Ambulance wailing in the dead of night, speeding through the highway to get to the car accident where they were called. A blue Honda sedan was crushed in the front, and the person who called was the driver flagging them down. Blood dripped the guy's face, his black hair damp from the fog.

"Please help! I didn't mean to, I was falling asleep and I just swerved into the other lane…." The guy tried to explain as he rushed to the side of the road where a hill was slanting downward with another car, silver Porche Boxster, was upside down, clearly there was a female trapped in the car. "I didn't want to touch her, she's knocked out, I tried calling to her, but she hasn't moved…."

The Paramedics team hurried to the car, lucky for them the windows seemed to have cracked open allowing them to unlock the car. One of the men, brought out a gurney so that they can put the girl in gently. This was a very slow process since they didn't want to jolt her too much, not knowing what injuries there were. They had to cut off her seat belt and fasten her to the gurney and put a neck brace on her. The paramedic checked her pulse, which was very low, they slowly climbed up the hill and put her in the back of the ambulance while the police came to the scene questioning the other driver.

Several mins they rushed her through the hospital doors and into the OR. The girl tried to open her eyes and she heard muffled noise and blacked out again, while a bright light shone in her eyes.

1 week later:

Struggling so hard to walk again wasn't Gina's cup of tea. She couldn't believe that she had survived the head on collision that should have taken her life that night but glad it didn't. Several of her disks in her spine had to be operated on and they had to fix her shattered right hip, she had to now face months, maybe years of physical therapy.

In her pajama pocket her cell rang, her parents got her a new one since everything was damaged from the wreck. She picked it up and smiled, it was her boyfriend JB.

"Oh I'm so glad you called, I needed some cheering up…" Gina started saying before she was cut off by JB.

"Listen, Gina, I'm so happy that everything is going good and you are now safe…but I don't this is going to work out between us, I think we should break up." JB said.

Gina was shocked, tears pricked her eyes but blinked them away, "Why, what do you mean, I thought we were doing great…"

"Listen, its be coming a hassle to keep driving over there to see you when I live 2.5 hrs away, I need a girl who lives close to me…I worked things out with my ex-girlfriend and we are back together now…you're a great girl and everything but…we should stay as friends…You're not the same girl that I fell in love with, you changed after the accident and…" JB tried to explain.

Gina became angry, "Of course I changed, I was in a car accident! I'm still the same person…what do you mean you got back together with your ex? Really how can you do this to me, you sleeze ball! You just wanted someone you can sleep with everyday..sorry I'm not that a cheap of girl for you." She then hung up her cell. Tears started falling down…

6 months later:

"Come onnnn girlll! You have to come out with me to Sanctuary, it's the greatest bar in town!" Erica Lopez explained to Gina over the phone.

Gina walked back and forth in her new room, her family was relocated to New Orleans with their Dark Hunter Gallagher. Ash , leader of the Dark Hunters wanted a new scenery for Gina and her family. It was ok with Gallagher since he used to live here. She was debating going to Sanctuary even though she knows it's a safe place being run by a family of Were-Hunter Katagaria bears and good friends with her families Dark Hunter. Erica was Gina's new friend from moving to New Orleans and she had to admit, going to physical therapy and school was hard on her, she needed some fun. Erica and her family were squires as well and didn't have any particular DH at the moment. Even though Gina now walked with a slight limp, hardly anyone noticed, unless they knew about the accident or see her scars.

"I don't know, Erica, my parents are out on a date for the first time in months by themselves and I'm on duty for my DH. Maybe another time?" Gina asked hopeful but on the other hand she was hoping to go out.

"No way, girl. We are going out tonight. You need to meet these yummy hotties! I swear its like Hooters for women and no one will mess with us since they protect the women unless we want to be harassed of course. Plus they know we are Squires. Mmmm, I sooooooo want to go have a little alone time with that cutie, Colt!" Erica was going on and on about it.

Gina was very aware that Were-hunters are very sexy and draw attention from human females the most and rumored that once you sleep with one, you'll never want to go back. She had to admit to herself that even though she was still raw from the break up with her Ex, she still wanted to have that small satisfaction of being loved a little bit…or making love too and being wrapped up in someone's arms again…even if it was for an hr or 2.

Gina sighed and went to her closet to pick out an outfit, if she wanted to do this and have some fun for at least a night she wanted to look her best. "Lets do it then. Before I change my mind."