Ok, so I know I have been procrastinating since school gets into the way and wanted something interesting to happen since kgreywolf65 is right and its shouldn't be all cherry on top. However, please keep in mind everyone that to the Were-Hunters, things like this HAS TO BE fast pace since they have to woo their mates in 3 weeks…but yes I will make it interesting. Soooo, here is a little something that took me forever to come up with and write it out. Yes, and I WILL be finishing this story up…somehow because I soooo do love Cherif. SO thanks everyone for waiting patiently, if you want things to happen or suggestions, please email me it or comment.

Gina came into the kitchen bracing herself to meet the rest of Cherif's family; the most important people in his life. She smiled as she met the rest of the remaining females and cubs and kids of the clan. Everyone greeted her nicely and warmly giving her hugs and kisses on the cheek. Gina couldn't help but look at the cubs and kids and tried to think if Cherif and herself would ever have any…she wasn't sure if that was a good thing to be thinking about. She thought the cubs and kids were adorable and they kept on giving her hugs. Gallagher sat at the table ready to eat his food, while Gina took a seat as well when food was brought to them. They ate their food while talking with the family trying to get to know Gina a little bit more. Cherif looks very pleased that everyone seems to like Gina as part as the new family, now it was getting late and he wanted to walk her home. Gallagher had to be off on his way back to patrolling the neighborhood. Gina got up to tell everyone she was happy to meet everyone and left the kitchen with Cherif.

"I hope they liked me, your family is so wonderful and nice." Gina said taking Cherif's hand into hers.

Cherif smiled down at Gina looking into her dark eyes. "Well I knew they would like you. Some of them were really impressed how you handled the cubs even."

"Well, they were cute and cuddly like you." Gina said and winked at him. "Even though….I haven't seen YOUR bear form yet. But I'm sure you look cute and fluffy."

Cherif gave her this weird nervous smile, "I hope you won't freak out…I know I'm not Arcaidian but I'm still man enough to protect you and care for you and will love you." He blushed at the last comment. Gina smiled at him and gave his hand a squeeze.

"I don't see why you would worry about such things. I know what you are and bear form is your base form. Hey, its not every day a girl can have her own personal teddy bear…full size." She said hugging him closer.

Cherif blushed and his whole body felt like it was being set on fire making a certain area hard and throbbing for his mate. He stopped and turned his mate facing him and pulled her close into his arms, embracing her as much as possible with clothes on. He growled low in his throat as he captured her lips with his, the taste of her was driving him crazy. Her smell surrounded him and he inhaled deeply loving the feel of her soft body pressed against his hard chest. He started nuzzling her face and neck and kissed her. He got excited as Gina responded back to him as she grabbed him closer and ran her hands up and down his back and side wanting more. Cherif couldn't take it anymore and teleported them to her room. He gave a quick glance around the room, not really caring, but trying to find a bed and spotted it. He gently pushed Gina down on the bed as he poofed their clothes off. He started kissing his mate…until her her the door downstairs open and close with a female voice calling for his mate."Gina, we're homeeee!"

Gina sat up in bed in a panic, "Oh my God, its my parents! Quick, clothes!" Cherif freaked out, knowing this was going to be hard for him to tell her parents that she is mated to him. Gina kissed him on the lips one last time.

"I think I better tell them before you meet them. I'll give you a call. Please go, I don't want you hearing anything bad or get caught in the cross fire of my dad." Cherif nodded agreeing, grudgingly.

Gina ran to the door and down the stairs greeting her parents cheerfully. He was nervous on how she was going to present this, he waited by the door as he heard hushed tones and then jolted as he heard a males deep voice yell "WHAT!" He knew her dad wasn't liking the idea, he slowly crept backwards and teleported out of the room to his own room. Hoping that his mate can handle it.

He laid in his bed trying to come up with ideas on how to approach her family-now his family too- to like him. This was all new to him but also he wanted to have his mate accept and fall in love with him. He rolled on his side trying to sleep and turned into his bear form. He was trying to think on where to take his mate that they can be alone and get to know each other. He smiled to himself as he thought of the perfect place to take her which was their home in France! No one would be there to bug them and he can slowly get her used to the idea of being mated to a Katagaria Bear like himself. After all he was cute and fluffy, as his niece likes to say. What's not loveable about him?

He sighed, it was going to be a long 3 weeks. But it would be worth it.

