Conference Room

"You two were the last to see the Senator alive. What happened?" Gibbs asked.

"The whole time we were there the Senator would wake up and participate in the interview. However, then he would just sort of pass out and go back to sleep. I just figured it was from the medications or surgery." Wendy said, visibly rattled from the discussion. Gibbs nodded, sensing by how upset she was that she really did not cause any harm to the Senator.

"Your husband has made threats against the Senator." Gibbs said.

"Ex-husband, Gibbs." She emphasized. "And, he did not know how much the Senator was against immigration until after I started interviewing him and after our divorce was finalized." Wendy did her best to explain herself to the legendary, master interrogator.

"Ziva." Gibbs said pointing his head in the direction of the door. Gibbs and Ziva went outside and closed the door leaving Wendy at the table.

"She is telling the truth, Gibbs." Ziva said confidently.

"I know." Gibbs nodded in agreement. "Look, I need to speak to Wendy alone." Gibbs said to her, almost closing the door in her face as he returned to the table with Wendy. Ziva was taken aback by Gibbs' abruptness.

"Gibbs?" Wendy said nervously, her eyes tearing slightly as Gibbs sat down. He got back up and filled a cup of water for her before sitting back down.

"So your husband is being deported? Can you handle raising a son alone?" Gibbs asked softly.

"I can Gibbs and I will." She answered.

"I know you talked with Eric, earlier." Wendy said, swallowing hard as tears continued to form in her eyes. Gibbs nodded, looking at her sympathetically. "Are you trying to give Fred a new father, since he is about to lose Eric?"

"Eric is not Fred's real father." Wendy stated. "Fred has no father."

"But he has a very large trust fund. . .a ten million dollar trust fund to be exact." Gibbs looked at her suspiciously. She nodded in agreement, not denying that information was true.

"Where did the money come from?" Gibbs asked. "It did not come from your family, since they declared bankruptcy before the trust fund was even created?" Wendy looked away from Gibbs.

"It was a gift from someone who did not want the money for themselves." Wendy said looking down and away from Gibbs.

"Your son's real father, maybe?" Gibbs asked bluntly. Wendy looked at him curiously from the question.

"I don't know for sure who Fred's father is. I went through a fertility clinic, and he was an anonymous donor." She defensively responded.

"In Ohio?" Gibbs said strongly, watching for Wendy's response. "And, was this someone also willing to just give up ten million dollars to Fred?" Wendy looked away from Gibbs. She shook her head and was preparing to leave the room.

"I just want to know what your intentions are. This involves one of my agents." Gibbs said accusingly. "He hasn't talked to you in nine years, and I do not feel he knows you very well anymore."

"I don't have an agenda Gibbs." Wendy said.

"Then why did your editor tell me that you recently requested any assignments that involve NCIS running the investigation?" Gibbs asked. "You chose D.C. for a reason."

"You were checking up on me, Gibbs?" Wendy asked offended by the fact.

"The first opportunity I had after you showed up at that hospital." Gibbs said.

"Does Tony get a say in all of this?" Gibbs asked.

"It is no secret that I will always love Tony." She said.

"And since Eric is being deported, you want a father for your son." Gibbs accused her.

"No. I would not do that Gibbs. I mean if he wants to that would be wonderful." She explained defensively.

"What if he feels obligated or even pressured?" Gibbs shot back at her. ". . .obligated like when he handed that ten-million-dollar trust fund over." Wendy looked away crying.

"If you had left it with a Christmas card invitation for brunch, I would not be so suspicious of you." Gibbs continued. "However, you are stalking him. Especially after he stood you up on Christmas, you have started calling him each night -three to five times each night. Now you are a journalist only handling NCIS investigations."

"He never picks up his phone." Wendy said in tears.

"That is his choice." Gibbs said. "At first, I didn't agree with him either, and I thought he was making a mistake. But, I better not see you at another one of my crime scenes, Wendy." She nodded and stood up ready to leave.

"Here, you can take this elevator down to visitors parking. That way you won't pass by Tony." Gibbs directed her over to the elevator. Gibbs headed down to autopsy.


"Gibbs." Ducky said. "I don't work that quickly."

"I know, Duck." Gibbs said with a grin. "I just needed a break from everything that is happening upstairs."

"Really, well what is on your mind, Jethro?" Ducky asked.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs said with an exhausted moan. Ducky laughed from Gibbs answer.

