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Day 20 of my fic-a-day project.

An experiment of sorts; an attempt to sum up Arthur and Morgana in a double drabble (exactly 200 words).

They're so alike.

Gaius used to laugh at the sight of the identical scowls they wore when they butted heads. Morgana was a perfect little lady, headstrong but undeniably regal… except where Arthur was concerned. They fought like cats in a sack, often coming to blows. Arthur would be thrashed, and Morgana would be confined to her chambers, and they would square their jaws, unashamed, and do as they were told until the next time they couldn't bear each other anymore.

Everyone swore up and down those two would someday marry. In retrospect, it should have been obvious that they were siblings.

They're unmistakably Uther Pendragon's children: strong, brave, and stubborn. They're born leaders, loyal and commanding loyalty. They are endlessly persistent, hot-tempered, capable of sudden, biting cruelty. They will carry a burden alone until it breaks their heart.

Even their hatred for each other springs from shared passions.

My people died at your hands. My people, and you will pay!

You lay claim to my birthright.

I used to think we were friends.

Traitor! Tyrant!

Sister. Brother.

They are equal and opposite forces: the king and the witch, so alike, too proud to yield, so strong, hating each other.

Considering doing a drabble series exploring each relationship in the starring foursome ...what do you think? Is this sort of plotless character study interesting?