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Now I give you... Meant to be.

The brisk wind blows against my face as I walk hurriedly around campus.
I only have 20 minutes until class starts and I still haven't found my first class.
This is what I get for changing colleges on sophomore year, and more importantly in a whole different country.
"Can anyone help me?" I asked, getting no reply. "I guess I'm invisible, I've always wanted a super power..." I breathed looking back down at the map.
"Jefferson hall..." I whisper, looking around.
"Can anyone help- ow..." I said hitting the ground.
Its like I walked into a freaking wall!
"I'm so sorry..." A guy's voice said, offering me his hand.
"No its um...my fault." I said taking it graciously.
His brown hair is slightly tousled from falling down, his blue eyes looking into mine, long story short this guy is VERY cute.
"So... Do you need help?" he asked, eyeing my map.
"Y-yes." I said looking down at the map.
"Do you know where Jefferson hall is?" I asked.
"I was just heading that way." he said.
Of course, I was going the opposite direction.
"Well... Lead the way." I said.
We begin to walk, the quiet atmosphere soon enough becoming awkward.
"What's your name?" he asked.
"Nina." I smiled. "What's yours?" I asked.
"Fabian." he smiles.
"Well it's nice to meet you Fabian." I say, holding out my hand.
"Same to you Nina." he says shaking my hand.
"What are you studying?" I asked.
'"Medicine." he said, making me frown. He's the only one who's bothered to be nice so far and I don't even have any classes with him.
"Oh..." I mumble.
"How about you?" he asked
"Political science..." I say.
"Oh... Well if you want, we could hang out after classes.'' he suggests.
"I'd like that..." I say.
"Do you have a dorm on campus or an apartment." he asks.
"An apartment, I'm supposed to meet my roommate later on, she goes to another college around here." I say.
"What's her name? Maybe I know her." he asks.
"Um..." I said looking for the paper in my bag. "Amber Millington." I said reading the paper. Just then he stops.
"Amber?" he asks.
"You know her?" I say, silently praying she wasn't his girlfriend.
"Yea, she's my best mate, Mick's, girlfriend." he explained.
"So what's she like?" I asked, relieved.
"Well she's very...peppy. Very fashion-centered." he said. "But she's nice all the same." he finishes.
"Good..." I smile softly and begin to walk again. "Do you have a dorm?" I ask.
"No, I have an apartment right around the corner from where you're staying." he says.
"Cool." I nod.
"So what's your favorite color?" he asked.
"That was random." I giggled.
"I'm just trying to make conversation." He laughed.
"Well if you must know it's purple." I smile. "And you?" I ask.
"Blue." he says.
"Nice..." I say.
"Well we're here." he exhaled.
"Thanks , I'll see you later?" I ask.
"Yeah, here's my number." he said handing my a piece of paper.
"Call me later, yeah?" he asks.
"Sure." I smile before walking into the doors of the building.
Maybe it won't be so bad here after all, I mean, come on, I already have a friend! And I think we'll even become more. And no, I don't mean the whole 'I love you.' 'You love me.' gushy type thing. I mean best friends. I guess bumping into him was just meant to be.

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