Blu Beard-Final

Back on shore, Blu and Jewel sat on the beach looking at the sunset. Jewel managed to regain her energy over the day from the strike in the back. She was damn right lucky it didn't paralize her. "Blu?"


"What are we going to do now?"

"I'm not sure. The whole pirate empire kind of drifted off."

"Blu. Do you think we could save our species?"Jewel asked looking up at the sky. Blu realized what he had done by saying I love you. If he did have kids with Jewel, his days of piracy would be over. He thought for a few seconds and made his decision.

"I think...we could."Jewel looked at Blu with a smile, and looked back up at the sky. Rafael came flying over behind their backs.

"Captain."Rafael said.

"Yes Rafael."

"Whats next?"

"I think you should decide that. My days of piracy are over."Blu responded. Rafael's beak hung open like a cave.

"But sir what about the...

"Rafael. You may have the Queen Macaws Revenge. And I am now only Blu, not sir, not captain."

"Captain, you will always be a captain in my eyes. I can't ever repay you for giving her to me. Should I rename her, or keep it the same?"

"It's your decision captain."

"I'll rename it, Blue Macaws Revenge. How does that sound."

"Sounds good. Now go on captain Rafael, you got a crew waiting."Blu said turning around. Rafael flew back to the Blue Macaws Revenge, leaving Blu and Jewel at the beach. Blu laid down on his back looking up at the sky, with Jewel next to him.

"Blu, I don't know about you, but the past few days have been the most adventuristic days of my life. I knew piracy would bring me something, wether it was exacution, or rich filled life. But instead, it gave me you. And it's all I could have asked for."Jewel said in a romantic tone.

-present day-

"Wow dad. YOU were a PIRATE!"The daughter said.

"You heard right. Indeed I was, and if wasn't for that, I wouldn't have met Jewel. And you wouldn't be here."Blu said

"He forgot to mention he never said sorry about nearly sinking my galleon."Jewel said.

"It's never to late to say Sorry. Here let me show you something."Blu said pulling out a black circular shape.

"What is that Blu?"Jewel asked. Blu turned around and presented the item. It was a hat, Jewel's hat to be precise. "Blu...You...It's...My hat"Jewel said.
"I thought It was burned."

"No. I saved it. To show it to the kids one day. Your mother had two feathers in there to start with, now she has...thirteen, FOURTEEN!"

"Yeah most of those are mine."

"Wait, if you didn't have this then how did you..."

"BLU! This doesn't really matter at the moment."

"Not worth fighting over. Okay kids, bed time."

"AW!"The three chicks exclaimed.

"Listen to your father or it's me you'll be getting yelled from!"Jewel said. The three chicks got less pouty and immediately climbed into their beds(nests whatever you wanna call them). Blu and Jewel went outside to watch the sunset. Blu gave Jewel her hat and she fitted on.

"You look so beautiful, you should where it more often."

"I kinda miss having this thing cover my ears. I love you Blu."

"I love you too."Blu said giving Jewel a romantic kiss.

WOW I really enjoyed it myself. Not trying to be self celebrational, but I really think this was good. Hope you guys think the same. Reveiw, PM me if you have any story requests.