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Rose Weasley's fifth year of Hogwarts started just as the previous four had started. She waved goodbye to her parents from the train as they stood on the platform watching her brother and her leave for another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She turned around to tell Albus that they should find a compartment, but he was gone. Albus Potter was her cousin and best friend. Of course, she should really be reconsidering who her best friend was at that moment because a best friend wouldn't just leave her without telling her where they were going. She had no idea which compartment he had gone into.

Grumbling angrily to herself, she slid open compartment after compartment and mumbled apology after apology. Eventually she slid a door open where Scorpius Malfoy and his best friend Zander Goyle were whispering conspiratorially. She only caught the last few words Malfoy was saying, "…of course I'll be there, you know I wouldn't miss something like that," he paused when he noticed her. "What are you doing in here, Weasley?" he sneered.

She supposed there was no reason for her to have to explain his tone. Malfoy was pretty much her mortal enemy. They hated each other with an unquenchable passion. They were constantly fighting for the top spot with academics and did whatever they possibly could to upset the other one. "Just wondering what you were up to, Malfoy."

"Like I would tell you," he narrowed his blue-silver eyes at her and some of his blonde hair fell in front of his eyes.

"Damn, Weasley," said Goyle in a tone that surprised her, "you have developed curves this summer."

She flinched and folded her arms over her chest, in front of her breasts that had expanded rapidly over the past three months. What was Goyle doing looking there anyway? "Shove off," she growled.

"And an attitude to boot," Goyle turned to Malfoy with a smile, "we should invite her."

Malfoy laughed and said, "She couldn't handle it for five minutes."

"Hello, I'm standing right here! Don't talk about me as if I'm not even in the room," She snapped.

"I disagree," said Goyle, ignoring her statement, "I think that she could not only handle it, but enjoy it."

"Want to bet on it?" asked Malfoy, a sudden glimmer in his eye.

"Yeah…" said Goyle, "Yeah, I will bet on it. Ten galleons says she enjoys it."

"You're on," said Malfoy, extending his hand, "ten galleons says she'll leave within the first fifteen minutes, or not show up at all." They shook hands.

"Consider yourself an extremely fortunate individual, Weasley," Goyle stood up, rummaged through his book bag, pulled out what appeared to be a luggage tag, used his quill to scribble something onto it, then handed it to Rose, "You, my gorgeous redhead, are cordially invited to a secret party held in the Charms classroom tonight at midnight, hosted by the Dragon Club."

She snorted, "You're kidding right? Like you would invite me to a party," She took the piece of paper he was offering her hesitantly. When she glanced down, she realized that it was indeed a party invitation. It read:

Dragon Club Member: Zander Goyle

Guest: Rose Weasley

Date and Time: September 1 - Midnight

Attire: Formal

"What's the catch?" She asked nervously as she re-read the invitation.

"There is no catch. You just heard Goyle and me making a bet. I bet you won't even show up or if you do show up, you won't even stay for fifteen minutes. Goyle bet you'll not only come, but enjoy yourself and stay for the whole party," Malfoy's tone was patronizing as he summarized the events that had obviously just taken place.

"Oh Malfoy," Rose grinned wickedly at him, "I'll be there, if for no other reason than just because I'd love to watch you pay Goyle ten galleons because of me," and with that, she turned and exited the compartment, slamming the door shut behind her.

"There you are!" Exclaimed Albus, looking relieved, as she ran into him in the corridor, "Where've you been? I was worried that you somehow got left behind on the platform!" Rose quickly tucked the invitation into the pocket of her robes, knowing that this was something she could not share with her cousin, no matter how good of friends they were. He would insist on either going with her to the party or forcing her to stay in the dorm, and there was no way she was going to allow either of those things to happen.

"Sorry, I lost track of you and couldn't find you," She answered honestly.

Albus nodded, "Yeah, sorry about that, Louis and Fred dragged me off to show me the Grindylow Lorcan is going to try to sneak into Hogwarts," he laughed at this.

"A Grindylow?" she asked with interest, "Only Lorcan would want one of those things for a pet!"

"And maybe Hagrid," Al added.

"Come on, dear cousin," Rose said as she pulled at the sleeve of his robe, "let's go find our friends, shall we?"

