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9. Grell is planking in your basement.

"Sebastian! I want a hot pocket!"

The butler frowned at his master as he tied his shoes in a 'cute' way. Ya know, the way where the laces spell out the word 'cute'. "I'm sorry master, but I ate all the hot pockets."

Ciel gritted his teeth angrily and let out a strange, animalistic growl. He kicked Sebastian in the face in a very sassy manner. "Why'd you do that? What if Jesus wanted a hot pocket? What would you tell him, huh? Are you better than Jesus?"

Tina Fey stood up. "I'm better than Jesus!"

Both the young earl and the demon nodded in agreement.

Sebastian stood up swiftly, wiping the blood off of his cheek. He suddenly wished he was a cat. Me-ow. "My apologies, my lord. There might be some more in the cellar. As for me, I need to dust my nekos."

With that, the butler bowed, making sure to show off his ass, and proceeded to exit Ciel's room.

"Wait!" Ciel called, causing his butler to pause and turn slightly.

Sebastian flipped his hair and answered in an emo tone, "What?"

"Go get the hot pocket for me!"

The demon started sobbing, his eyeliner running. "Stop telling me what to do! You're not even my real dad!" He then ran out of the room, recklessly flailing his limbs in an awkward way.

Ciel stomped his foot like a two year old. Ugh. He had to actually do something for once.

He slowly made his way to the basement, grabbing his old-man walker thingy to assist him - the one with the little tennis balls on the ends of the legs. After a few days travel, he finally made in to the front door of the cellar, huffing and puffing. Discarding the walking tool, Ciel cautiously opened the door, afraid doing so would cause World War 5.

Inside, he found a shocking sight. Grell. Sutcliff. Planking. On his washing machine. In the basement. During the day. Around lunchtime. Hot pockets!

Gasping melodramatically, he screeched, "Ew, kill it, kill it!" And pointed at the redheaded shinigami.

Sebastian apparated to the spot with a loud pop, and instantly latched onto Grell with his awesome-mega-British-demon-butler powers.

"Bassy~!" Grell screamed, and hurried to give the demon a kiss, before instantly being incinerated by Sebastian's lazer vision.

Ciel then smacked his butler with his pimp cane and hissed, "Liar. There aren't any hot pockets down here. Just cheap, imitation, store brand garbage!"

Sebastian rubbed his face. "Ow. Bitch."

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