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I allowed a small, insignificant flame to gather in the palm of my hand, twirling it around the tips of my fingers as the light it cast threw shadows everywhere. I could feel the small amount of heat it radiated, and the light it cast was barely enough to illuminate the walls of the ice house I was sitting in. The sun hadn't risen and the room was still dark with the lack of sunlight and lantern, so I threw the flame, gently, only letting it float in the air for a second, into the kindling in the fireplace. The absence of heat made my hand tingle, but I shook it off.

I looked outside the window, only to see a dark village. The Southern Water Tribe had grown steadily in the last four years, and it was now a large, sprawling state, but the place where Katara had grown up, the place I was staying, had stayed rather empty. The families that hadn't been torn apart by the war were now back in the village, safe and free, but other than that, the size hadn't changed much. The main building had gone on at a more southern point than this, and I wasn't complaining. It was quiet, the people here knew me, and no fan girls were harassing my girl; I definitely wasn't complaining.

Speaking of my girl, the fan girls were going to have a field day.

I slid my hand in my pocket, and smiled as I tugged the silken necklace out and into the light. The band was made of sapphire blue silk with strands of silver flowing through it like water, and it shimmered in the flickering light, and the latch was made of pale white stone, contrasting with the deep color perfectly, but the band wasn't the main focus. The pendent attached to the band was made of brightly painted wood, a picture of the Water symbol was etched into the wood, bright blue paint throwing the intricate details and swirls into clarity, but that wasn't all. At the top and bottom of the necklace held a miniature Air symbol, painted a light silver, connected by silver swirling patterns. The rounded edges held the base color for the pendent, a deep navy blue, and then went on to the back, which held her name in slanted calligraphy.

I smiled, thinking about the upcoming day, and wishing the sun would come up faster.

I rubbed my thumb across the face of the pendent, feeling the smooth carving under the pad of my finger. I could only imagine how it would look on her. Dark strands of her hair covering parts of it, the blue paint matching her eyes like a copy, the silk hugging her caramel skin. I closed my eyes, imagining just how good my engagement necklace would look on her, how good it would feel to know that she was mine and that I was hers. How good it would feel to know that it would be that good forever. I smiled, and almost sighed, at the thought.

I had already asked her father, and it had gone better than anyone could have ever imagined. He had smiled, clapped me on the back, and told me to take a seat. Now, I don't care who you are, Avatar or no, when you go to ask your hope-to-be fiance's father for her hand, and he tells you to take a seat, it's like the spirits have given you some kind of blessing. I don't think I've ever been that relieved. He had approved of course, if he hadn't I wouldn't dream of going against him and doing this anyway, and I had blushed and said thank you profusely all the way out the door. Sokka had even taken it well.

I had the place picked out where I planned on asking her, a place we had gone several, several times on our numerous outings in this part of the nation. We would be beside the sea, on the ice, and surrounded by memories. In the sunshine, it would be beautiful.

Now, all I needed was for her to say yes. I gulped at the thought, and had to keep myself from biting my nails from the nerves. It was one thing to plan it, to fantasize about her response, to close your eyes and dream about what would happen after words, but it was an entirely different thing to actually do it. The whole art of it, the action of asking the four little words, terrified me. It wasn't because of the words, of the circumstances, or even anything to do with my situation as Avatar, but it was her. I wanted her to say yes more than anything I had ever wanted in my life, more than to master the elements, more than defeating the Fire Lord, more than making it out of that fight alive. I wanted her to say yes, and even though I knew I loved her and that her feeling were mutual, there was always that sliver of a doubt, and that strand was what kept me jumping every time someone mentioned her name.

She had been everything to me ever since she had broken open the ice berg, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and now I hoped she would like to be my wife.

I peeked through the window again, and the palest of rays were peeking over the mountains. I got up off the small mat and slid the necklace back into my pocket.

I took a shuddering breath as I neared the door. "Aang, you can do this."

Because, in truth, Katara had been my world since the ice berg, and after four years of being together as her boyfriend, I wanted to start again, as her husband.

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