"The Bachelor party isn't helping the holiday blues?" Ducky said with a smile. "What happened?"

Squad Room

"They are not even up there anymore." Tony complained as he looked upstairs at the conference room door.

"You were sidelined. You need to sit down." McGee reminded him with concern.

"Tony. . .just settle down." Ziva said Tony as he became increasingly agitated. Then to their surprise, DiNozzo stopped pacing and just left the room.

"Tony." McGee said in a warning tone. McGee and Ziva exchanged concerned glances.

"Where is he going?" Ziva shot back at McGee in irritation.

Abby's Lab

When Tony walked in, he could hear Abby talking on the phone. He hung back until she was done.

"Thanks for telling me all that Wendy. I will get back to you when we have a new case." Abby said. When she put down her cell phone, she realized that DiNozzo was standing right behind her.

"Tony, I did not realize that you were there." Abby said. He continued to lean on the table in the back of the room, with a lost and hurt look on his face.

"Tony?" She said again approaching him. Abby stepped closer to Tony. He had such a haunted look on his face that Abby did not know quite how to handle the situation. She froze when her phone started to ring. She turned around to grab it.

". . .okay Ducky. I'll be right there." Abby turned around. She gasped when she realized that Tony had gone. She continued to look around her lab before leaving to head to autopsy.


"I am here Ducky." She said running through the autopsy room.

"Here are the blood samples." He said.

"Hey-Hey there Gibbs." She said in a nervous tone.

"Is something wrong, Abby?" He asked, looking at her in concern.

"I may have . . .really upset Tony." Abby admitted. Her voice was filled with guilt. Gibbs and Ducky exchanged a concerned glance.

"Now what could you have done to upset Tony?" Gibbs asked with a grin.

"He caught me on the phone with Wendy. I think he felt betrayed." Abby responded. "I have talked with her a lot lately. I wanted to talk to him about it, but after Ducky's phone call, I turned around and he was gone."

"Really?" Gibbs asked, surprised by the revelation. "Were you really talking to Wendy?"

"Yes. I was really good friends with her Gibbs, when Tony first started here at NCIS. Then they broke up, and I didn't like how our friendship just ended. Since she became a journalist, she has been in D.C. so much lately." Abby admitted to Gibbs.

"I gave her Tony cell phone number, and I have told her the last few crime scenes that you have been to." Abby admitted.

"I accused Wendy of stalking Tony, Abs." Gibbs revealed to her. Gibbs shook his head, unable to even consider staying upset with Abby.

"Thanks for telling me Abs." Gibbs said, as he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

Gibbs stepped into the elevator and called DiNozzo to find that his cell phone was turned off. Then he dialed McGee's number.

"McGee, where is Tony? Is he there?" Gibbs asked.

"Ah, no he isn't. He left a little while ago." McGee said.

"He was just in Abby's lab. Make sure that he does not leave the building." Gibbs ordered. "I'll be right there."

Squad Room

"McGee." Gibbs said as he entered the squad room.

"He hasn't left the building, but I don't know where he is Boss. His phone is off and every security guard I talked to has not seen him. We are checking the security footage right now." McGee said, knowing that Gibbs was concerned, but McGee was unaware of the reason why it was so important to locate him.

"Thanks McGee." Gibbs said. Gibbs looked around trying to process the situation.

"I will check the men's bathroom." Ziva said, heading in that direction.

"She spends way too much time in there." McGee said sarcastically.

"It is something that we have come to expect from Ziva now." Gibbs said quickly.

"He was spotted. He tried to get to the parking lot." McGee said. "Security is bringing him up right now."

"Security is bringing him up?" Gibbs said shaking his head, not intending for that part to happen.

"I could have gone down there McGee." Gibbs said regrettably. Gibbs walked over to the elevator and waited for DiNozzo to be brought back up. When the doors opened, Gibbs saw a security guard near the controls and DiNozzo standing in the back of the lift leaning against the wall. He looked up and at Gibbs when he noticed that he was standing there.

Gibbs quietly thanked the security guard. They both looked at Tony, who after another moment reluctantly started to move away from the wall to get off of the elevator. Tony turned toward Gibbs looking defeated and waited for his next lecture or order. The security guard hit the panel and the elevator went back down.

"Where were you going, Tony?" Gibbs asked. Tony just shook his head.

