Life is Pain Sometimes Chapter 1.

Danny was in his room talking to his self. He said "This is the worst day of my life! First, I got bullied and kicked and punched by Dash. Second, Skulker came during school and got me even more scrapes and bruises all over me. This is the worst day of my Life!" So he thought. Just around then he heard a knock on his door. "Come in!" He shouted. Then Sam came in the room. "Sam? What are you doing here?" Danny said.

"Oh…. Uh… I wanted to see if you are ok." Sam said.

I'm fine. Thanks." Danny said.

Are you sure? You look a little…. Upset." Sam said suspicious.

Danny sighed. "Its just that I'm having a bad day today and I got these bruises and-

He was cut off by Sam. "Y-you got B-BRUISES!" Sam said in shocked.

"Its nothing. Really. I'm fine. I promise!"

Ok Danny, I trust you. But please be safe and careful! I really care about you and I-

Just then Danny ghost sense went off. "Sorry Sam hold that thought. I'm Going Ghost!" And he flew out the window and outside.

Sam sighed. "The one day I get to tell him he flies away."

Did you like? Its my first fanfic so please don't hate! And will Sam tell Danny her feelings? Will Danny get over his sadness? Find out in Chapter 2!