AN: Hey all! This is basically going to be a multi-chaptered fic, each chappie with different "facts" Ciel has learned in life. More info at the bottom! ~Aly

1. Sebastian never sleeps.

Ciel glanced anxiously at the grandfather clock. 2:37 am. No one in the manor could possibly be up at this time. Right? He figured he was in the clear. This time of night was the highlight of his day (if that made any sense). It was the only time he was entirely...alone.

The blue-haired boy scurried over to his desk and crouched down to frantically tear through his bottom drawer. Removing the false bottom, he hungrily gazed at the scandalous luxuries he had hidden there.

A few fangirls reading this exploded a little, as they soon realized everything up to this point has had somewhat sexual undertones.

Though that's true, Ciel's sex life isn't the topic of this tale.

It's Justin Beiber.

Ciel stared at his marvelous Justin Beiber merchandise stowed away secretly in his drawer. He had t shirts, perfume, dolls, posters, folders, jewelry, pencils, a bobble-head, and, of course, "Never Say Never" on special edition DVD. The earl quickly snatched a poster from the desk and spread it against the wall, grabbing an already-efficiently-prepared tack and pinning it securely to the wall.

Gazing in a zombie-like manner towards his idol, Ciel hugged the wall and whispered, "I love you," quietly to the poster-Beiber. He gently kissed the poster and stowed it back away, sighing. Time was limited. And he was f****** tired.

After making sure his things were tucked safely out of sight, Ciel climbed back into bed, and fell asleep, dreaming of catnip.

The next day, at breakfast, Sebastian had his usual smirk on his face, but something was off. Ciel realized this and turned on the dining room light.

But something was wrong. Confirming his suspicions, the butler announced, "I know."

Ciel started hyperventilating and fainted a few times. "You know what?" he finally was able to reply, while breathing through a paper bag.

"I know that you're obsessed with Justin Beiber."

Ciel started convulsing and had some strange muscle spasms. "H-how?" he gasped.

"I'm a demon. I don't sleep. Dipshit."

AN: Yay! First chappie completed :-) Basically, this is going to be a multi-chaptered fic, each chapter with a different fact Ciel has learned through his life. Each chapter will be in the similar format above - an italicized fact with a short explanation. I want this fic to be very open and interactive - I hope to get to around 50+ chappies, but I need your help! I have around 25 more ideas written down for this (they're not the best, to be honest). You can to review or PM me with a fact idea, and I'll mention your name in that chappie's author note if I use it ;) This story will be a sort of community effort - fun and light-hearted, ya know? I'll try to update every day or at least every other day. Have fun reading, and don't forget to review! ~Aly