Part 1: The Other Necklace


Glass shattered against the wall followed by the sound of wild laughter. A band in the corner struck up an animated tune as barmaids hurried about the crowded tavern attempting to please their customers in more ways than one.

"Take me home, Johnny!" a man whooped, jumping from his seat as he stared at the numbered dice on the table in front of him. The men opposite of him grumbled and attempted to call a rematch.

The bar was loud and repugnant as men and women spilled drinks down their front, tossed coins back and forth, or had a jolly good time breaking the law. Seldom would a man drop dead but when such an instance occurred, the bar would look at the murderer in keen interest before returning to its normal noisy state. Nobody meddled in anyone else's private affairs, even if those affairs dealt in death.

It was because of this filth and abhorrence that the particular tavern was chosen. A corner table was occupied by a dark figure puffing out smoke from a pipe the man held in his hand. He observed the racket with care, every so often taking a sip of rum from a dirtied bottle that looked like it had sat in a cellar far too long.

The man's long legs were propped up on a wooden chair next to him revealing expensive black boots, which contrasted with the other customers' clothing. As if to emphasize the man's class, he would occasionally pull a gold pocket watch out from under his shirt and glance at the time. Just as the man was taking another swig of his drink, the bartender approached him.

"Sir, there's a woman here who'd like to speak with you," he whispered despite the bombastic sounds. The man gave a curt nod as the bartender left. A few moments later a slender woman in a ripped, bloodstained shirt covered in a black vest walked over. Her appearance was rugged and grimy. A belt secured around her waist contained a lethal cutlass and two loaded pistols. Her hair was a natural blonde, falling well past her shoulders. She might have been considered pretty had it not been for her eyes. They were cold blooded blue and hardened as if they had seen many a dark day.

"You surprise me by coming here. Is there not a bounty over a hundred drubloons on your head?" the man released a soft chuckle. His voice was like a snake, slithering in and out of her mind, infecting it like poisonous venom.

"I'll take my chances," was her brisk response.

The man gave a wry laugh.

"You come to ask a favor."

"You owe me a favor."

"You desire a favor, but I owe you nothing," he replied, casually shifting his weight. The woman pulled a knife from her boot, twirled it around in her fingers, and jammed it into the wood of the table.

"You owe me your life," she whispered, her tone dark.

"Hmm, but I'm afraid my life is too important to give. I'll be glad to let you kill my cabin boy. The insufferable child doesn't know anything about a ship's handling." The woman bared her teeth in a sort of snarl.

"You owe me," she repeated. "And if it's not going to be your life, then it's your ship."

"I owe you my ship?" the man spoke as if contemplating this.

"I'll take your ship, even though your life is worth more than a thousand juggernauts on the Empire's frontier. I'd much rather just take your black heart and add it to my collection."

"What is your destination?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because if you're stealing my ship, you're going to need a captain, I just so happen to come along with the package," he mocked.

A clash of steel reverberated around the tavern as both of them had drawn their swords and crossed them.

"How about I kill you and take your ship?" she sneered. The man laughed.

"Then you'll have to deal with my crew, and let me tell you, love, they're not loyal to just anyone."

"Don't play games with me, Dancer, you know you owe me."

"I can get you there if you reveal your destination," he said seriously. She hesitated before sheathing her sword and watching him do the same.

"I'm after a treasure, larger than the queen's armada."

"Sounds promising."

"You get me to where I'm going, and we'll rule the galaxy."

"And where exactly is your starting point?"

The woman cast him a wicked smile.

"Somewhere very unexpected. First stop: Montressor."

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