AN: Here's the second part of the prologue.


That's what she was. Willowy with gangly limbs and long, tangled hair. She sighed and plunked herself down in her vanity chair, staring blankly at the girl in the mirror.

She was just so ordinary looking. She had a heart shaped face and a long, tangled mess of ebony curls with eyes the color of overturned earth flecked with mica and slender, angular eyebrows.

She had long arms and legs, narrow shoulders, fairly soft features, a slender build and hourglass figure with long fingers. Her nails were like her hair; a wreck. From the time she was about ten, she'd had a nervous habit of chewing them, so they were rough and ragged, not a pretty sight. Average sized breasts, and to top it all off, harlequin green skin.

Ugh. Her skin. Oh, how she loathed it. Still, she wasn't ugly. On the other hand, she wasn't pretty, either. Just...plain.

Just plain Elphaba.

AN: I've been reading a lot of stuff by Fiyero's girl-Elphaba recently, and I've fallen in love with her way of describing Elphie's skin ("harlequin green"), so I borrowed it. DON'T SUE ME! *hides*