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This is set after the Buu saga.

"What do you want, Kakarot?" asked Vegeta into the phone, having already noted 'The Son Family' on caller ID. The saiyan prince had not slept well the past few nights. Bulma had… um… kept him awake with…um…various… needs.

"Oh hi, Vegeta! Is Bulma there?" he asked innocently. His fascination with Vegeta's wife never failed to annoy the saiyan prince.

"Why? What do you want with her?" he asked in return.

"Chi-Chi told me to invite you two over to the Kame house while Gohan and Videl babysit Goten, Trunks and Marron at our place." He explained.

"What for?" Vegeta asked, still suspicious.

"She said it was to try out this new game she found on the internet." He said, completely clueless.

"Who's going?" his interest heightening. If this was a "fun" game… he might be able to be able to… help Bulma with her needs.

"Just Chi-Chi, Krillin, 18, Yamcha, Tien, Launch, you, Bulma, me and maybe Piccolo. So basically just us Z warriors." He said as he counted them off on his fingers.

"Just." Vegeta muttered under his breathe, sarcastically.

"So are you and Bulma coming?" asked Goku.

"Fine. When is it?" asked Vegeta grudgingly.

"Tonight at 7:00 P.M. sharp." Goku replied.

"Fine. Goodbye." He then hung up without waiting for Goku's response.

"WOMAN!" Vegeta shouted to his wife upstairs.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Came her equally loud reply.


"OKAY." She agreed.

He then flew up to Trunks's room. "You're going over to Kakarot's tonight to have a play date with Goten." He informed his son.

"Cool." Was Trunks reply, without taking his eyes off of the violent video game he was playing.

Goku's POV

"Fine. Goodbye." Came Vegeta's voice through the phone.

Alright, now I just need to check with Piccolo again. He said he'd get back to me but I haven't heard from him yet. Goku thought to himself.

He searched with his mind for the Namekian and found him meditating behind a waterfall.

He then used instant transmission to appear behind Piccolo.

Piccolo then fell face first into the waterfall in shock.

After the appropriate grumbling and drying off by powering up, Piccolo then asked Goku what he wanted.

"Have you made up your mind yet about tonight?" asked Goku.

"Yeah, I have. I'm not going. I'm just gonna swing by your place and help Gohan with the babysitting." Replied Piccolo.

"Okay. I'll let him know. Bye Piccolo!" said Goku as he instant transmissioned back to his house.

"Hey Gohan!" he yelled upstairs to his eldest son.

"I'm a little busy right now dad!" came his son's reply.

Goku, trying to be a concerned parent, walked up to his son's room and opened the door without an invitation. The sight he came upon was a shocking one to say the least. Gohan and Videl were sitting on his bed taking a break from... whatever it was they had just been doing. And the fact that Gohan was just taking off his shirt made it worse.

"Dad! I told you I'm busy!" He shouted at his father.

"How long has this been going on?" asked his curious father.

"Since I got home from school." He replied.

"Okay. I just wanted to let you know that Piccolo might drop by to help you babysit tonight." He told his son.

"Okay. Now can we please have some privacy?" He impatiently asked his saiyan dad.

"Sure thing! Man your mom is gonna be so proud of you!" He said as he walked out, closing the door behind him.

Videl then turned to Gohan and asked "Why were you so angry that your dad walked in on us cleaning your room?"

That night at the Kame house at 7:00 P.M. sharp…

Yamcha, Tien and Launch (In her blue haired form) had just arrived and Chi-Chi and Bulma had just finished making dessert while Krillin and 18 watched TV and Goku and Vegeta had a quick sparring match outside. The three newcomers sat themselves at the table and started eating. Goku and Vegeta, having smelled the food rushed into the house, almost destroying the front door, and sat themselves and ate as only a saiyan could. Krillin and 18 came over, giving the saiyans a wide berth, sat down and ate too. Bulma and Chi-Chi soon joined as well. After they finished, Chi-Chi got up and took dessert out of the fridge. Vegeta and Goku each got their own pie, while there were three more to divide among the others.

When he was finished, Goku put his hand on his gut, sighed and said "Thanks Chi-Chi. You too Bulma. That was great."

The others all thanked Bulma and Chi-Chi as well, even 18 and Vegeta.

"So, Goku said you wanted us all here because of a game, right?" Krillin asked Chi-Chi.

"That's correct." She replied.

"What's the game called?" asked Launch.