"I don't know. I just needed air." DiNozzo answered looking away from Gibbs. "I don't really have anything to do here anyway. I have been benched again."

"We no longer have a case, Tony." Gibbs informed him. "Ducky concluded that the hospital was right. The Senator did die of internal hemorrhaging. Our stabber was already arrested, but he is now guilty of murder." Gibbs said, looking at DiNozzo closely trying to determine what DiNozzo was thinking.

"If you want to home, Tony, then go home." Gibbs finally said, as he looked at a very unreadable Tony. DiNozzo looked at him in surprise, but his face was very straight and serious.

"I thought you wanted to talk to me." DiNozzo said looking away, clearly irritated with some of the events that took place today.

"Maybe -some other time." Gibbs responded waving it off as he stepped away from DiNozzo. Gibbs joined the others by sitting at his desk and starting his report. To his amazement, DiNozzo did the same, as he prepared to write his report too. McGee and Ziva looked back and forth as they were wrapping up their reports.

"Oooooh Tony, Tony, Tony." Abby said as she ran full speed past McGee's desk over to DiNozzo, giving him a tight embrace.

"I am sorry that I talked to Wendy and didn't tell you." Abby whispered.

"It's fine Abs." Tony said, dismissing the whole thing in an emotionless tone. "She was your friend too." Abby gave him a big smile and turned to leave. She caught Gibbs giving Abby a wordless message to not keep it from Tony again.

"Alright, I am done. Good night everyone." McGee said, as he headed toward the elevator.

"Wait a minute McGee, I am coming too." Ziva said.

Noticing that he was now the only one left with Gibbs, DiNozzo started typing faster to finish and go home. He flew the last few details and printed. By the time he had the paperwork done and put in a file folder, Gibbs was standing in front of his desk holding his coat watching him.

"Done?" Gibbs asked squinting at him.

"Yeaaaah." DiNozzo said, almost out of breath from the quick pace. Gibbs waited while DiNozzo quickly threw papers and folders around his desk, so that he could head out too.

"Let's go now, DiNozzo." Gibbs said softly, watching him curiously as he wondered what he was doing all this time not to be ready to go by now. It had reached the point that Gibbs slowly headed toward the elevator without him. By the time the elevator had arrived, DiNozzo was next to him.

Now that he was going home, he was uncomfortable with the fact that he was standing next to Gibbs alone. He was nervous that the discussion would become all about Wendy again. Gibbs felt that he was being watched, so he turned to look at a quiet Tony, who then turned away.

"You want to tell me what is on your mind, Tony?" Gibbs asked. This earned a nervous laugh from Tony. Gibbs smiled at looked him over.

"Hey?" Gibbs said, still looking him over in concern.

"What did you want to talk to me about, Boss?" DiNozzo asked, thinking back to some of the events that took place today. Gibbs shook his head.

"I am not so sure we should go there anymore, Tony." Gibbs said. DiNozzo looked at him confused and wanting to ask what he was talking about.

"It bothered me at first all the lies that I heard today. However, when it comes down to it, the lies that you told and Wendy told only truly hurt you two."

"What. . .lies are we talking about again, Boss?" Tony asked swallowing hard and feeling very uncomfortable all of sudden.

"You led us to believe that you had commitment issues, when concerning relationships for years, and that is not the case. You led us to believe that Wendy dumped you because she didn't like your long hours and over-commitment to NCIS."

"That was part of it." DiNozzo interjected.

"However, it wasn't the main reason the wedding was called off." Gibbs chose not to bring up Wendy's son. He just shook his head and looked hard at DiNozzo to make him squirm a little. "And, you led us to believe that your father cut you off from your inheritance. I have spent enough time with your father now Tony to know that wasn't true either." Gibbs said, looking over Tony.

"Yeah, well it is easier to just lie. It is easier sometimes to be a disappointment to some people than not live up to their expectations every time." Tony shared as the elevator doors opened and they headed to the parking lot for their cars. Gibbs shook his head, giving up on trying to understand some of DiNozzo's logic and actions.

"Just focus on Palmer's Bachelor party, Tony." Gibbs said. "Good night."

"Good night, Boss."

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Author note: With the upcoming episode of "Secrets" (S09 X 15), I could not wait three weeks for the episode. I wanted to have a little fun with the basic details of the upcoming episode. After reading a fan forum that included a group of fans that desperately want Wendy's son to be Tony's, I tried to create a possibility.