Albus and Rose ended up in a compartment with Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, Olivia Wood, Grace Vaisley, and Phineas Boot. The seven of them were best friends. Six is a large number of best friends for one girl to have, but ever since the second wizard war, the houses of Hogwarts were a lot friendlier toward each other and when you hung out with other houses, you acquired several good friends. The only three of them who were Gryffindors were Al, Olivia, and Rose. Lorcan and Lysander were in Ravenclaw, Phineas was a Hufflepuff and Grace was a Slytherin.

Rose didn't tell any of them about the strange invitation that had been given to her. After all, Goyle had said it was a secret and the last thing she wanted was to get a group of people mad at her for not keeping their secret. But what was the Dragon Club?

She had never heard of such a club before and she'd been going to Hogwarts for four years! Not to mention the fact that she had more than a dozen cousins around who she was sure would've mentioned something like this if they had heard of it. Trying to decipher some sort of clue from the name, she thought about anything she could connect with a dragon.

The possibilities were of course endless but the more logical conclusion was that a dragon is a type of serpent, and a serpent is the emblem for Slytherin House. Was this a sort of Slytherin thing? That would explain why Rose had never heard of it. But that didn't make sense because she was a Gryffindor and if this was a Slytherin-only club, she wouldn't have been invited.

Galloping Gargoyles this was going to drive her crazy! Her curiosity was eating away at her and she couldn't wait to go this party. Maybe she was invited to a Slytherin thing because she was a Gryffindor. Maybe Malfoy and Goyle were planning on sacrificing her to the Giant Squid as some sort of crazy start of term ritual. She shook her head, clearing away these thoughts. No matter how much they despised each other, Malfoy wouldn't want her dead, right?

"Hey Rose, do you want anything from the trolley or not?" Albus asked as he snapped his fingers in front of her face and motioned toward the trolley that was stationed just outside of their compartment.

"Oh…" she blinked rapidly, "Oh, yes, I would love a couple of Pumpkin Pasties and a couple of Chocolate Frogs….better grab me a Licorice Wand, too," she replied.

Al dug through the pockets of his robs for his money pouch and handed over the money for their food and tossed Rose what she had asked for. The great thing about having so many relatives around is that they're always willing to pay for stuff for you. Granted, she did the same for them so it always ended up evening out, but still, it was nice.

The food was good, of course, but it did nothing to sway her thoughts. No matter how hard she tried to concentrate on the conversations her friends were having, she just couldn't do it. Part of her wanted to go back to Malfoy's compartment and demand to know what she had been invited to, though something told her they wouldn't say.

If this was some sort of trick or prank, she was going to kill them both. Goyle and Malfoy would be dead before sunrise if they were yanking her wand. They would never underestimate her again: watch your backs boys, because Rose Weasley is one girl you don't want to mess with! Especially with her being related to half of the school.

Snickering to herself, she thought about what James and Al would do if anyone ever intentionally hurt her or embarrassed her. "What's so funny?" Grace asked, eyeing Rose suspiciously.

"Oh nothing," she lied quickly.

"Rose," said Lorcan, "You've been acting weird ever since you got on the train. Now are you going to tell us what this is about or are we going to have to charm it out of you?" he waved his wand threateningly.

"It's seriously nothing. I am just excited about school," she was telling the truth.

Everyone rolled their eyes at her, "We should've known," Grace grumbled, "Goody-Two Shoes is always excited about school."

"You know me too well, my Slytherin friend," she joked.

"Oh sure, make fun of the only Slytherin in the room!" Grace didn't really mind being the only Slytherin in their group of friends. Nor did the rest of them care what house she was in; she was their friend and it would always be that way. Not to mention, the devious way her mind worked sometimes came in handy.

Maybe Grace knew something about the Dragon Club. In that moment Rose was tempted to ask her, but two things stopped her. One: everyone else in the compartment with them. And two: what if she had no idea what Rose was talking about and she somehow got both of them in trouble for talking about a secret meeting of a secret club? No, she'd better just keep her mouth shut about this.

Suddenly this wasn't just about wanting to make Malfoy lose a bet. Granted, that was definitely a bonus, but this was now more about satisfying her own curiosity. For the rest of the trip, she did her best to be involved in the conversations, but her mind never fully left the invitation that was sitting in her pocket.