"The name of this game is…" at this point, she threw her hands above her head and shouted "TRUTH OR DARE!"

"It's a good thing master Roshi's not here." Yamcha whispered to Tien, who then chuckled under his breath.

"I'm out of here." Said Vegeta as he stood up to leave. Bulma then said "Vegeta! Sit down or no sex for a month!"

He then snickered and said "Please! You couldn't go that long without me! You'd be crawling to me on your hands and knees within the first week."

"Wanna try me?" she said with determination in her eyes.

He saw that, then with a sigh, sat back down.

"How do we play, Chi-Chi?" asked Goku innocently.

"One player starts by asking another player the question 'truth or dare'. After they answer, the first player would ask the second player an embarrassing question for truth or make them do something embarrassing for dare. If someone refuses to answer the question or do a dare, they must then draw a card from the respective deck on the table." She then took out two decks of cards and laid them in the center of the table. One was labeled in big blue letters 'TRUTH', the other was labelled in big red letters 'DARE'. "All players must either answer the question or do the dare. Even if one person refuses, we all have to draw another card and do/answer whatever it says. This keeps going until all of us accept it. After that, we spin a bottle to see who asks the next question or dishes out the next dare. Simple enough?" she asked.

"Pretty much." Said Goku glumly, as by now, he had figured out that this had nothing to do with training.

"Ok. Since I suggested we all play, I'll go first." Announced Chi-Chi. "Goku, truth or dare?"

"Truth." He readily applied.

She had hoped he would say that. "Before I taught you better the night of our honeymoon, where did you think babies came from?"

"That's an easy one." He replied. "Grandpa told me I came from outer space, so I assumed all babies did."

"Idiot." Muttered Vegeta.

"Your turn Goku." Prompted Chi-Chi.

"Ok. Ummm… Yamcha. Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Dare." Replied the ex bandit.

"Ok. I dare you to have an all out fight with Vegeta short of killing each other." He said, hoping to watch a good fight.

Vegeta smiled vindictively at him. Yamcha immediately picked up a dare card.

"It says to give your clothes to the person on your left and put on the clothes provided by the person to your left without leaving the room." He read out.

He looked to his right and saw that he was going to have to wear Launch's clothes, who would have to wear Tien's, who would have to wear Bulma's, who would have to wear Vegeta's, who would have to wear 18's, who would have to wear Krillin's, who would have to wear Goku's, who would have to wear Chi-Chi's, who would have to wear Yamcha's.

They all striped after Tien used solar flare to protect their dignity and then blindly handed their clothes to their right. They all had a little more trouble applying this part without vision. When they got their vision back, 18 was still naked from the waist up and in pants three sizes too small, Krillin was looking like a fat person who suddenly lost a lot of weight leaving behind lots of excess folds, Goku, Tien, Yamcha and Vegeta were all wondering how to put on a bra and Chi-Chi, Bulma and Launch had just slipped on their shirts leaving them fully clothed. Krillin then used solar flare to protect his wife from Yamcha's greedy eyes. When it wore off a second time, they were all fully clothed.

Chi-Chi then spun the bottle. It landed on Tien.

"Launch, truth or dare?" he asked his steady girlfriend.

"Truth." She replied.

"What do you think happens when you sneeze?" he asked.

"Well I sometimes amuse myself by pretending that I have a completely different personality that only comes out when I sneeze. But I think the most logical thing is that I pass out." She replied, completely oblivious that her theory was correct.

"Okay then." Said Krillin.

"Ummm… 18, truth or dare?" Launch asked 18.

"Truth." She replied.

"When did you start falling for Krillin?" said the changeling.

"That's easy. When he tried to wish me back into a human. Though I tried to deny it at the time, it was the sweetest thing anyone ever did for me." She explained completely truthfully.

"Vegeta, truth or dare?" asked the android.

"Truth." He grumpily replied.

"How many times have you and Bulma had sex?" she asked devilishly.

He smiled cockily and said "It's over 9000 for sure."

"You know, I just noticed something." Pointed out Tien.

"What is it?" Krillin asked.

"Whenever Vegeta is mentioned anywhere, him saying 'It's over 9000!' inevitably comes up." He explained.

They all look at the camera.

"Whatever, my turn." Said Vegeta as they all turned back to the game. "Bulma, truth or dare?" he asked.

"Dare." She said.

"I dare you to let me take you upstairs for what's known as a quickie." He dared.

Bulma, not knowing what a quickie is, took the dare and went upstairs with Vegeta.

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