Next morning he received a text from his mate that her parents wanted to meet him after their LONG convo about what was going on but they would be out of town for a few days on squire business. He smiled to himself, that was fine with him, he wanted more time with his mate and texted her back telling her to grab some clothes since he wanted to spend the weekend with her and was going to some place special. Gina got all excited and wasn't sure what to pack and packed a few things in her bag and walked to Sanctuary.

Cherif went to the kitchen to grab something to eat and ran into his niece who was sneezing and a glass exploded, orange juice spilling all over. Cherif frowned not happy that his niece was magically sick and her powers going haywire. He went to clean it up while Quinn went to get a napkin for her. "Its ok sweetie, you'll be fine." Quinn cooed to his daughter. Cherif gave her a hug and petted her head as his niece growled in her throat. He went down stairs to meet his mate at the teleportation pad where everyone came and went.

Dev greeted Gina at the door and told her where to find Cherif on the second floor where everyone teleported. She skipped her way through the bar and clibed the stairs to see her mate with a bookbag waiting for her. She rushed up to give him a hug. "SO where are we going my teddy bear?" Gina said.

Cherif grimaced to her, "I'm not a teddy bear…but I can make arrangements to be only yours." Gina giggled. "No, but seriously I know this happened fast for you but its normal for me, so we are going someplace to be alone and get to know each other. And have a little fun." Cherif grinned coyly.

"Fine with me, I do want to get to know you better." Gina replied as his mate took her arm.

Cherif sneezed as he grabbed her hand and teleported them to France.

Cherif landed hard on the ground a little shocked that he was in his bear form and wasn't sure why, as Gina lay on top of him. Gina got off and slowly backed up, "Are you ok, Cherif?" She asked. Cherif nodded and this calmed her down a little showing her he still had his human intelligence about him. Gina smiled at him. "Sooooo, this is your bear form…can I give you a big "bear" hug?" Cherif nodded. Gina grabbed him and nuzzled her face in his neck and face. He was loving it right now even though he was still a little disorientated. He sneezed again and was back into his human form.

Gina stepped back, "Are you sure you are ok? How come you keep doing that?"

Cherif sighed, annoyed he must have caught whatever magic bug from his niece. "I'm sick! Magic sick anyway. I must have got it from my niece this morning. It travels faster than a regular cold and can make our powers uncontrollable sometimes. Don't worry, I can't get you sick. It should only last a few hrs, if that."

Gina giggled to herself as Cherif sneezed again transforming into his bear form. This was going to be interesting. She laughed then stopped as she heard something whiz by her head and heard a thud from Cherif as a dart flew by. Cherif looked down in shock as it hit him in the left shoulder feeling liquid seeped into his body, he pawed off the dart took look around and spotted Arcadians coming towards them and he seen red. This was NOT his day, but he would be damned if anyone hurts his mate. Cherif stepped in front of his mate and motioned her in the direction of a big mansion towards the woods.

"Go to that house, NOW!" Cherif said still in bear form using magic to talk to her. Gina shook her head, "No way. I'm not leaving you here alone." Cherif growled at her and pushed with his furry head against her side to get her moving. "You can't fight them and they are only after me, now go!"

Gina debated what to do with her loyalty was to stay and fight, but she knew she was no match for Were-Hunters. She darted through the woods as Cherif leapt on to the Arcadians who came towards her. She ran as she could to see if she can get help! In 5 minutes she came out of the woods to the house where she seen a few bears and some people that looked strangely like Cherif's family…but in old outfits. She heard a bear's roar and knew it was Cherif fighting and she looked panicked. Several of the Peltier clan turned their head in Gina's direction then the direction of Cherif's growls and fighting going on. A woman came rushing up to Gina to check her out and smell her and then turne dover her palm to see the mating mark. It looked like an older Aimee but this had to be Cherif's mom that past away! "Go hurry, help your brother!" The woman yelled to her sons who were on the lawn, and they ran to the forest and transformed in bear form.

"Come this way, we must keep you safe." The woman said leading Gina to the house. "What about Cherif?!" Gina said in a panic. "Don't fret, his brothers will get to him and help."

Gina was led through the door of the mansion as the lady held out her hand, "I'm Nicolette but I'm sure you already know that. I'm so glad my son found his mate…however I can't say that I'm happy your human. But family is family."

Gina didn't like the last remark; it raised some of her anger that she just met this woman and already passing judgment. "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm with Cherif and he's the one I need to Impress, not you." Gina said through gritted teeth.

Nicolette was taken back by her bold statement then smiled.