Hogwarts was the best pace in the world bar none. More than once Rose debated on becoming a professor simply because she couldn't imagine life without Hogwarts. The changing staircases, her four poster bed, the enchanted sky of the Great Hall, the hidden passages, the great roaring fires, the laughter, the love, and so much more. It was her life and she never wanted it to change. She was terrified that she was already almost halfway through her time there as a student.

When the train stopped at the station in Hogsmeade and Rose and her friends found carriages, she savored every moment of it. She watched Grace throw her head back in laughter at something Lysander said, and Lorcan try to hide his small tank containing his Grindylow (whom he had named 'Loyd') under his cloak. Then there was Olivia who was arguing avidly with Phineas about whether or not James was going to make a good Quidditch captain as he was just assigned the position a month ago.

Rose smiled at her friends, living in the moment, and the carriages took off for Hogwarts. She loved watching the castle come into view with the velvety blue, star strewn sky behind it. She heard Hagrid's familiar call for first years and as the older students made their way into the castle, she felt like this year was starting just like normal. Then she reached into her pocket, her hands caressing the piece of parchment that was her invitation and she realized this year was not starting off normal at all.

After the sorting and the feast, Rose found herself in the common room of Gryffindor Tower sitting around the fire with Al, Olivia, and a few of her other cousins including Fred, Louis, James, Dominique, Lily and Hugo. Then there were all of their friends as well. Collectively, she had about a dozen or more people around her. And it was already past eleven o'clock. She would need to be leaving soon, and she still needed to get dressed into something formal.

"Rose?" She blinked and looked at Olivia, "I was just saying that I thought it was cute how Grace and Lysander obviously like each other."

"Oh my goodness!" Rose gushed, "I know! It's so obvious and yet they both refuse to do anything about it!"

"Then why don't you set them up?" Asked Lily.

"How?" Al wondered.

"I don't know. Try to talk them into asking each other on a date or something," she replied.

"That might work," Olivia mused.

"Or it might end disastrously," said James.

"Don't be such a pessimist," Rose scoffed.

"I'm just being realistic here, Rosie. I mean, personally, I think it's a terrible idea for friends to try to set each other up."

"You never know. Plus, Grace and Lysander were meant for each other," said Natalie Longbottom, Lily's best friend.

"As important as this conversation is," Rose said as she stood up and stretched, "I'm going to bed. First day of classes tomorrow!" this was said happily, in a sing-song voice. Rose really was overjoyed about the start of school. Everyone else, however, groaned.

"Did you have to remind us, Rose?" Hugo complained.

"I don't know why you are all so upset about it. I can't wait to learn more! I'll see you all bright and early!" Rose gave them a big wave and ran up to her dormitory. She rummaged through her trunk, pulling out a dark blue dress that matched her eyes. The dress was short, barely reaching her knee, and strapless. She pulled on some silver heels and swept her hair up into an elegant bun with a flick of her wand. She applied a bit of make-up, spun around in front of her mirror and then turned back to her trunk.

Albus had, thankfully, stowed his Invisibility Cloak in her trunk. He was worried that James would try to steal it from him, and Al knew that boys can't go into girl's dormitories, so the Cloak was safe with Rose. Normally, James and Albus shared their father's Cloak, but James had the Marauder's Map and refused to let Al use it. Therefore, Albus took the Invisibility Cloak and wouldn't let James borrow it.

Rose had a shrewd idea that James had done with the Map exactly what Al had done with the Cloak. Dominique was very close to James and if Rose was a gambling woman (which she wasn't!) she would bet that Dominique was in possession of the Map. Those two brothers were a lot more alike than they realized.

She felt guilty about using her cousin's Cloak for only one short moment before she pulled it on and pulled the curtains around her bed closed. Hopefully no one would come looking for her that night.

Rose swept out of the dorm, down the staircase, where James and Olivia were still arguing about intervening in relationships, and out of the portrait hole. As soon as she was sure it was safe, she took the Cloak off and hid it in the entrance of the secret passage to Hogsmeade, behind the statue of the one-eye witch. She had her invitation strapped around her wrist as she made her way to the Charms classroom.