Blu beard, a twist. Rio, with a twist of Pirates swashbuckling and cannons, and don't forget the rum. Enjoy...

"So. Where we be headed next captain?"The first mate, Rafael said. Blu beard, the captain, was sitting in the tavern enjoying his rum. He was finishing his third pint for the hour.
"Pillage and Plunder Raffy, find what we can. Take what you can..."He responded "Give nothin back!"Raffael exclaimed. Blu and Rafael gave cheers and finished there drinks. "I over heard that a small fleet of about three spanish merchant vessels are headed towards a city people reffur to as, Rio De Janeiro. The convoy passed this here port a few hours ago. We can catch them. Whada ya say capn."
"Sounds like we have our next target. Get the crew, tell them to prepare for pursuit, I want to get that ship before anyone else does."Blu ordered. Rafael barked at the rest of the crew to get the ship ready. Once outside, Blu checked his compass. "We have our heading, time to go."
Before they could get on their ship, two birds stopped them. One was a chubby red cardinal, the other was a scronnie yellow canery. "Are you who they call,
Blu Beard?"The red one asked.
"Maybe I am, depends who's asking."Blu responded in a serious tone.
"We are the ones asking, and if you are, we would like to join your crew."The yellow one was now speaking.
"Aye, you do, do you now. Well, do you have what it takes to be commanded by a pirate?"
"Yes captain."Both responded.
"Can you sail under a pirate flag, with the risks of being captured and executed by our enemies, and other pirates?"
"Yes captain."Both responded again.
"Aye then, what be your names?"Blu asked "Everyone calls me Nico."
"They call me Pedro."
"Welcome aboard the Queen Macaw's Revenge." Blu walked across the gangplank and onto his ship, Pedro and Nico behind. "OI, listen up. Looks like we got ourselves some new recruits, this be Pedro, and this Nico. Show them to the empty hammocks."
"AYE CAPN!"The crew shouted back. The last time Nico and Pedro saw Blu, was him walking into his cabin. Nico and Pedro were showed to their bunks, and left to settle in.
"When ever a new recruit joins, his first day he has off. No others. So get a good nights rest, you will need it with this captain."A bird said walking back up to the deck above.
"I feel like we made a wrong choice Pedro."Nico said climbing into his hammock.
"I know how you feel. But what choice did we have, we're are both good friends, and both very poor. If we die, we won't have to worry about hunger or trying to stay alive. If we end up getting a lot of loot and gold, we could be set for life and help out each other."Pedro responded. They both went to sleep thinking about their decision. Even if they wanted off, it was too late. The Queen Macaw's Revenge, now had it's sails down, her anchor lifted, and was now sailing across the sea in the middle of the moonlight.
Blu was in his cabin looking at the maps and charts. Rafael was called in. "You wanted to see me captain."Rafael said "Aye, these two new birds. Keep an eye on them. I want to make sure they won't do anything stupid."Blu responded.
"Aye Capn. Will do, anything I could get while I'm up?"Rafael asked.
"No...then again, run down to the hold and get me a glass of rum."
"Aye Capn."Rafael came back a few minutes later with a glass of rum. He took the cork off the top and handed it to Blu. Blu poored the drink into two seperate glasses and handed one to his first mate.
"To finding the Spanish Three."Blu tosted. Blu nicknamed the convoy they were after, as "The Spanish Three."
"To the Queen Macaws Revenge."Rafael tosted.

The next morning-

Nico and Pedro were woken up early to have their "Introduction" to the ship. They were told what is where, who is who, and what their jobs were. Nico was placed in the rigging because he was light weight and small. Pedro was a weapons man. He would help load and fire cannons, or fire a musket. Nico's shift was a lot longer, but required less effort. Pedro's shift was decided on how long a battle was, but required more effort to load the cannons. That included carrying cannonballs,
putting powder in, and moving the cannon into firing position.
Blu had walked out on deck to check on how things were going. He stood on the bow of the ship looking out in front of them. A while passed before he moved.
"Keep an eye out in front, make sure to alert me when we reach the Spanish Three."He ordered "AYE CAPTAIN!"The crew responded. The wind was in their favour, there were some clouds in the sky, and the sea was calm. It seemed nice to be out at sea on a day like this. To Blu and some others, it was a normal day. Pedro looked over the side of the ship looking at the wake they left behind. With all the small waves, it looked like they were going fast, but in reality, they were moving slowly and steadily across the coast of Brazil.