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I ran my thumb over the wooden pendent at my throat, letting my lips pull into a small unseen smile as I settled myself in beside the icy waters. The ground under me was cold, to say the least, but I didn't mind it. In a way, I had missed the harsh temperatures of my home, but I would gladly go everywhere Aang had dragged us again, just because it was him, and I knew he'd drag me there again after we were married.

Married. Spirits, we were going to be married. I shook my head at the thought, letting the small smile grow into a bright grin, and let out a small laugh. It was crazy, yes, and we were incredibly young, but I would never even dream of saying no. He was, well, Aang, and if he wasn't the one that was going to make me happy all my life, there wasn't a man out there that could.

I let go of the beautiful pendent, letting my fingers dangle off the ice and into the water, swirling the cold fluid as pictures of earlier flashed through my mind.

Thinking back, I don't think I've ever since him that nervous. It wasn't the hyper nervous that I had seen while we were on the run, or the fidgeting nervous I had seen when we had told Dad about us being together, or even the scared nervous he was when we had surfaced after that first real kiss to find Sokka's painting on the deck beside us. It was none of those, it was something stronger, deeper, like he had everything to lose and more than that to gain. His eyes had held that glint I had come to love, and the blush that would paint his cheeks every time I'd look into his silver eyes told me something was up, but I would never have guessed what.

He stuttered, he blushed, he fidgeted, he scratched his neck nervously, but he eventually got out the quiet words of "Will you marry me?", and I almost melted right there.

I let my eyes drift closed, slowly swirling the water with my fingers as I remembered the joy that had been today.

It took me a second for the words to register, but when they did, the only thing I could think about was that this was Aang. And he was proposing, and never in a million years would I say no. I wanted to tell him, to say yes a million times and kiss him like there was no tomorrow, but I was still rooted to the spot.

Then he had brought out the necklace, and I all I could do was nod and open my mouth like a fish out of water, unable to utter a sound. The beautiful necklace shimmered in the bright sunlight, and the blue contrasted heavily with the paleness of his skin. I couldn't keep my eyes from darting from his face to the necklace and then back a few dozen times. His blush didn't disappear, but the nervousness did, and the smile that lit up his face could have lit up the whole world.

I hadn't realized I was crying until he reached out and wiped away a tear from my cheek,

I was finally able to whisper out a delighted "Yes". I felt myself tremble as he leaned in, pressing his lips to mine in a kiss that sent heat all the way down to my toes. He leaned back all too soon, and smiled as I felt his calloused hands glide over the skin of my throat, all the way to the nape of my neck, latching the silken necklace and gently unhooking my mother's. He took my hand, wrapping my mother's necklace around my wrist and then bringing it up to his lips, gently brushing his lips over the back of my hand.

He had looked up, and his eyes went from unbelievably happy to concerned, worried, as if he had seen something that bothered him immensely.

"You can always wear mine around your wrist if you want to," he had paused. "I wouldn't want you to feel like I was making you-"

I felt more tears fall, but despite the salty-ness on my cheeks, I threw myself at him. I felt his arms go around me instantly, and settled my head on his shoulder.

"No, no, that's not it. That's not it at all." I whispered.

His voice, so close, echoed through my chest as he spoke. "Then," he sounded confused. "What's the matter?"

I finally looked up at him. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."

He cocked his head to the side, but returned the smile I sent his way, and didn't even hesitate as I stood up on my toes, pressing my lips to his.

It took us a while to speak after that, but it happened.

"I love you, my fiance." he whispered.

I blushed at his cheesiness, which hadn't worn off over the years, but smiled anyways. "I love you too, and, you know, I could totally get used to that."

"I could get used to calling you my wife even faster."


Our lips met again, and we started back where we had left off. And, after that, every question, every doubt, disappeared, and I smiled against his lips.

It had taken us a while to go after that, and the sun wasn't nearly as high as when we had gotten there, but we left eventually. He had left me in my house, three little words, a heated kiss, and a good-bye just before he left to go deal with something he was needed for. It hadn't taken me very long at all to find myself drifting toward the water, and I had gone willingly after I discovered where I was wandering to.

I took my hands out of the water, flicking my fingers in an attempt to remove any remaining droplets, and stood up.

I was getting married, I didn't know how soon, I didn't know where, or when, or how, or even who was going to be there, but I knew that I was going to be happy, and not even a bad case of wedding jitters could ruin that. I smiled as I faced the village I had grown up in, and set of back to my home and my family, my nerves finally calmed.

I had a feeling I would be smiling a lot in the future.

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