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10. Don't fuck with Gertrude.

Ciel squirmed against his restraints, which were mummified bunny corpses mixed with the intestines of Channing Tatum. He was disoriented and confused and trapped in a dark room that smelt like Tanaka's ass. The last thing he remembered was burying that dead hooker in Alois's front yard - then his memory was muddied and dirty, like Sebastian's long lost secret vagina.

"Tanaka, you son of a bitch!" He shrieked, whining and throwing a tantrum.

"My puny master, please keep your annoying-as-fuck voice down. If they hear you, they'll ... come back."

"Bassy?" Ciel exclaimed, trying weakly to see his butler in the darkness. Oh hot dog!

Suddenly there was demonic laughter echoing throughout the fishy smelling room.

Then there was a sharp slap followed by hysterical sobbing and quacking sounds.

"I told you to shut the fuck up, Eugenia! No one likes you! No one will ever want your shriveled up Bruce Jenner looking donkey ass you stupid skank!" Ciel giggled quietly at this.

Suddenly two very obese white girls appeared in front of them. One was on the ground, bleeding profusely, and the other was eating a Fiber One bar. Both were ugly and sweaty and really mean meanies.

"Oh mah gahd, you're so hawt!" The ugly one shouted, pointing excitedly and jumping up and down. There was a mini earthquake in Zimbabwe from the impact.

"Let us go at once!" Ciel squealed.

"Mehh he's so kawaii!"

"I told you to keep your mouth shut!"

"Stop it, Gertrude! You're such a meanie butt face!"

"You know what, Eugenia? It's your fault Uncle Mom and Aunt Dad died of cancer, so why don't you just go hang yourself with your yeast-infection stained panties?"

"Real mature, Gertrude, you're the one who killed a baby when you showed him your size 72A tits, you fat whore!"

Ciel started hyperventilating. "Nyeh, Sebastian, get your lazy ass up and destroy these bitches!"

"I caaaan't," the butler moaned crying softly. "They kidnapped one of my cats."

"Nyeh! You dare disobey your mother?"

The fat one smiled at them with yellowish green rat teeth. "So are you guys gonna, like, have sex now?"

"No you stupid slut!" The obese one screamed, kicking the ugly one in the shin. She pulled out several sheets of computer paper. "According to fanfiction, he has to be raped, then killed, then brought back to life by a combination of love and Cornish Pixies, then he has to start cutting himself, then commit suicide, and then he's saved in the afterlife by Sebastian who rapes him, and then they fall in love on a cloud of butterflies and gumdrop smiles after giving birth to demon octuplets!"

Silence. Ciel blinked, then growled, "No fucking way am I going to associate with Cornish Pixies!"

"Eugenia, where did you put the condoms and Canadian spear fishing supplies?"

"Don't you dare speak to me in that tone of voice!" The ugly one started to castrate the obese one.

Sebastian started masturbating with a bullhook to the thought of catnip.

The killer fangirls closed in on them, and they made the duo do really gross sexual things. And if I were there, I would've been like, "Aw, sweet," but I wasn't. I think the fangirls died of heart palpitations, and then Sebastian and Ciel escaped, butt not before picking up some Preparation H at the drug store.

And then the hooker came back to life and took a shit on Ciel's eyepatch.

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