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"Well, since Bulma went upstairs, she can't take her turn. So onto the bottle!" exclaimed Chi-Chi.

She spun the bottle and after a few rotations, it landed on … Tien.

"Tien, truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare." He readily replied.

"I dare you to give Launch a slice of pepper cake then kiss her." She explained.

Tien got up, turned around, cut a slice of said cake and fed it to Launch.

She gulped it down, started to sniffle then sneezed.

"A-CHOO!" she immediately went from being a bluette to being a violent blond.

Tien, wanting to get this over with, swooped in and kissed her with such passion that even she gasped. After that though, she punched him so hard in the nuts that even Tien could not keep in a cry of pain. He then offered her another piece of pepper cake. She grumpily accepted it then transformed back into a bluette.

Tien then bade everyone farewell as he flew Launch home while she asked him what had happened to him.

Yamcha flew after them telling everyone else that he wanted yet another rematch with Tien once he had healed.

"Great. Now we're down to four people." Said Krillin.

"What was that?" asked Bulma coming down the stairs.

"Make that six." Commented 18.

"Great! We can pick up where we left off when you and Vegeta left." Said Chi-Chi.

"Fine." Said Vegeta as he sat down with a flushed face.

Bulma sat down and then looked around the table. She settled on one of her best friends. "Chi-Chi, truth or dare?"

"Truth." She replied.

"How did you feel when you found out that Goku's not human?" she asked.

"I felt extremely turned on. The fact that I had had hot wild sex with an alien made me want to die just so I could have sex over and over again with him on snake way." She explained.

There was a stunned silence for a few seconds, until ….

"OH KAMI! THINK I'M GOING TO BE SICK!" screamed Vegeta.

Meanwhile back at the Son house…

The house was in utter chaos. The sink was running, the stove had caught fire, Gohan's underwear was being strewn across the house (courtesy of Goten), Trunks was watching the movies that Gohan had intended to watch with Videl when they got a little more serious, Marron had fallen and scraped her knee when she tried to follow Goten and was crying up a storm, Videl had rushed off when all of this started and to top it all off, Both Trunks and Goten were on a major sugar high from finding and raiding Goku's 10 pound secret stash of candy.

Gohan just sat down and began to rock back and forth while sucking his thumb.

At that moment, Videl had walked through the front door carrying a universal remote, a laundry bag and a glass of water.

She handed the water to Gohan and told him to rub it on Marron's knee. While he was doing that, Videl shut off the TV and sped around the house picking up Gohan's underwear after shutting off the tap and putting out the fire on the stove. By the time all of this was done, the two demi-saiyans had crashed from their sugar rush and had passed out cold where they were standing. Marron had fallen asleep in Gohan's arms when he had been fixing her knee.

With her in his arms and the boys over Videl's shoulders, they carried them upstairs, laid the boys in Goten's room and put Marron down on his parent's bed.

After that, Gohan and Videl had just walked downstairs and sat down on the couch when the doorbell rang.

"Ah kami." Muttered Gohan under his breath. He got up and opened the door to see none other than… Piccolo.

"Hey kid." Said Piccolo.

"Hey Piccolo. What's up?" he asked his former mentor.

"I came here to watch the kids while the two of you went to Kame house." He explained.

"Wow. Really?" he asked.

"Really. I've been monitoring the energy levels in this house for about an hour and now that all the hard work is over, I think I'll take over for a while." He explained.

"Ok. Thanks Piccolo." He invited the Namekian in, explained the situation to Videl, then the two flew off for Kame house.

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